Double the Leopard, Double the Fun!!

Hello Blogland!! How’s everyone doing?? We are anticipating a HEATWAVE here in Western Maryland this weekend. It’s projected to get up to a balmy 55 degrees–only maybe 10-15 lower than NORMAL!!! Woo-hoo break out the sandals!!

The always fabulous Vix at Vintage Vixen is challenging those of us still stuck in WINTER to put on something summery and floaty and impractical and take a pix!! Here I am in my Vintage Floral Caftan of Awesomesness. Please ignore the goosebumps and slight blue tinge to my skin!! The Diva was shivering and grumbling so once the photo’s were done off went her frock and back on with a sweater!

70's vintage Saks Fifth Avenue Caftan on me."Princess" frock on the Diva.

70’s vintage Saks Fifth Avenue Caftan on me.
“Princess” frock on the Diva.

Today’s Easter cards are from the 60’s and 70’s!!  Notice how the images are getting more “Op-art” and colorful–they’re cute but not as “twee” as in earlier eras.


More bunnies--the same artist illustrated two of them!


I love the ballerina in the middle!!

All of the scribbly stylistic details is so cool on these.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to wear a frock without boots-dang the cold!!  I just adore this fabulous vintage frock that the always fabulous Curtise sent me!! It’s just so comfortable and swishy–and it definitely has a retro vibe. It almost looks 40’s era with the flats and cardigan! I think I need to draft a pattern from it so I can make MORE!! BTW–I am wearing nude tights–it’s still COLD!!


Dress-Vintage/Curtise, Cardigan-CJBanks/Thrifted, Shoes-Retail

I added a Vintage brooch, DIY bangle and DIY Earrings:


And now for the Leopard portion of our program!!! I thrifted this skirt for $2 last week. I just love the colors and LEOPARD!! I was planning on wearing it with an orange top and teal cardigan. When I was matching the skirt to a teal cardigan (I have 3 in different shades!!) I spotted the leopard cardigan and it just went perfectly with the skirt–same color family in the leopard and all. So I changed up and wore a dusty teal LandsEnd top instead!! I received a lot of compliments on the outfit!! The whole outfit is thrifted and cost about $15 total!!


Since the leopard was busy enough I went with simpler blingage in a vintage brooch and old gold hoops:


You may have noticed how “shaggy” my hair has been getting. I’ve been growing it out to its natural (silvery) color. Tomorrow I’m going to get it cut in my usual Jamie Lee Curtis pixie.  My hairdresser and I think that there will be little if any “dye” hair left!! YAY!!!!

Tonite my hunka-hunka burnin’ Aussie love Keith Urban will be performing on Idol!!!  He can play a mean guitar–aside from bringing the pretty!!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back around Sunday!!!



  1. 50 and counting said:

    A woman can never have too many cardigans. Everyone is different, be it a slightly different shade, sleeve length, fabric weight.

    When you titled this post, I immediately thought of Bet Lynch, Queen of the Leopard print. That’s a reference all your UK/Commonwealth readers will get. Off to google, you go. That woman could rock the leopard.

    It’s too cold here to even think floaty. I still have four foot of snow on the front lawn.

  2. Clare said:

    double leopard…. yes please! The Diva looks distracted! Love the dress, damn this weather, we need some heat, just a little bit! Then you can wear it more. Also love that dress with the red cardi! xxx

  3. Krista said:

    Yah for rainbow caftan of happiness, it will surely warm all those who see. I am loving what you did with the challenge and think your are better than strawberry star bursts in that! Diva needs a fleece frock:).
    You can never go wrong with leopard print and I own loads of it myself:). Enjoy the weekend. I can’t wait to see your hair!

  4. I am freezing! My office is right off of a warehouse that has frozen product in it. My feet and legs just won’t get warm. This morning the man gave me some super thick “work” socks that I wore under my boots. I’m not taking these off until the temps hit 80! I envy your spirit with the dresses and spring attire……….Sorry not this chickie! I do really like your leopard mix. So you! Weekend is almost here so have a good one.

  5. The caftan of coolness – I love it. The dress from Curtise is fantastic and it looks great with the red cardigan. Hope you are keeping warm and having a lovely Easter.

  6. Donna Nance said:

    Colorful caftan! If that won’t warm things up, I don’t know what will! Your little toes looked cold…brrr… The Diva cracks me up…she’s always “smiling”. I envy your leopard collection…..will have to scope out the thrifts for some to add to my wardrobe.

  7. Love the diamond dress on you! It’s nice to see some flats. I was giddy to wear a skirt and not freeze today. Can’t wait to see your hair cut. Looking forward to it.

  8. pastcaring said:

    Hurray, you took up Vix’s challenge, and look fabulous in your colourful kaftan! Poor shivery Diva, hope she’s warmed up.
    I do love the vintage frock on you, I was only thinking about it the other day as I was perusing the charity shops, seeing if there was anything that would be right for you – I was wondering if you have had to take it in since you are losing weight, but making a pattern from it is a great idea, you can adjust it for a perfect fit.
    Leopard print is always a winner, love all the colours in that outfit. Looking forward to seeing your hair cut, have a fabulous weekend, my friend! xxxxx

  9. Vix said:

    You are totally rocking that kaftan even if The Diva looks a little preturbed by it all! You look utterly gorgeous and you’ve warmed me right up with your radiant smile and fabulously bright colours. That dress Curtise sent you is super fabulous! Happy Easter, Tamera! xxxxxx

  10. wouua, love that floating awesome caftan, and love all that impractical and colorful challenge that you’re taking just for fun!!, you’re absolutely lovely people!
    And your double leopard outfit is amazing, and also love that you own so many teal cardis!!
    I’m also loving that retro dress and red cardigan ensemble, pretty and colorful!
    besos & spring

  11. Helga said:

    YES YES YES!!! Double, even TRIPLE the leopard, baby!!! And The Diva needs matching leopard!!!
    I swoon for your caftan…it’s quite blinded me to your other delights! XXX

  12. Beryl said:

    That skirt is fabulous! What brand is it – I might just search around for one, since we don’t have to worry about running into each other. And the pin with the paint tubes – also divine. What a fun post!

  13. pao said:

    Oh my, there’s too much here to see! The leopard extravaganza is stupendous. An ensemble that was absolutely made to be. And your retro diamond dress with cardigan is so awesome. I adore the artist’s palette with dangling paint tubes. It is perfection. Definitely poster-worthy, are you wearing the bright floral caftan complete with the always smiling diva dog. ooolala

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