Hey, it smells better in here…..

Hello Blogland!!  Man I’m glad this week is almost over. Been busy busy busy at work and the weather has turned colder and rainy. UGH.

Along with my new office digs-speaking of which a co-worker came in and exclaimed it even SMELLED better in here. It’s amazing what Lysol, bleach and an air freshener will do!! Anyway–I “inherited” the former tenants unfinished projects.  Mostly because I volunteered to take them on. And wow what a mess….lolol!!! Unraveling what he did or didn’t do will keep me busy for a bit!

Wednesday’s outfit was inspired by the vintage scarf. The Brethren Mission Store in town always has the nicest vintage scarves for fifty cents each!!!


Skirt-JessicaLondon($50)/Thrifted, Cardigan-LauraAshley($60)/Thrifted, Tshirt-JonesNewYork($50)/Thrifted, Purse-Thrifted, Tights-Retail, Shoes-Retail.  I would have paid about $160 if  I had brought my skirt, cardigan and Tshirt retail. I paid $12 for all thrifted.

I got my shoes with a gift certificate at Kohl’s. They are Skechers On-The-Go Presta. FABULOUS!!! They are lighter than air and so, so comfortable. The picture doesn’t show the cool rainbow holographic glitter on the toe caps.  I’m thinking of getting another pair in either the coral or hot pink!!!


Here’s my bling–I really piled it on!!

Scarf-Vintage, Lime Bracelet-Vintage, Aqua Bracelet-DIY/Me, Earring-DIY/Me, Pins-DIY/Me

Scarf-Vintage, Lime Bracelet-Vintage, Aqua Bracelet-DIY/Me, Earring-DIY/Me, Pins-DIY/Me

Todays outfit was somewhat low-key. I was busy helping setting up a new scanner/computer station and wanted to be comfortable


Top-Dressbarn new with tags ($30)/Thrifted, Trousers-LaneBryant($60)\Thrifted, Shoes-Timberland new with tags ($70)\Thrifted. I paid a total of $12 for the outfit!! The top is a nice Tshirt knit with embroidery.

What’s rather interesting about vintage St. Patrick’s Day cards is how much “en vogue” they were at the turn of the 20th century. There are ton’s of examples out there from that era. They evidently became less prominent as the years progressed. Through my research I noticed that there were several recurring “themes”.

The always festive St. Patrick's Day Pickle Balloon circa 1900

The always festive St. Patrick’s Day Pickle Balloon.

Dancing the Irish Jig was popular

Dancing the Irish Jig was popular

Images of golden Harps graced many cards

Images of golden Harps graced many cards

Pipes are featured quite often.

Pipes are featured quite often.

Odd Irish and American theme. Note Uncle Sam giving the Irish Lass tonsil hockey and Uncle Sam drinking with the Irish fella.

Pigs as a symbol really struck me as odd. Seems St. Patrick pperformed a miracle involving pigs.

Pigs as a symbol really struck me as odd. Seems St. Patrick performed a miracle involving pigs.

Thankfully The KluKluxKlan Kard Kompany didn’t put out a St.Patrick’s Day line like the horrid Valentine’s ones.  That’s not to say I don’t have some weird and offensive ones to share with you!!! I’ll be sharing them on Sunday!!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!! It’s supposed to be cold and dreary AGAIN here. Sigh…..



  1. I’m always amazed it the $$ clothes that turn up in thrift stores, with the price tags still on! That $98 dress I paid $5.99, thanks lady. Love the Dress Barn top.

  2. Desiree said:

    Oooh more fabulous cards! Another “pow, take that retail suckers!” outfit – yay!!!! I nearly pee’d my pants at the sight of those incredible brooches – you made them? GAH!!! D xoxo

  3. Melanie said:

    Who on earth would notice the rain with the wattage of your smile and your fantastic colour?! I like the flying pickle…!

  4. Wonderful shade of blue, and lovely embroidery, dear Tamera.
    Have a grand weekend, too

  5. Vix said:

    That scarf is gorgeous, I love the brooches and the bright turquoise of the card! What’s up with these idiots who give away brand new stuff to charity? More money than sense!
    Those pig cards are crazy! xxx

  6. pastcaring said:

    It’s always a great feeling, knowing you are dressed for a fraction of the cost that some people pay… And then they get bored and give it away! You look beautiful in turquoise and purple, lovely colours on you.
    I had an old friend whose parents were Irish, and he always joked about the family pig sharing a bed with his granny because they loved it so much (not a true story, I hasten to add!) But I think it’s just another stereotypical (probably racist!) image of the Irish – drunk on Guinness, dancing a jig, with a pig under each arm and a shamrock behind one ear! xxx

  7. You are looking extra good in that turquoise sweater, I love that color! I am also digging that embroidered top! I only bet the previous wishes that had styled it like you!

  8. lovely blue shades and fabulous bijouterie, and that delightfullly comfy shoes (mmmmmm!!), and also love your embroidered top with striped pants, great outfit!
    and so funny postcards, you always make me smile!!
    besos & risas

  9. Lovelovelove that embroidered blouse. I always admire those styles when I see them in thrift stores. I know they’re not my style, but I really do adore them! Love the shoes! The holo feature shows up to me. They are really cool.

  10. Clare said:

    Looking foward to the hideous cards, those ones are odd but quite sweet. Your accessories are beautiful colours! Love the earrings! I love the shoes. Get the pink ones

  11. Helga said:

    I love it when you pile on the bling, and I ADORE it when you wear turquoise!! It’s the perfect colour with your gorgeous skin!
    That’s a bit ominous that even your office smells better…..ugh, what WAS going on in there?!
    There was/is a KluKluxKlan Card Company?! O nooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  12. pao said:

    Oh, I love all that embroidery on black. That’s a low-key outfit? Wow! Glad to hear your new office even smells better than it did with it’s former occupant. Poor office.

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