Is Spring here YET???

party invite

Hello Blogland!! Everyone having a FABULOUS weekend??? I’m surely glad it’s a 3 day one!! I will be so glad when Spring gets here. I’m sick to death of the cold and 33 degree rain. If it’s gonna be cold then SNOW!!!

First up I want to share the Diva in her Valentine’s outfit again. Daddy has been paying the price for saying her tutu made her butt look big!!! She’s been demanding lot’s of puppy massages and belly rubs!

The Diva rockin' her tutu and tshirt!!

The Diva rockin’ her tutu and tshirt!!

Since this is my birthday week(I have so declared it to be!!!) I thought I’d share some vintage birthday cards with everyone. There won’t be anything disgusting or disturbing like the Valentine’s!!

Some 70's cuteness!!!

Some 70’s cuteness!!!

More 70's cuteness!

How adorable is the caravan?? This is probably 40's!

How adorable is the caravan?? This is probably 40’s!

BIRDIES!!!! $0's or early 50's era!

BIRDIES!!!! 40’s or early 50’s era!

Definitely 50's!!!! So so CUTE!!!

Definitely 50’s!!!! So so CUTE!!!

Friday I ditched the skirts because I knew I would be decorating for the Game Feast and such.  Co-worker commented I was very colorful and spring-timey! When I spied the sweater I thought KRISTA!! I found that it fit me so I kept it (sorry Krista-LOLOL)

002Jean-retail, Sweater-thrifted, Top-thrifted, Shoes-Timberland/thrifted

The hubster is going out with a bunch of guys to see “Die Hard #?” tonite. I plan on watching Downton Abbey and cutting out images for some St. Pat’s garlands!!!

I’ll be linking up with Patti for Visible Monday! Everyone have a great day and I’ll be tomorrow to share more cards!

Don’t forget to send me your pix of you party outfit this week!!!



  1. If you ever find a skirt with my name on it, just sen it, LOl
    It will be a real pleasure to be in your birthday party.
    I wish it was a real one, but let hope that one day it will happen.

  2. Kathy Webber said:

    I m SHOCKED that your diva was dissed regarding her posterior sizing. Everyone knows (duh) that tutus are slenderizing!

  3. Marci said:

    I, too, am ready for Spring! Great outfits for both of you! 😉 -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. pastcaring said:

    Oh yes, that gorgeous rainbow cardigan definitely makes me think of Krista too?
    I wondere what Peetee will think of the Diva in her tutu?! She certainly looks happy, despite any inappropriate comments about her little puppy posterior…
    Very cute birthday cards. I am trying to decide what to wear for your party… Will there be dancing? That makes a difference, you know! xxxxx

  5. Paula said:

    Happy Birthday and will certainly try to join you!

  6. ha ha! love the pooch tutu! Happy Birthday to you!

  7. The Diva rules in here tutu – the most Visible of all of us : > Love your rainbow sweater; thanks for linking up!

  8. I’m coming to your party, but we have crazy big medical issues here, so I love, love, love that you remind me in every post. I have the best outfit idea. I plan to give The Diva a run for her money! What do you want for your birthday? I’m keeping an eye out for somethin’ amaze-balls (I never mail packages timely because of work and a sick child but get them out eventually) – please send me your address. Other blogger peeps will verify I’m not a bloggy stalker 😛

  9. What a springy sweater! I love printed cardigans over graphic tees, perfect for a weekend look.

    I saw my prissy little Monsters this weekend. Bruce demanding treats, but refused to eat them. Spike sat on my foot, got his face rubbed, and then proceeded to try and bite me before I left (he hates when I leave). York continues to sleep practically on the heater. I swear Mom’s going to come home to baked kitten one day!

  10. Elena said:

    Ohhh the Diva rocks this cute pink outfit!! I’m sooo ready for spring, can’t wait to have a trip to tulip garden and enjoy outdoor parties! Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Vix said:

    Happy birthday week! I love your cardi, it is very Krista indeed.
    I’m already wondering what to wear, whatever it is I’m sure I’ll be upstaged by the diva! xxx

  12. You look very “springy” and bright.

    The Diva is very pretty in her dress and no it does not make her butt look big. It makes her look like a ballerina!

  13. Love the colorful cardigan! That’s a neat idea with the birthday party photos. Debbie

  14. Happy Birthday Dear Tamera! The Diva presents a model for us all. And you look very ‘spring’ in your colorful sweater.

  15. It’s almost yer burfday!!!!! I really really love this rainbow sweater but you knew I would huh:) I’m really gonna try and send you a picture for your party!!!!! Peetee wants to go too:)

  16. I just love your spot! On the fly, stopping by to say howdy and that you look great in your mixed patterns! Happy B-Day in advance. Hugs to you.

  17. Clare said:

    That cardigan is amazing!! Rather jealous. I love all those old cards, especially the caravan. Poor Diva, she doesn’t have a big bum! I need to do some photos for your party

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