Pantyhose are from the Devil…..

Hello Blogland!!! Happy Tuesday to all!!! We had a nice almost 60 degree day yesterday and now today it’s back to the 40’s and miserable. WHERE IS SPRING???Since I’ve been wearing skirts/dresses almost all the time I’ve been trying out nude hose with flats instead of boots as it gets a bit warmer. It’s still not warm enough for bare legs.  The last couple of pairs have been DEMONIC!!! They bagged like an elephant, created the world’s most powerful static cling, and weren’t even remotely NUDE colored. It was so bad yesterday I got pissed and just took them off and pitched them. My legs froze and turned a lovely shade of blue!! I’ll have to explore some other brands possibly–I’ve ALWAYS worn L’eggs brand.

I did determine that I need to shorten some of my skirts. The ones that were obviously maxi skirts were fine, but some were more of a “midi” length. So last nite I had a sew-a-thon and re-hemmed eight skirts to just below my knee.  (it’s a modesty thing with me–I prefer skirts/shorts etc. to not be above my knee)

Here’s Monday’s outfit. A co-worker wanted to know why I was wearing a skirt with South Park characters on it–LOLOL!! This skirt will look so much better a bit shorter.

Skirt-DIY, Cardigan-Thrifted, Top-Retail. Shoes-Thrifted, Necklace & Belt-Thrifted

Skirt-DIY, Cardigan-Thrifted, Top-Retail. Shoes-Thrifted, Necklace & Belt-Thrifted

Here’s today’s outfit!! I broke out the boots again because it was COLD!!! The beading at the neckline is on the top. I got the belt on clearance at Kmart.

Skirt-Thrifted, Top-Retail, Cardigan-Thrifted, Boots-Thrifted, Bangles-Thrifted

Skirt-Thrifted, Top-Retail, Cardigan-Thrifted, Boots-Thrifted, Bangles-Thrifted

I have a few more weird Easter cards to share!

semi-nekkid ladies are always appropriate!!

Semi-nekkid ladies are always appropriate!!

Gnomes are a popular theme in German Easter cards

Gnomes are a popular theme in German Easter cards

Bitchy chicken!!!How creepy is the egg with a face being eaten?

Bitchy chicken!!!
How creepy is the egg with a face being eaten?

Gnomes are a popular theme in German Easter cards

Gnomes are a popular theme in German Easter cards

Tonite is of course Mark Harmon nite–plus now I’ve got The Voice and Dancing with the Stars!!! I am ADORING the fabulous Shakira on The Voice. She is the Latina Goddess of Awesome!  Everyone have a fab evening and I’ll be back on Thursday!! TTFNTamera

  1. I LOVE the Russian doll skirt – it is so gorgeous. The title of this post made me laugh 🙂 The Easter card with the nekkid lady inside the egg is really weird – then again some modern cards are awful too. Hope you are having a great week!

  2. I love and want your wonderfl dolly DIY skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. dear lady, to find comfy pantyhose can be so hard!, I can’t understand why!!
    And that matryoskhas printed skirt is a dream!!, love it!, and love your fabulous smile and funny cards!
    besos & fun

  4. How cute is that doll skirt! I know what you mean about longer skirts. I prefer for them to be at least at my knee if not mid-knee.

  5. Vix said:

    I can’t believe you managed to hem all those skirts, you are a whirlwind! Love the South Park skirt and the funky bnumber with boots and am laughing about the tights incident. I wore some horrendous woollen ones under my dress today and they just kept descending down my thighs taking my knickers with them so I had to keep stopping and hitching them up – ladylike, not!!!
    That Easter card with the cracked head is awful! xxx

  6. Clare said:

    My tights always fall down, it’s driving me crazy! ands like Vix they take my knickers with them, they’re too small and roll off my hips. sob! anyway…. you look great, the Russian Doll skirt is great and you’re such a sewing whizz you managed to get all that lot done so quickly. XXX

  7. Beryl said:

    I never thought about Matryoshka looking like South Park characters – pretty funny. But what a cute skirt. I love the print on the blouse with that purple jacket. I agree about Gibbs, but don’t know what they are doing with NCIS LA – did they really need those new guys?

  8. Sheila said:

    I am glad you’re going to do some shorter skirts – you have amazing legs, Tamera, so show ’em! I really like Hue brand for tights and microfishnets. Good quality.

  9. pastcaring said:

    I think your instincts are right about shortening the skirts – you have such great legs, show them off, Tamera! Love the Russian Doll print, it’s beautiful.
    I had a similar issue with tight falling down the other day – the pair were fine the last time I wore them, then they decided to descend… I am chuckling at the image of you, me, Vix and Clare all hitching up our recalcitrant underwear, so ladylike!
    I rather like the naked lady in the Easter egg, she’s lovely. xxxxx

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