I can not speak……

party invite

Hello Blogland!! Hope your week is going better than mine. I woke up yesterday morning with my throat on fire. Seems I have succumbed to the viral laryngitis that is going around. Super!!! Can’t talk, can’t swallow, crappy fever. I slept almost all day yesterday. I’m up for a bit so thought I’d get another post in with vintage birthday cards! These are all late 60’s and 70’s era!! I adore the bright colors!

Adorable Siamese Cat!!Funkalicious Poodle!

Adorable Siamese Cat!!
Funkalicious Poodle!

Adorable Puppies and Poodles!

Adorable Puppies and Poodles!

Kitten cuteness!!

Kitten cuteness!!

Adorable little girls!

Adorable little girls!

Colorful baby animals!

Colorful baby animals!

More adorable vintage girls!

More adorable vintage girls!

More groovy cuteness!!

More groovy cuteness!!

Well, I’m starting to fade a bit. Time for some medicine and a nap!! I hope to get around and visit y’all later this evening!!




  1. pastcaring said:

    Oh no, poor you, I hope you feel better soon, in time for your birthday… Not being able to talk is the pits, chatting is one of life’s great pleasures!
    These cards remind me so much of my childhood in the 60s and 70s. Big-eyed, huge-headed little girls with very elaborate hair and very short skirts, and even bigger-eyed cute creatures!
    The colours are beautiful, aren’t they?
    Thank you for the blast from my past. Now get some rest! xxxxx

  2. You need to get better for your birthday lil missy! I adore these cards and have recently found some sweet ones on ebay I had to have. I hope you are feeling better soon, and that someone is babying you today!

  3. Get better, dear Tamera.
    Lovely cards indeed.

  4. Oh no! i’m sorry to hear you’re illin’. It must be sick day, because this is blog #2 plus myself (#3) being sick today. Hope you feel better soon. Otherwise your e-party will be rife with chicken noodle soup, hot tea, and Vicks vapor rub!

  5. Clare said:

    Don’t fade! Come back to us!! I love all these cards, although that ginormous eyed kitten is a bit evil. I especially love that first poodle. I hope you feel better in time for your birthday! xxxx

  6. Vix said:

    You poor love, get better in time for your party, please!!! Those cards are gorgeous, the hippy chicks, kittens and poodles, the trippy colours, I want to paper my walls with them! x

  7. Get better soon – poor you. had a touch of tonsillitis myself this week — boo hiss!
    Might try and post you a photo today – if I get there.. Those cards take me back – I think I recognise a few of them actually! I used to keep the ones I liked up all year in my bedroom!

  8. Helga said:

    Bugger!!! Hope you can get on top of it, sweetie! XXX

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