Fly your Freak Flag!!!

Hello Blogland!! I  am so glad this week is almost over!!  Work has been pretty tense all week.  I’m sure you’ve all heard on the news about “Sequestration” and furloughs for government employees. Well–it’s ONLY Department of Defense employees getting furloughed-the rest of the government employees are not affected.  I am one who will be affected. I’ll have 22 unpaid days (1 per week) between now and September 30th. It’s a 20% cut in pay and contrary to belief  I do not make the big bucks AT ALL (I make significantly less than I would do what I do for a private firm) PLUS– the hubster is also a DOD employee so we ae essentially getting a 40% pay cut in total. But hey–still got a job so it is what it is~! Tensions are high here and my co-workers are all in a tizzy. I’m pretty peaceful–when the hubster was laid-off for 18 months we were able to get my. We don’t have an expensive lifestyle, thankfully.

On to happier stuff! Thanks to all for the encouragement over my bucket list!! I’m hopefully purchasing the turquoise cowboy boot tonite with some birthday loot!! I hope they fit!!

I’ve been a HUGE American Idol fan since the first season. I even went to see them on tour–the year Carrie Underwood won. I was a Bo Bice fan, though. And I’ve gone to see Elliott Yamin (my all-time fav idol!!) in concert-which was amazing as this guy has such a throwback soul voice!

I’ve been watching the auditions and last night I picked my pony in this race.  Not the best singer, not the prettiest or most marketable but dang this gal is REAL!!  She’s her own unique person and not a cookie cutter generic singer like so many others! She is proudly flying her freak flag!!

The amazing Zoanette Johnson!

The amazing Zoanette Johnson!

This girl is FEARLESS!!! She played the drums and sang an original song during Hollywood Week. Last night she came out and wowed with an emotional “Circle of Life” from The Lion King. She got a standing ovation and brought Nicki Minaj (judge) to tears.  Here’s a link to her performance:  Zoanette Circle of Life.  Will she win Idol?? I doubt it–but she has so much stage presence and charisma that I hope someone will recognize it and put her on the stage!!

The Diva has decided that, in an homage to her Mexican heritage, that the theme of her birthday extravaganza shall be Tropical Latin!! Think beaches, Sambas and  Rio De Janiero!!  I’m glad it’s not until May because she is expecting quite the blow-out!! I’m thrilled to hear of all the furry guests that plan to come!!

Here’s what I wore Wednesday. The skirt started it’s life as a too big $2 Leslie Fay circa 1990 dress. It had an empire waist that was so  full it looked like you could gestate a baby elephant under it. A bit of seam ripping and sewing and it’s a skirt!!!


Skirt-Thrifted, Top-LandsEnd/Thrifted, Cardigan-Retail, Boots-Retail

Today I wanted to be bright and colorful even if everyone at work is gloom and doom!! I did decide I need to shorten the skirt a bit as I about killed myself tripping over it!!


Skirt-Thrifted, Top-JonesNewYork/Thrifted, Sweater-Thrifted, Boots-Retail

I’m off to slobber over my Aussie TV Boyfriend Keith Urban!! Have a great weekend and I’ll be back Sunday!! Hubster and I are going to a swanky hotel for a marriage retreat this weekend!!



  1. I know all about not living an expensive lifestyle. I’m actually the bigger money in our house and being off 5 months and with all of the uncovered medical bills I was freaking out! We made it through fine. Really didn’t even change much of our spending habits. We go have gone to this little corner bar since we were kids (yes for me before I was of “age” so you know how long that’s been) While I was off that was really my only social contact so we still went to see the after work crew a couple of times a week. I knew it was money we didn’t need to spend but it was also time I needed to be with other people to talk and laugh. I really try to keep gloom and doom out of my life but something keeps pushing back……….hopefully I will be victorious!!!
    I love your skirts! I do love maxis. They are out of my life for a while, to cumbersome (potential trip hazard) by the time I might think about wearing them they might be old school………..But hey, I live in Indiana. It takes at least two years for a trend to make it here and then it stays for 5 years!!!!!
    Didn’t mean to be so long winded. I just so relate to your posts.
    Hope the retreat is WODERFUL!!!!!!!!!! Don’t put to much pressure on yourselves. Just have some fun.

  2. Joni said:

    A swanky hotel eh? Sounds like a great extension to your birthday! Is in a Marriage Encounter weekend? I did one of those way back in 1982. I think they’re still going strong.
    I checked out that Joanette and WOW, does she ever have great stage presence and I love her authentic voice. She is strong and driven. I love seeing that gutsy energy. It’s so inspiring even if I am a shy introvert with hardly any confidence sometimes.
    I’ll start on Link’s partay costume right away!

    I love that you did yourself up colorfully around all the doom and gloom at work. They probably secretly rely on you to lighten things up around there. Have a fun weekend!

  3. I was not aware of the situation with your work, it sounds worrying, but you clearly have a great attitude and as you say your lifestyle is not expensive. Your weekend retreat sounds very interesting, I hope you have a good time. I just love the patchwork maxi skirt and the fabulous bright colours.

  4. Krista said:

    I love Zoanette as much as I do your attitude. I’m sorry to hear about the cut hours for both you and your hubby, this is difficult to deal with on a lot of levels. I love that you always keep your chin up no matter what. I can see why you adore Zoanette she is a strong free spirit with a beautiful smile for the world, just like you!

  5. Enjoy your retrest in those GORGEOUS skirts, my dear Tamera.

  6. pastcaring said:

    I had no idea about your work hours/pay situation, that’s really hard to bear. It’s the same here in the UK, pay and conditions for many people are deteriorating but the general view seems to be “you’re lucky to have a job so just put up with it”. It’s not right though, employment rights have taken a massive step backwards.
    Still, you are always positive and upbeat, not to mention thrifty, so I know you and The Man will make the best of it!
    I haven’t watched American Idol for the last couple of series, but I remember all the earlier seasons well. I liked Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice! And Crystal Bowersox – what happened to her? I bet you can belt out a tune, Tamera, ooh yeah!
    Gorgeous skirts, love the prints. Enjoy your weekend away! xxxx

  7. Vix said:

    That’s a real hassle with your hours and pay, just as well you’re a top frugalista without a penchant for designer shoes or fancy make-up!
    Love both your skirts, especially the patchwork beauty!
    I’ve never seen American Idol (I’m a social outcast in my circle of friends for watching the British version, thank goodness Curtise does so we can text each other when it’s on!) but Zoanette looks and sounds amazing.
    Enjoy your weekend! xxx

  8. Clare said:

    if she doesn’t win, then she deserves a stint in a broadway show. Stupid government cuts, at least it’s not forever and you’re staying positive! I love your patchwork skirt and I can’t wait to see these cowboy boots!!

  9. love that you’re staying smiling and wearing fabulous clothes, that colorful patchwork maxi skirt is beautiful!. I agree with you: I’m also a government employee with shortened salaries, so you have all my support!
    besos & colors

  10. Aw no, sorry about the pay cut. At least you do have a job still. The DH and I are about to reach year two of both being unemployed and me being in school. It’s been rough times, trying to keep a budget, my crafting and selling on the blog and ebay.

    I love the ruffle on the blouse you’re wearing with that marvelous green cardigan. I love green!

  11. Desiree said:

    Oh Christ Tamera, I’m so sorry to hear about the work situation for you and hubby … that is just diabolical!!! I admire your attitude and it’s so lovely to see your beautiful smile:). Your patchwork skirt has given me cause to reach for the paper bag for the second time today **breathe, breathe, breathe** after seeing Vix’s 1950s swimsuit score at the jumble sale. Big warms hugs to you darling and may the party planning go without a hitch:) xoxoxoxo

  12. Sheila said:

    I love Zoanette – she is the only person who even remotely stands out for me on AI right now.

    Sad to hear about the cut-downs at your work – I have never heard of that! I hope you guys are doing okay. My hubby and I are worried as we have a provincial election coming this spring and he could lose his job.

    I am going to do the unthinkable and try to dress up Vizzini in a tropical theme. I’ll see if I survive the teeth and claws, lol.

  13. Helga said:

    Yay for gorgeous skirts!
    Poo to this wretched cut down stuff. Gah!
    That Zoanette looks a bit like Diana Ross, but I won’t hold that against her! I have never watched American Idol, but am aware of some of the talent that has come out of it.
    Crieky, I’m going to have to make sure I get plenty of beauty sleep before the Diva’s big event! She’s picked a favourite theme, so I’ll have no worries getting prepped!

  14. pao said:

    The government has such brilliant ideas, wouldn’t you say? So sorry to hear it effects all you rich folks. geez. Well, I don’t want to get into it, I can get so mad – either that or depressed. We’re both very underemployed now and because of it, lost our health insurance so it’s really scarey. I never thought it would be like this when I was 60, especially with all our experience and advanced degrees, blah, blah, blah.

    Meanwhile, you do know how to keep a good attitude going and look marvelous doing it. Kudos for that Tamera!

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