Pass the Alka-seltzer and turn off the sun…….


Hello Blogland!!!  How is everyone this lovely Monday?? First I want to thank everyone who made my cyber birthday party such a smash!!  Best birthday in years!! And all of the sweet well-wishes blessed my heart so much. You guys are AWESOME!! Here’s a quick review of ther party:

There was imbibing of beverages!! Vix's globe bar was emptied!

There was imbibing of beverages!! Vix’s globe bar was emptied!

The music was GROOVY!!

The music was GROOVY!!

We did the latest ,hippest dances!

We did the latest, hippest dances!

We were thrilled by the entertainment!!

We were thrilled by the entertainment!!

No one called the cops!!!

No one called the cops!!! We were able to talk Helga out of going down to the town square and having a photoshoot of her holding the snakecharmer’s snake whilst sitting on the monument!

I can’t wait for next year!!! It will take me that long to vacuum up the glitter and chicken feathers!! Plus i’m finding hotdogs in strange places.!!

Again–y’all made me feel so loved. We are one funky cool tribe!!




  1. You are very much loved Tamera, Diva doll and Mr. Bill!!! When Peetee sleeps his tongue hangs out ;P Have a great week!

  2. Vix said:

    What a night it was! You sure know how to throw a party, Tamera, can’t wait for the next bash round yours, mind you, I need to replenish the cocktail bar first! xxxx

  3. Joni said:

    What a fantastic party and all in great company!! I’m still craving those dogs n’ beans!

  4. Helga said:

    Nice bash, Tamera! Time to recuperate……….XXX

  5. Lol! What a rockin’ party. I just got up on all the attendees and what a bunch. Your party was definitely more wild than mine.

  6. wouuu, so great party, delightful that you’ve shared it with us and I would love to enjoy another one like this next year, my dear lady you’re awesome!!
    besos & no hangover!

  7. Clare said:

    It was a marvellous party indeed! I can see Desiree dancing in a giant Champagne glass! More please!

  8. SO sad I missed your party, Tamera – hope you’ll have another one next year!!!

    Sarah xxx

  9. Sorry I missed your bash!! I was celebrating a 67th wedding anniversary, so I guess that’s a decent excuse. Glad you had a FABULOUS party!!!! Somehow the phrase “hair of the dog” comes to mind? Why not! XXOO Love you!!!!

  10. pastcaring said:

    Ha, plenty of time to recover before the next party, Tamera! What a night! xxxx

  11. Sheila, Style Agent 909 said:

    Tamera, happy belated birthday. I’m so sorry I missed the festivities. It looks like it was a blast!

  12. Beryl said:

    Happy Birthday! A little late due to my old computer acting up. (Been researching buying a new computer on my old computer and it’s refusing to cooperate with anything I want to do. Jealous, I guess.)

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