My 54th Year Bucket List

Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone today?? It’s ANOTHER cold, grey, rainy & icy day in WEstern Maryland. I am SICK to death of 33 degree rain!! Come on SPRING!!!  I am itching to get in the garden!!


I decided to come up with a “Bucket List” of stuff I’d like to do in the coming year. Stuff I would or could REALISTICALLY do. Not like “Climb Mt Everest” because a) I hate heights, b) I hate hiking!  These are in no particular order:

1. Put a pink or turquoise streak in my hair when it FINALLY is my natural color!!

2. Buy cowboy boots. There’s a pair in TURQUOISE I’ve seen that I am drooling over.

3. Learn to play the ukulele or mandolin. I play a WICKED tambourine on Sunday mornings at church!

4. Buy a cruiser bicycle to ride around town. Wouldn’t the Diva look adorable riding in the basket??

5. Take belly dance lessons. I got the belly-might as well USE it!!

6. FINALLY visit the art museum in town. I’ve heard it’s really cool. I’ve been to the Smithsonian multiple times.

7. Buy an outrageous rockin’ vintage outfit and wear it to work.

8. Have friends over for a Middle Eastern Dinner Soiree cooked by me.  Maybe I’ll bellydance as entertainment!

9. Audition or compete in a talent contest. Bet you wonder what my talent is!!!!

10. Learn to take better photographs. I’ve got a nice camera. Why do my pictures suck??

I may add more as the year goes by. Do you have a bucket list??

And now to the fashion portion of our show!!! The family got together Sunday to celebrate my birthday and my son-in-law starting his new job (law enforcement!!)  I decided I needed to sear some retina’s!


Skirt-Gifted/Retail, boots-Retail, Top&Cardi-JonesNewYork/Thrifted. They still had the tags on them! $89 for $4!!!!

Monday was a tiring day-my first back in a week and of course there was a crapstorm to clean up after!!


Top-Vintage\Thrifted, Belt-Thrifted, Boots-Retail, Pendant-Thrifted/DIY, Crinkle Microsuede Skirt-Dressbarn/Thrifted

I have decided that the skirt I wore today, although I love it in theory, has got to go. It rides up weird no matter WHAT you wear under it. It’s now a bit too big and it hits at an odd place length-wise.  Of course I got a comment about wearing my cow outfit!!! LOL–its flowers not cow-spots!!


Cardigan-Thrifted, Top-LandsEnd/Thrifted, Skirt-LaneBryant/Thrifted, Boots-Retail

Big Announcement!!!!!


Mark your calendars for Saturday May 18, 2013. I will be hosting another cyber-party to celebrate the Diva’s 11th Birthday.  She is already demanding quite an extravaganza!!!!! More details will follow!! As she IS an International Style Icon she is expecting nothing less than fabulous party attire from her guests!!!

Well, I’m off to watch my Tuesday TV boyfriend Mark!!! Chat with y’all Thursday!!



  1. Joni said:

    My dog Link is dying to come to Diva’s party. He’ll even wear a tie!

    I love reading your bucket list. And yes, Diva would look adorable in the basket of your new bike. You’d have a blast on it too I’m sure of it.

    I want to come to your dinner party!!!!!!!

  2. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Fantastic bucket list. The cruiser bike with basket is a must. And the belly dancing! You are too much fun.

  3. LOL on your list! Love it!
    I’m gonna try to remember Diva’s bday. Maybe my Tobi can join her!

  4. Sounds like an awesome awesome list! I hope you get to tackle everything on the list too. I don’t tend to make lists, just short term goals. I tend to freak out when I think too big. 😉

  5. You are so ready for spring, dear friend.
    love all your skirts. The floral top and your smile are the perfect accesorie.

  6. Vix said:

    What a fun bucket list, most people’s are so dull and worthy, your’s are achievable and fantastic!
    Love that floral twinset and cannot wait for the Diva’s party, I’m already planning an outfit for my tortoise! xxxx

  7. Yeah, another party (hope I remember this time) Maybe I’ll dress my cats up.
    Good score on the Jones of NY, they’re clothes fit us larger ladies really well. Stay warm, spring is just around the corner

  8. Clare said:

    Why does the Diva always have her cute little nose in the air? I love all your outfits, you’re such a ray of sunshine. And I reckon you could achieve loads of stuff that’s on your bucket list, go for it!!

  9. love your top&cardi print and that black & white cardi, everything is so fabulously floral and you look ready for springtime!
    lovely outfits and lovely smile, as usual!, and so great bucket list, that’s attitude!

  10. I like your bucket list- those cowboy boots in turquoise need to get to the top of the list, stat! Your “retina searing” outfits are the best. But I really like your workday ensemble- it is something I would wear everyday. I hope I can get my butt in gear and ready for Diva’s party. Your last one looked like a humdinger.

  11. I have tried to answer your email, but it sends it back, perphaps that is why you never got my party photo.
    Here is my address:
    C/ HUELVA- 42
    BAILÉN 23.710- JÁÉN

  12. pastcaring said:

    My retinas have been seared – but in the most delightful way! Love that bright twinset, though your gorgeous smile is even brighter.
    I am interested to read your list. I am far too idle to achieve anything much myself, but I am always intrigued by the goals other people set themselves, and how they go about achieving them. Like you, I keep meaning to learn more about photography, and I have been wondering about cowboy boots too… My daughter is learning ukelele at school and I’m learning the chords along with her, I can play “You are my sunshine”! A big yes to middle eastern food, to belly dancing, and oh I think you will SING at the talent competition, you Rock Star, Joan Jett’s got nothing on you!
    Cats and clothes? Not going to happen, not even for the Diva’s big night, but I’m sure I can rustle up an outfit worthy of the occasion! xxxxx

  13. Helga said:

    Hmmmmmmmm, could your hidden talent be baton twirling?!
    That’s a great list, and very realistic! I reckon you’ll have no trouble managing to achieve those!
    DIVA!! cvrikey, wonder if the cats’ll let me dress them up?!

  14. 50 and counting said:

    Jones for $4!!!!! i need to go back to MD and go shopping with you.

    I’m seriously jealous

  15. What a splendid – and perfectly achievable list! You are gorgeous in all of your outfits – but as Vix’s Law says: if it doesn’t make you fabulous, get rid of it! so if the skirt will not behave, ditch it!

    LOVE! Sarah xxx

  16. Sheila said:

    I adore your “retina searing” blouse and cardi – those are my favourite colours together (I have a top in those same colours!).

    I am so in for La Diva’s partay!

    Your bucket list is awesome – those are all so doable! Go for it!

  17. I love your bucket list, you go for it! I learned Egyptian belly dancing years ago and it is fantastic fun. Turquoise cowboy boots have to be bought!
    We’re all longing for spring in the UK too.The Diva is going to have a wonderful party if the last one is anything to go by.

  18. Krista said:

    This is a good ass bucket list. I wanna come over and put in that pink streak!!! Please get those turquoise boots, they should all kinds of awesome!!!! Peetee can’t wait to party with the Diva:). I love your bright birthday outfit, perfect for saying look out world I’m still here!!! Love that smile Tamera always!!!

  19. pao said:

    As everyone has said, you have a great bucket list – all reasonable, do-able things. I’m sure you’ll have the items all ticked off sooner than later. If I made one up, I know I’d get all neurotic about it!

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