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party invite

Hello Blogland!!!! I’m finally starting to feel a bit better. Heaven knows I am sick of smoothies and jello!! I wanted to share a sneak peek at the preparations for my Cyber Birthday Party!!

The Diva's new party dress!!

The Diva’s new party dress!!

We will be twistin' the night away!!!

We will be twistin’ the night away!!!

Tasty treats are being prepared!!! Dig the HOTDOGS!!!

Tasty treats are being prepared!!! Dig the HOTDOGS!!!

Since my wardrobe choices this week have been less than stellar-I thought I’d share some more vintage biirthday cards. These are from the 40’s & 50’s era. such sweet illustrations!!


221b221aDon’t forget to email  your pix of you in your party attire to me by Saturday February 23rd!!!!

Email is!!



  1. Glad you are feeling better.
    I am sending you my outfit this second.

  2. Yeah you are feeling better!!!!! Those wieners are reminding me of fingers, I think I have been watching too many scary monster movies.

  3. Vix said:

    I’m delighted to hear you’re on the mend! Love the Diva’s frock, can’t wait to see her and the rest of Blogland rocking their party dresses.
    Bit worried about those sausages, I might have to bring my own packed lunch! xxx

  4. pastcaring said:

    What a relief to hear you are feeling better for your birthday, Tamera!
    The buffet looks retrotastically divine – and so does Divine! Got my frock on, my twisting boots, and I’m ready to party – despite the fact that the Diva is sure to outshine us all! xxxx

  5. Helga said:

    Yay for feeling better!
    I’m afraid I’m too late to send a pic in! Been tied up with a wedding……..eeeep!
    I am so sorry, and rather bummed………XXXXXXXX

  6. Clare said:

    Hurrah, I’m glad you’re feeling better! And preparing us such delicious looking food, those hotdogs are rather special aren’t they? I need to download that divine song! xxxx

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