Easter Blessing to All…..


Hello Blogland!!! Happy Easter from cold, rainy Maryland!!  I didn’t even put a fancy dress on the Diva but left her in a sweater!

This has been a busy weekend–I hope to catch up with everyone’s blogs later this evening. I’ve got a ham in the oven and baked beans in the crock-pot smelling really good!  We have a friend coming over to dinner with any other strays he might bring along that have nowhere to go.

Friday was a short work day and afterwards the hubster and I headed to The Temple Paul Mitchell School for haircuts. We have a dear friend, Teresa, who is studying there. Below is shaggy me pre-haircut:

Sweater-RalphLauren/Thrifted, Top-Thrifted, Jeans-Retail, Shoes-LizClaiborne/Thrifted

Sweater-RalphLauren/Thrifted, Top-Thrifted, Jeans-Retail, Shoes-LizClaiborne/Thrifted

Saturday evening we met up with my family for dinner. I took the picture on the front porch. I’m sporting my fab new ‘do!!! Everyone loves it (the hubster’s haircut was awesome but he doesn’t want a picture on the blog-LOLOL) and several people think I highlighted my hair deliberately like this as opposed to just growing the dyed part out!

Jacket-Chicos/Thrifted, Top-Thrifted, Skirt-LaneBryant/Thrifted, Purse-EttieneAiger/Thrifted, Belt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail

Jacket-Chicos/Thrifted, Top-Thrifted, Skirt-LaneBryant/Thrifted, Purse-EttieneAiger/Thrifted, Belt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail, Jewels-Gifted

My Easter outfit caused quite a sensation at church today!! Compliments everywhere–several said it was so different from what I usually wear but FABULOUS!! The hubster said I looked like a luscious watermelon-I’m not sure what THATS supposed to men!!! The dress is FashionBug and came from the mission for $4!!!  I kept the accessories to a minimum as the print is fairly busy. I’m going to definitely draft a pattern from this to make more!!

Dress-FashionBug/Thrifted, Purse-EttienneAiger/Thrifted, Fishnets-Retail, Shoes-Retail

Dress-FashionBug/Thrifted, Purse-EttienneAiger/Thrifted, Fishnets-Retail, Shoes-Retail

Here’s a close-up of the new shoes!! They are by Chaps and from Kohl’s. They were marked down 60% to $28. I had a gift card for a bit over $15 on it.  I’ve needed a dressier black shoe and they were cute and comfy  so I decided to get them. When I got to the register they gave me a scratch off ticket that came up an additional 30% off!! I was able to get these for under $20!!  Note I’m wearing fishnet tight, too!


I want to share some more lovely 1940’s vintage Easter Cards. The soft watercolor effects and the images are so sweet.






I’ll be linking up with the glorious ladies’ for Visible Monday!!! I’m off to try to catch up with everyone before dinner!!

I’ll be back Tuesday with a few more weird Easter cards!! Everyone have a lovely evening!!



  1. Vix said:

    Tamera! You look fabulous! I LOVE your new hair, it suits you so much, you are gorgeous! That dress is an absolute stunner, why have you kept those legs of yours hidden away for so long? I’m not surprised you turned so many heads at church! xxxxx

  2. Love that new hair – and your silvery “highlights”! Great dress too. And thanks for sharing those charming cards with us, and for linking to Visible Monday. You’re a star.

  3. You look beautiful in that Easter dress! Downright luscious. Your haircut looks fab as well. XXOO

  4. julee said:

    You look amazing with your new cut & I’m loving your bright wardrobe!

  5. Sheila said:

    You look just stunning in this dress, Tamera – what a fantastic cut on you. The dramatic butterfly wing pattern is perfect. Love!

  6. stylecrone said:

    Beautiful, vibrant, vivacious dress and perfect for spring. No wonder why you received so many compliments!

    I love your new hair cut, pretty dress and gorgeous smile, dear Tamera.

  8. I LOOOOVE your thrifted Chicos jacket. That is SO on trend this season and it looks perfect on you! And that is a good haircut! Found you on Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday.

  9. You look as cute as a bunny’s ear with the new ‘do. Good score on the shoes, they look fashionable and stylish.

  10. You look juicy delicious in your “luscious watermelon” dress! I love you new do- it is sassy and chic and looks amazing on you. I also love love love the sweater and dress set you model, a gift from Curtise. You are rocking so many great looks lately! Keep it up, stay warm and get ready for spring! xo!

  11. pastcaring said:

    Ooh, yes, luscious watermelon indeed! The dress is fabulous, and I love the pixie haircut, you look stunning. Hope you are having a great Easter weekend. xxxx

  12. love your new haircut, you look so cute!, and love your colorful outfits, specially that jacket you’re sporting with so much style!, and that dress is really gorgeous!!,
    besos & best wishes!

  13. Helga said:

    I love LOVE that frock!!!
    The bag is also awesome!!! LUCIOUS!! XXX

  14. You are looking so cute in your fab bright colors! I am crazy for that orange cardi! Love your new hair. Very Jamie lee. 😉

  15. What wonderful colors for Spring, and lovely on you. All outfits … particularly the lush, gorgeous butterfly dress. (Watermelon indeed. Harumph. Wrong!)
    Have a great week, smooch the pooches for me, please.

  16. Clare said:

    Well hello there! Love the new hair! It really suits you! and the dress is just stunning, you should definitely make more…. I really love butterfly wing pattern… ooooh and that bag – so lucky to find that and the dress in a thrift shop. Also love the shoes, I like to wear that kind of heel. Hope you had a great Easter! xxxx

  17. pao said:

    Wow, you look fabulous with your new haircut and dress, fishnets, shoes and bag. No wonder you got loads of compliments. Everything is perfect on you. Way to go girl!

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