Pink shoes on a Rainy Day!!

Hello Blogland!! How are you all doing?? It’s pouring rain here–we need it but oh my is it dreary out!!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up this weekend I thought I’d share some vintage St. Pat’s cards this week!!

How cute is this 40's/50's era kitten??

How cute is this 40’s/50’s era kitten??

Another 40's/50's era cutie!!

Another 40’s/50’s era cutie!!

Adorable 70's era card. Love the color and the cute mouse!

Adorable 70’s era card. Love the color and the cute mouse!

Circa 1900 era postcard with such gorgeous artwork.

Circa 1900 era postcard with such gorgeous artwork. The gold letting and accents are gilding.

We can't forget the "just weird" category of cards!! Behold Mr. Potatohead goes Irish!!

We can’t forget the “just weird” category of cards!! Behold Mr. Potatohead goes Irish!!

Since it was rather warm on Monday I wore a skirt WITHOUT heavy tights or boots!!002Everything but the shoes is thrifted. The cardigan is CJBanks and retailed for $59.99. The skirt is LaneBryant and retailed for $59.99. The top is JonesNewYork and retailed for $49.99.  All were in practically never-worn . (The skirt still had tags). I thrifted about $170 worth for…get this…..$10!!!!!   I paid $1 for the belt and the shoes were retail a couple of years ago.005The bracelets were thrifted. The earrings are DIY from vintage buttons. The pendant was $1.49 on clearance at Michael’s and I added my own chain.

Today was a dreary rainy day and I thought pink shoes would brighten my mood!! I thrifted the leather Liz Claiborne shoes last year unworn for $4!!


Cardigan-Thrifted, Trousers-Thrifted, Top-LandsEnd-Thrifted.

006Bracelets-Thrifted, Earrings Vintage, Pendant was $1.49 clearance at Michael’s.

I hope you enjoyed the cards. I’ll be posting more Thursday!! It’s NCIS night so I’m off to do a bit of sewing before it comes on!



  1. Yay for lovely bright pink shoes! You are gorgeous, as always, Tamera!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Desiree said:

    Oh my lord, Val Sparkle did a top-to-toe thrifted outfit this week too – you are divooooooooon darling! Don’t you just feel all wonderfully smug and delicious knowing how many pennies you saved and that there are so many fools out there buying everything new for top dollars? Oh I’m sure St Patrick would disapprove of my attitude but I’m sure he wouldn’t want my kids to starve so I can have a $400 jacket;). I love the circa-1900s card, it’s exquisite! xoxoxo

  3. Helga said:

    YAY!!! The thrift dieties smile down on you on a regular basis, don’t they?!
    So many glorious details, and pink shoes! I got a pair of pink shoes this week! Must be a theme there.
    I don’t do St Patricks, but then I don’t do any commercial holiday! Bah HUMBUG!!!
    Pretty cards, though. Odd thing to send a card for.

  4. Krista said:

    Why that’s some pretty smart shopping! Who pays full price for this stuff only to have them collect dust in the closet! I think you pink shoes are the perfect remedy to the gray wet days. You look great in those pin stripe pants!

    Peetee sends his love to the Diva and Mr. Bill. I’m sending you a big hug!

  5. Pink loafers!! Also I love tallying up my thrifted gear, actual cost VS retail. It makes me worry less about how much I thrift. Lol!

  6. Sheila said:

    I love the cards – that 70s era one tweaks my memory.

    So good to see your pink shoes! I remember when you found them. 🙂

  7. Dear Tamera in green. We don´t have S. Patrick´s day, but I am enjoying all these wonderful cards.

  8. Vix said:

    That maxi makes you look so trim and lovely and I love the feather pendant. Red looks wonderful on you.
    That Mr Potatohead is so bad, it cause a national outrage. xxxx

  9. pastcaring said:

    I had no idea people sent ards for St Patrick’s Day – your blog is educational, Tamera! They are cute, if bizarre.
    Isn’t it a great feeling to know you have some fab clothes for a fraction of the cost, and given to charity in the process? I LOVE that feeling! You look very elegant and stylish, and pink shoes are a Good Thing! xxxx

  10. pastcaring said:

    People don’t send “ards”, I know, they send CARDS!

  11. vintagefrenchchic said:

    You sure know how to find the deals. Great outfits, my dear. Pink shoes…perfect for Spring.

  12. Clare said:

    I really like the pearl jewelry and the pink shoes! I’d love to have bear legs, even with a long skirt but it’s still too miserable! Love the cards… Irish eyes are terrifying!

  13. pao said:

    oooo, I love me some pink shoes…

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