Rage…. then tears.

Hello Blogland! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

During my search for weird and freaky Valentine’s I ran across a few more that need to be shared. These are more of the awful racist ones.  The ones with wieners and goats and awful puns are hilarious.

These……there are no words. and the fact that they were used to express LOVE just boggles.  But they need to be seen and not just brushed aside. Even though we can’t buy cards like this anymore, the sentiments behind them still live on. 

More cheap shots at Native Americans

More cheap shots at Native Americans

Don't forget Asians and Indians

Don’t forget Asians and Indians

Vile and low stereotyping

Vile and low stereotyping

And this is supposed to express love?

This is offensive racially and to women!

This is offensive racially and to women!

As horrible and disgusting as the ones above are, this last one broke my heart. I was livid with rage when I saw it. And then I cried.


Dear Lord in heaven–how can anyone justify a card featuring a LYNCHING???  The stereotypes are bad enough. But this… THIS is so far beyond anything I can even describe.  Who would you send an “expression of love” with THIS image on it to?? Your fellow Klu Klux Klan members??

I’d like to thank y’all for allowing me to share these images with you.  And to help heal the hurts that these last cards could cause-I leave you with this image:

Love comes in all colors!!

Love comes in all colors!!

Have a great weekend and I’ll chat with y’all Sunday!



  1. That last one leaves me speechless, just awful!!!!! I think it is good to be reminded of what things used to be like but we do still have some work to be done. Thanks for sharing, have a lovely dinner out with hubby this weekend. Give your babies kisses from me and Peetee.

  2. Vix said:

    Absolutely shocking, I feel sick! Gold digging women and lynching! How can that possibly be seen as humorous? Totally fascinating piece of American social history though.Thank goodness for the sweet photo at the end.
    Glad you had a wonderful Valentine’s. Jon’s cooking again tonight, I’m a lucky girl! xxx

  3. WOW.. just wow… I think those go under the list of wtf was somebody drinking when they thought up those as a good idea… I’m glad you shared these because the fact is that they did exist – and probably why I still run into people who think it’s totally okay to voice horrid personal “opinions”.

  4. Paula said:

    I do love the fact we have evolved..IMHO. I worked at our local historical society, and there are many pretty valentines! Some made with lots of care.

  5. Helga said:

    How incredibly horrific. Shameful. Disgusting.
    Sadly, there are some who will think nothing of it, but luckily, most of us do.

  6. KC said:

    The mind boggles. But thanks for reminding us of what we must never forget.

  7. pastcaring said:

    Well, I am appalled by that penultimate image in particular, and many of the others, BUT I guess it shows we have come along way since these cards were produced. Still room for improvement, but thankfully we have a clearer sense of what is and isn’t OK now.
    The darling babies leave me with a far happier feeling! xxxx

  8. Clare said:

    ok, that last one is the worst ever! Is it real? It’s certainly shocking. The others are just stupid but that one is worrying, is there a KKK greetings card company

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