Miz Anna by the Bananas!

Hello Blogland!! Everyone having a fabulous weekend?? The hubster and I spend the weekend at our church Marriage Retreat. It was a wonderful time-great hotel, awesome food, lot’s of laughs. We look forward to it every year.

Others who go get all excited about visiting the huge malls where it’s located. We used to live about 3 miles from the hotel so it’s our old stomping ground. I tell everyone I didn’t go to the malls when we LIVED in the area, much less now.

We did stop at a new Goodwill that opened nearby.  It was the PITS. Now I love to dig and hunt but this place was pure chaos!!! There was no organization for the clothing. EVERYTHING was just randomly stuffed on racks regardless of what it was, what size, or even if it was men’s, womens, or kids. The shoes were thrown on top of the racks in the same fashion.

I got lucky–my eagle eye spotted a pair of nice boots amongst the jumble. They were dark chocolate-brown leather Nine West flat boots IN MY SIZE for $5!! From the wear on the bottom and inside they were barely worn at all. Oh yes they came home with me!

My new boots!!

My new boots!!

We stopped at Walmart this afternoon to pick up some groceries. I was in the produce section getting my weekly supply of veggies and fruit when I saw this lady whose outfit just blew me away. I went over and complimented her on it. She remarked that she had thrifted the skirt and top and had the jacket forever. I asked her if I could take her picture for the blog. She was tickled to death!! After I took her picture she said maybe all this attention would get her a date for dinner and dancing tonite!! We then looked around at all of the “Walmartians” and both said “Nah!!!” Here she is looking very visible and fabulous! I would totally wear this outfit!!

The completely adorable 78 years young Miz Anna!

The completely adorable 78 years young Miz Anna!

I dressed super casual this weekend. Totally forgot to take a picture on Saturday but you aren’t missing anything exciting.


Sweater-CJBanks/Thrifted, Shirt-Thrifted, Jeans-LeeRider/Retail, Shoes-Retail


Everything is thrifted or DIY (pendant)

I’m going to be pretty casually dressed for work this week. I’m moving into another office. The former “tenant” retired last week. He was a complete filthy PIG and left it disgusting. So I’m breaking out the rubber gloves and Lysol  and giving it a good scrub before I move in. My current office is in an old storage closet (it’s huge) but the location is crappy. I have to pass through another office to get to it. All the grumblers and whiners congregate outside my door and I’m sick of listening to their crap all day long. They are totally harshing my mellow!!!  So a bit of scrubbing and such and I’ll have a nice quiet office far far away from them!!

I’ll be linking up today with the rest of the gorgeous ladies for Visible Monday!! and Lakota’s Tah-Dah Tuesday as I think Miz anna deserves a big Tah-Dah!! I’ll be back Tuesday!! I hope to catch up on all of your blogs later tonite!!




  1. Paula said:

    You make me laugh! Love the bit about the former tenant, etc.
    Love your long skirt with the jean jacket. All things go with a jean jacket!

  2. You can’t beet $5 for a great pair of boots, Tamera!! have a wonderful week and keep smiling!

  3. Great boots, Tamera! And I love the picture of Ms Anna, she does look smartly put together. You look great in your denim jacket too- thanks for linking up!

  4. Hi,

    That’s awesome about your marriage treat, my hubby and I are going to a marriage retreat, well marriage retreat evening in April at our church.

    Miz Anna looks very chic, love her.
    Your skirt is so colorful and I really cool how you rocked it with the jean jacket. Congrats on the boot deal.

  5. pao said:

    I love how you noticed Ms Anna and took her picture, etc. Passing the kindness on. Congrats on the new boots. I know how fun that is! Oh and a new office space far away from the downers. Very cool. You’ll have it all decorated in no time, I’m sure.

  6. Wonderful of you to enjoy life. I love, love Goodwill.
    Loving your blue skirt.

  7. pastcaring said:

    It’s always lovely to compliment others on their outfits, that was sweet of you. Anna does look great, and I think that’s a look you would wear too, in fact your second outfit has a similar flavour.
    So pleased to hear your had a good weekend. Now on with the office cleaning – back to reality, huh?! xxx

  8. I’m glad you’re moving on up- and getting a new office- and nothing like a good scrubbing to start it off right!

    I love the striped sweater, Tamera I think I see you rocking a good sailor look in that one soon.
    Ahoy, matey!

  9. I love Miz Anna! I hope I look half that good when I’m 78.

    Score on the boots. You know you have the Thrifter Eye when you can spot those in a great mess. I hate badly organized thrift stores.

    Hope the office move goes well. I changed offices last year and it was no fun 😦

  10. You made this gals day!!!!!!! She looks great and I think it’s important to tell other women how fab they look when they do…we need to encourage each other for sure! YAH on your boot score these are so pretty and will get lots of wear!

    Congrats on the new space at work and making it your own. You look so good Tamera and I know you are more about being healthy than being skinny but I have to say hats off, you look great I can tell you have lost a bunch of weight!

    Have a great week sweetie!

  11. Woo! New boots, fashionable new acquaintances, and a marriage retreat? Sounds like you’ve been having a good time, Ms Tamera.

  12. Gorgeous, as always, Tamera, I LOVE you in these pretty colours!!!

    Sarah xxx

  13. love that you’ve met that gorgeous lady when doing your groceries!, she’s pretty elegant!
    And also love your casual style, that striped pullover with a jean shirt inside is cute!!
    And you always look pretty wearing colorful maxi skirts and a jean jacket, casual and chic!
    Glad you’re going to have a better workplace!

  14. Vix said:

    Miss Ana is a doll, what an inspirational lady! You’re looking so trim in those jeans and the boots were an incredible find in that chaotic chazza! Hope you’re not too wiped out from your cleaning frenzy! xxx

  15. Nice haul on those boots! I love that you took the picture of the lady at Walmart! I’ve always wanted to do that so you’ll be giving me courage! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  16. Miz Anna is looking great at 78, I love the way she’s tied her scarf. Good score on the boots and good luck with the cleaning, I have all that to come in my future – cleaning one house to move out and another to move in!

  17. Looking cute, Tamera. Isn’t it wonderful that we can take pictures on the fly so easily, without dragging out the SLR that you’ve been wagging around all day. Thanks for showing us another “advanced visible” lady! Kisses to the pooches.

  18. Sheila said:

    Fantastic score on the boots! And how sweet of you to highlight Ms. Ana. We definitely need reach out and compliment people when they are looking good!

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