My 200th Post!!!!!

party invite

Hello Blogland!!! I just realized that this will be my 200th blog post!!! How cool is is in my Birthday Week!! I had off today and mostly puttered around the house in mangy sweats so there will be no outfit post!!

I would like to post a picture of me at age 2 1/2.  Like the awesome job I did cutting my bangs?? You should’ve seen my sister when I got done with her.


In celebration of my Birthday I’m going to be sharing more vintage birthday cards today!!

&0's era!! All of the details are made with real trims and such. So So CUTE!!

Late 60’s era!! All of the details are made with real trims and such. So So CUTE!!

Late 60's or early 70's!! Dig those hot pants!!!

Late 60’s or early 70’s!! Dig those hot pants!!!

&0's era--so feminine and pretty!

&0’s era–so feminine and pretty!

Mid 60's era. I just love the limes!!

Mid 60’s era. I just love the limes!!

Hope you enjoyed the cards!!! I’ll be back tomorrow with more and an outfit. The Diva is already planning a blow-out extravaganza for her birthday on May 22nd!!! She feels the whole month of May shall become DIVA Month!!! Have a great evening! TTFNTamera

  1. Happy Birthday Tamera! LOVE your hair cut – I’ve been known to trim my own fringe similarly (but I was 42 – not 2!)

    Sarah xxx

  2. Sheila said:

    What a sweet picture of you! Some of those cards…I’m sure they were still making all those styles well into the 70s because I got ones like that from my grandparents for my birthday!

  3. pastcaring said:

    How adorable were you as a wee one?! Still got that trademark cheeky smile, Tamera!
    Love the cards, the textured one is beautiful, the dolly in the hot pants reminds me of Vix, and the redhead about to dive into the gin and tonic must be Helga! xxxx

  4. Vix said:

    You were a cute baby! You haven’t changed a bit! Love the retro birthday cards, Curtise’s comment that the hot pant lady reminded her of me made me very happy! xxxx

  5. I love the baby picture and you still have that beautiful smile Tamera! Congrats on 200 posts, oh how the time flies.

  6. Aww! So cute! My mom likes to refer to my self-cut bangs at that age as my “Benjamin Franklin” hair cut, lol!! I think many of us go through that stage.

  7. Joni said:

    That photo of you is so darn cute!! And the era could be mine too! I’m going to come to your party dressed in naked gay dude sheets. 😉 With Santa hats and cheesecake. 😉

  8. Clare said:

    My bangs and yours are looking the same right now! I love all these sweet cards and I’ll get something sorted asap! xxxx

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