More Valentine’s Fun!!!


Hello Blogland!!! I wanted to share some more of the freaky and fabulous vintage Valentine’s with y’all. No outfit post today but lot’s of fun and WTF??

First up we have more in the weapons and crime genre:

weapons & crime

Next up is the lovely strange beasts of love–the gigantic Death-Bee, Bacon-Love and a man-eating cheetah!!


The “someone wants their ass kicked” category:


The always popular MEAT=LOVE category:

meat love


Boiling Lambs??? Stripping???? Little girl blowing up a banana balloon???? Really?? REALLY???


Ok, now we have Satanic love, Mummy, and a giant evil cat getting ready to eat a baby. I’m not sure WHAT the designer was trying to convey!


Now we get to the REALLY disturbing ones. Keep in mind these were probably from the 20’s-40’s era. It’s sickening and mind-boggling to think CHILDREN sent these to other children!

Let's offend Native Americans-how cute-NOT!!

Let’s offend Native Americans-how cute-NOT!!

Horrible Asian stereotypes

Horrible Asian stereotypes

Unbelievably racist--especaily the one of the prisoner!

Unbelievably racist–especially the one of the prisoner!

More racist stereotypes

More racist stereotypes

Thank God we live in a world today where this is seen as the horrible trash it is!

And last-The Jackass of Love!! I’m sure we’ve all had one in our lives at some time!!


Have a wonderful day and I’ll chat with y’all tomorrow!! The Diva is anxious to be the starring attraction of my Valentine’s Day post!!



  1. Vix said:

    Good god, those are shocking! Unbelievable how the world’s changed over the past few decades, mostly for the better when it comes to those terrible racial stereotypes. It makes you wonder who the heck bought them and if they actually led to romance, I’d love to know.
    Thanks for sharing, Tamera. They really are fantastic pieces of social history. Have a fab Valentine’s Day and may you be showered with gifts and love. xxx

  2. I can hardly believe that anyone would have sent these: they are astonishingly awful. How times change….

  3. pao said:

    Unbelievable. Which is what others will be saying about whatever’s going on now that we can’t really see.

  4. What’s wrong with me I love these!!!!!!! But I know they are really inappropriate for kids can you imagine if your kid came home with any of these. What’s with the one that says you have a face only a mother could love…DIVORCE!

    Thanks for sharing these they still make me laugh!

  5. HA! I want a Death Ray Eyes boyfriend!!! Love these so much, Tamera. Happy VD to YOU!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Sheila said:

    Hilariously awful and wow, so…yeah…I don’t even have words!

  7. Serene said:

    Tamera! Wow! What a history lesson, eh? Thanks for posting these! They are great in their AWFULNESS!! Hugs and valentines!! Serene

  8. Clare said:

    I think the Jack Ass Of Love is really sweet. But the rest are just weird. Not that I dislike weird. The racist ones are terrible but they do make me laugh with their bizarre stereotypes. Can you find some weird Easter ones next?! xxx

  9. pastcaring said:

    What a weird and wonderful collection – social and cultural history through the images on Valentine’s cards, there’s a book to be written there, I’m sure! xxx

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