Happy Valentine’s Day, Y’all!!

party invite

Happy Valentine’s Day Blogland!!! Everyone have their Valentine hotdogs ready to party???

First up are pictures of the REAL supermodel of this blog in her Valentine’s day outfit. The Diva wanted to create a juxtaposition of the dainty tutu with the more laid back casual of the tshirt.  Y’all may have participated in the Tutu & Teacups challenge but none of you can rock a tutu like Miz Kae!!! All was well until Daddy commented it made her butt look big and like she was a peacock or turkey. THEN she got some ‘Tude going and wouldn’t even look at him. How DARE he insult the Diva??

The Diva rockin' her tutu and tshirt!!

The Diva rockin’ her tutu and tshirt!!

The Diva shows some 'tude!!

The Diva shows some ‘tude!!

Today I want to share some adorable Valentine’s after the week of weird, inappropriate and down-right vile ones I’ve shared. first up-OWLS!!! And oh, how I love me some owls!!



Cute cards from the 70’s!!

Adorable little girls!

Adorable little girls!

How adorable are these?? LOVE the hippie one!!

How adorable are these?? LOVE the hippie one!!

Such gorgeous bright colors!! AAAAWWWW kitty cat!!!

These last ones aren’t 70’s but what cute images!!

Such gorgeous colors and artwork!

Such gorgeous colors and artwork!

Here’s my ensemble Wednesday. One of my male coworkers complimented it and said he likes how I wear such bright happy colors!

002Everything is thrifted except the boots!

Here’s my Valentine’s Day outfit. I love the colors of red and brown together. And I’m rockin’ the darling purse the rainbow of happiness Krista sent me!

003Everything is thrifted or gifted except the boots.

I was busy this evening icing 6 dozen cupcakes for the game feed. Hubster and I plan to go to Moe’s Southwestern Grill (LOVE!) Saturday for a date.

Peanutbutter cupcakes with candied bacon garnish to be auctioned off. My kitchen after the bomb hit.

Peanutbutter cupcakes with candied bacon garnish to be auctioned off. My kitchen after the bomb hit.

Hubster brought home some vegetarian pizza for me and sweet gifts. I gave him a huge assortment of european chocolates. And he’ll be getting some “stuff” I can’t show you  I’ve been collecting the little mouse figurines for almost 20 years and display them seasonally in the hall bathroom. This one took a place of honor on the knick-knack shelf over the toilet!


I’m off to eat some pizza with LoverBoy and watch my TV boyfriend Keith. Everyone have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! I will be back tomorrow with the last of the weird/horrid Valentine’s. I ran across some more that need to be shared.



  1. Before I forget I need that peanut butter cupcake with candied bacon recipe or I will never sleep again, OMG I’m salivating!!!!! The Diva looks hot to trot in her tutu OMG if Peetee would let me dress him up I am living vicariously through you right now and your darling Diva!!!!! I love the handbag I sent you with that outfit and the fact that you wore it on Valentines Day makes me feel loved! You look great in both outfits but I gotta say I am really digging the colors of that first one, bright and happy just like your smile.

    As always I enjoy these Valentine cards you share. Your collection is amazing! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  2. Happy Valentine´s day, my dear Tamera, and a happy weekend.

  3. Vix said:

    The Diva looks incredible, a doggie peacock hybrid, what could be better? That girl really does know how to pull an outfit together!
    Love your skirt outfits, the first one is wonderfully bright with the contrasting jewel tones. No wonder your colleague complimented you, he’s a man of taste.
    Love that hippy Valentine’s card, that’s one mass produced card I’d be happy to receive! xxx

  4. Clare said:

    That owl with the motarboard is terrifying! I love the diva looks gorgeous as usual, strutting around like she owns the place. You look so wonderfully colorful!! I love the hot pink and purple. And your brown boots and handbag! I really really want to try candied bacon!

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