Where is Spring??

Hello Blogland!! Everyone having a fabulous weekend??? We are forecast to get more snow tonite. It’s been really cold, also. My daffodils and crocus aren’t even blooming yet!!Yesterday I cleaned out the flower beds and the herb garden. I was totally whooped when I was done!! At least the will look good in the snow-LOLOLOL!!!!

Pickings were pretty slim at the thrifts. I found a couple of goodies I’ll be debuting this week!! Also I got a gorgeous new dress for Easter!!


Don’t forget the last day to enter my Give-away is tomorrow!! The drawing will be on Tuesday!!! Click here to enter: Tamera’s GiveAway!!!!!!

I’ve found some awesome examples of weird Easter cards I’d like to share with everyone!!

1. Bunnies playing baseball2. Freaky bunny army
3. Attack of the egg bunnies!

1. Bunnies playing baseball
2. Freaky bunny army
3. Attack of the egg bunnies!

1. The Chick Soul Train Line!!2. Rowing Chicks
3. Easter at the Circus
4. Easter Thieves

1. The Chick Soul Train Line!!
2. Rowing Chicks
3. Easter at the Circus
4. Easter Thieves

1. Juggling Frogs2. The Easter cow with deer antlers

1. Juggling Frogs
2. The freaky Easter cow with deer antlers

I’m wearing one of my thrifted finds. I’ve been wanting a navy blue skirt and found this nice gored one for only $2!! I liked it so much I’m going to make a pattern from it!

Skirt, Cardigan, Top-Thrifted,  Neckalce-gift from our Happy Rainbow Krista, Boots-Retail

Skirt, Cardigan, Top-Thrifted, Neckalce-gift from our Happy Rainbow Krista, Boots-Retail

I just noticed that the wall hanging behind my head looks like a crown!! Cool!!!

I’m hooking up with the fabulous ladies at Visible Monday!! Stop by and check out all of the visible fearless ladies strutting their stuff!!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with more cards and such!!



  1. Hi Tamera, we both wore blue today…make sure you come on over and enter to win this top. It would look amazing on you!!

  2. Your card collection is the *best*, Tamera – now I look forward to every occasion to see what you’ve got in store. You look great today, too and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Donna Nance said:

    All hail Queen Tamera! Long live the Queen! You should stand there more often. Pretty blue and teal outfit. BTW, I tried to respond to one of your emails a while back and my reply kept bouncing back…technology sucks sometimes.

  4. Vix said:

    That crown’s magnificent, Tamera! What a great addition to an already fabulous outfit!
    Your Easter cards are such fun, I love the frog. No sign of spring here either, it’s been 60 hours of continuous snow here. xxx

  5. Paula said:

    I like your graphic print on that blouse!

  6. A Tamera and a crown……..What are the odds? You are right those cards are a little weird. My Mom has a box of old cards and I tell ya you never know what you are going to find. that style of skirt looks good on you so I’m happy you are making a pattern. Have a good week my friend!

  7. wouu, love that blue and teal color combo, it’s a pretty skirt!, fabulous colors and fabulous smile!,
    and so funny cards!!!
    wish you have some spring weather soon!
    besos & risas

  8. Helga said:

    Aha, most deservedly crowned, my darling!
    I may well ask, where is Autumn (Fall)?! It’s still wonderful weather down here. Crazy!

  9. vintagefrenchchic said:

    You are the Queen of your castle…might as well wear the crown. No spring here yet either. But the birds are getting a little more rambunctious.

  10. I have been thinking about you over there wishing for spring, those poor little doggies!!! You on the other hand look warm and cuddly and you are wearing a crown, who cool is that!!! That necklace looks really great with that top! Sending you lots of warm hugs from my crew to yours!!!!

  11. Oooh, making a pattern!! Yay!!! It looks fabulous. I love the serendipitous crown, too! You should stand there all the time; you look good in a crown. Spring will be here soon. In the meantime, hang in. You make it feel like Spring, with your shining smile!! XXOO

  12. Melanie said:

    Bwa-ha-ha! Tamera, you always have the best cards! Those are the weirdest most wonderful Easter cards I have ever seen.
    I thought you were wearing a crown…that you had expanded your comfort zone even more. LOL. Great score on the skirt!

  13. angie said:

    I love the title of your blog and your positive vibe.The skirt is fabulous and a great thrift find.Oh how I love thrifting

  14. Clare said:

    I thought you were wearing some sort of fabulous tiara! I love all the cards, so wonderfully kitsch – I’m rather in love with the juggling frog, isn’t he odd but sweet. I love all your navy blue and teal, it’s a great combination. xxxx

  15. Crown indeed! Every girl should keep a tiara around. Works so well with your very attractive outfit. You’re looking skinnier and skinnier. Always pretty, too.

  16. pao said:

    Wow, and your top is awesome – like a painting! I do love the crown too. I think that’s the photo spot du jour from now on. All those rich blues look great on you.

  17. oh, sorry, I’ve tried to send an email to you previously and it was not delivered!!
    But I’m ready to tell you once more how much excitement I’m feeling:
    I feel so glad and touched!!. I would love a frida khalo photo with some orange and
    fuchsia and red color flowers and I think you can create a pretty colorful piece, dear
    lady. I’m so happy i’ m going to dance!! besos

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