Totally out of my comfort zone…..

Hello Blogland!!!! Hallelujah that today is my “Friday”!!! I plan on lots of creative fun and thrifting this weekend!! I’d love to be working in the gardens but it seems winter is still holding on tight here!!

Just a reminder about my Give-Away!!! You can leave a comment here to enter!   Just a quick clarification–you can have any image you want on the pendant if you win-plus choosing the bead & flower colors. The Diva was just an example–although she says she thinks EVERYONE would be THRILLED to wear such an iconic figure as herself for jewelry!!


Since I was having a skirt-a-thon last month I hadn’t been wearing my trousers. I pulled this pair out to wear and it’s now in the donation bag!! They were way to big and baggy and I decided not worth the trouble to alter!! I decided to try on all my dressy trousers and it seems I’m now down to jeans and a pair of black denim pinstriped trousers!!!  I’d like to thrift a couple of pair of trousers that FIT this weekend!!

Sweater,Trousers, Tshirt-Thrifted, Scarf-Vintage, Shoes-Retail

Sweater,Trousers, Tshirt-Thrifted, Scarf-Vintage, Shoes-Retail

Today I had planned on wearing a maxi skirt with sweater, leggings and boots. Klutzy me managed to dump my green smoothie on my skirt. After I pulled it off I kind of liked how the leggings looked with the sweater. I tucked then leggings (thankfully they aren’t the skin-tight kind but a thicker knit and a tad baggy!) This was totally out of my comfort zone!! Amazingly–I got TONS of compliments-even from the guys at work!! After looking at the pix I think the look works IF the top is long enough and the leggings/skinny pants are a bit looser. I plan on hunting for some at the thrifts to add to my “wardrobe”!!

Boots-Retail. Sweater-Thrifted, Scarf-Thrifted/DIY, Leggings-????

Boots-Retail. Sweater-Thrifted, Scarf-Thrifted/DIY, Leggings-????

I finished up the red satin poncho’s for the flag team last nite. how I love my serger!! tonite I plan to spend some time with my Aussie TV Boyfriend Keith and do some crocheting. I’ll be back on Sunday. Everyone have a fabulous weekend!!



  1. Isn’t it a great feeling when you try on clothes you haven’t worn in a while and their too big? I had a clothes sort last fall and let’s just say both my students assistants went home with new wardrobes. I’m liking the boots leggings long sweater look. It’s tres supermodel.

  2. I would LOVE to have the DIVA pendant!l
    And, go, you, for needing smaller clothes. Me, too, and it makes me feel better.
    Happy thrifting!

  3. DebW said:

    Love the leggings and top/boots! The scarf is to die for! Good for you with needing smaller sizes. 🙂

  4. Desiree said:

    HA!!!!!!!!!!! The old out-of-my-comfort-zone trick eh? Oh it’s a good one and usually happens when something disastrous happens such as green drinks slopped on much-loved skirts. Designed to scare the bejesus out of us all and my I’m so glad to see you enjoying pushing your boundaries:). LOOK at that beaming smile … I mean, what’s not to love here? You look fabulous babe and deserved to be lavished with compliments – gonna try it again? Hmm? Hmm?

  5. The leggings and boots look fabulous on you! I do think the top needs to be long-but not necessarily bulky. Try some layered looks-they are my favorite way to wear this look-yesterday I wore a white tank, chambray shirt, black leggings and brown boots. I added a long necklace, but one of your fabulous scarves would look great, too. Seriously-it looks good on you, and it looks up to date-keep working variations on the theme. 🙂

  6. Clare said:

    love love love your jeans, boots and big jumper look….. with the tiger print. It looks great. When will this Winter just piss off? xx

  7. Vix said:

    You look absolutely brilliant with the leggings, boots and big jumper combo, so trim and sassy! Spilling your smoothie couldn’t have worked out better!
    I think everyone needs a Diva pendant!
    Have a fabulous weekend! xxx

  8. Beryl said:

    My husband was telling me that he liked the look of legging tucked into tall boots, so I can see you getting lots of compliments at work. You look good!
    Just this morning I was remembering sewing in the days before my serger – so much quicker and easier with it.

  9. vintagefrenchchic said:

    I do think it works on you. And you are right…it is all about the length of the top and the fit of the leggings. Like you, both these things would have to add up to “perfection” before I could even begin to wear it. You did great!

  10. You look really fab in the leggings and sweater! Really gettin’ skinny girl and lookin’ good. I wish that I could say my pants were getting too big. Mine are going the other way. Emotional eating will do that to me.

  11. Sara said:

    The leggings look terrific, and I LOVE those boots! So glad I found your blog. Your pendants are so fun, too! 🙂

  12. you look lovely wearing that leggings and boots, so great find after an accident!, I think you’re going to enjoy a lot of possibilities exploring this trend!
    besos & nice weekend

  13. Melanie said:

    You went out of your comfort zone and got hit with praise…how cool is that?! Happy accidents, that’s also how I come across some of the things I wear too. The leggings are fantastic.

  14. pao said:

    What a great result from an unfortunate accident. Way to keep an open mind, girl. Going to work half dressed and looking good! That’s being creative.

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