The Wearin’ of the Green!

St. Patrick's Day Greeting, Here's Lookin' at You

Hello Blogland!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate. I’m of Irish heritage but I really don’t celebrate.  Except as an excuse to wear GREEN!!!

Friday the hubster worked hard to spread some composted cow manure from his dad’s farm on the vegetable garden. When I took the dogs out later MrBill ran around back and stood and beheld the garden quivering with sheer joy!!  POO!!! Fresh, fragrant POO!!!!! How I wish I’d had my camera with me. He kept looking at the garden and sniffing the air. It was all I could do to keep him from rolling in it and eating it! The Diva was completely unimpressed.

MrBill's dreams coming true!!

MrBill’s dreams coming true!!

Friday I wore my newest DIY skirt. One co-worker mentioned it look like a pair of curtains. LOLOL

001Skirt-DIY, Top-Thrifted, Boots-Thrifted, Pendant-DIY

Here’s the blingy. The earrings are part of a multi-pack I got off the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory for $3. I love that they are a milk glass and the unusual shape.


For St. Patrick’s Day I pulled out the green!! I hadn’t worn the dress in a bit as it had been a tad too small. I had to TAKE IT IN to wear it today!! I picked the sweater up at Kmart on the clearance rack marked down from $22 to $5!!

003Dress-Avenue/Thrifted, Sweater-Kmart, Boots-Burlington Coat Factory,

Here’s the blingy. I pulled out my vintage Shamrock pins, of course!


Here’s a lovely selection of the weird side of St. Patrick’s Day cards!weird1

1. Giant head lady with green bird on her head-WTH??  2. Barefoot St. Paddy.

3. Loving couple–they aren’t depicted as very attractive.  4. another not-so-attractive couple.


1. Hey look Howdy O’ Doody!!!! 2. Potato love.  3. What??? A goat???


1. Ones got a brick, the other a club..??? 2. More unattractive Irish people. Vaguely Racist!

weird6 1. Offensive to Native Americans AND Irish.  2. There are no words……

I’m linking up with Patti for Visible Monday! Check out all the fabulous ladies.  Everyone have a wonderful start of the week and I’ll be back on Tuesday with details of a GIVEAWAY!!!



  1. Curtains? Who would make a skirt out of curtains? Look at all those hand going up!
    Love the green dress. Avenue has some nice things, than some times not so nice. Thank you old time cards for making my people look like in bred freaks.

  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, gorgeous lady!! You look lovely in your green! have a wonderful week!

  3. Hey, I have some very cool pieces that were curtains at one time! That’s not an insult, is it?? : >
    Wow, some truly offensive “greeting” cards, eh? You on the other hand, look terrific. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Paula said:

    I dont think that print looks like curtains at all! And I love the print on the dress AND the old cards~great post.

  5. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Love that second outfit…oh the colors! Those cards, and your comments (mostly your comments), cracked me up. And MrBill with the poo…LOL. Thanks for the chuckles.

  6. Poo?!! haha. My hubs is trying to talk me into starting a vegetable garden….moi? No way! Told him he was on HIS own!
    Great skirt! It does NOT look like a curtain! Your St Patty’s outfit is great, too!

  7. I love milk glass, and the weird thing is I was thinking about some milk glass earrings I got last summer today. 🙂 Dig the skirt, you look awesome in that blue and wow on those cards. 🙂 Getting reading to put chicken doodle compost in my garden. Thanks for some much needed inspiration. xo

  8. From the blog world, I’m convinced “Coworker” is equivalent to “Person who says bizarrely negative things about ways one is dressed”. I think your DIY skirt is awesome, and what a beautiful yellow color too.

    Your St. Patty’s day look is awesome too! Congrats on the weightloss.

    What odd cards!

  9. You look gorgeous in your green!! Old postcards are weird, but such a window into the times, right? My mother once commented that my dress looked like her old shower curtain. Gotta love ’em.

  10. Melanie said:

    Outstanding job on the DIY skirt. The colours and pattern are gorgeous. Bathmats, curtains, and tablecloths are all fair game in these parts. You should have said, why, no, this was a shower curtain, just to see his or her face. Then say, oh, kidding, this is Versace fabric, my friend. Keep them guessing. Poor Mr. Bill, thwarted in his attempts to put on some cologne.

  11. pastcaring said:

    Well, since we all know what is possible with curtain fabric (Vix’s curtain couture springs to mind) I don’t think we need worry about a skirt that looks like curtains! It’s gorgeous fabric, lovely Spring-like yellow. Your St Patrick’s Day green frock is delicious, and you had to take it in? Don’t shrink away to nothing, Tamera!
    Mr Bill and his poo excitement made me laugh, the cards made me squirm, and you always make me happy I dropped by! xxxxx

  12. Vix said:

    Yes, there’s nothing wrong with making clothes out of curtains, bedspreads, sheets, old towels or shower curtains! Your colleague’s obviously got great taste in home decor!
    As usual you look gorgeous, Mr Bill’s squirming made me giggle and the cards are so bad they’re shocking.
    Despite my “exotic” looks I can trace my family tree back to Oliver Cromwell but I painted my nails green just to enter into the spirit of yesterday’s St Patrick’s Day fair! xxx

  13. Peetee would have loved to join Mr. Bill for the festivities I can see them now both rolling in it, PARADISE! The Diva with her back to both of them 🙂 I adore your DIY skirt it looks killer and the turquoise dress is beautiful! That cards are well interesting, I swear what were people thinking.
    Enjoy the work week my dear!

  14. Clare said:

    I love your offensive cards, they’re just hilarious. All the Irish people seem to be depicted with sort of monkey faces which is very odd, because they don’t – except my favourite filthy Irish puppets Podge and Rodge
    You look great and the skirt doesn’t look like a pair of curtains, it’s a great print. The delicate little Shamrock brooch is really sweet! xxxxx

  15. All outfits pretty, but your dress (looks teal on my computer) looks AMAZING! Happy for the dogs and their fertilizer. Know they really enjoyed it. Bless them. Ew.

  16. pao said:

    Maybe you should start sending those weird cards to that co-worker…Just a thought. Your made-it-yourself skirt looks fab. And how cool is that find something that was too tight and having to take it in?!

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