Is there some subliminal message here????

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Hello Blogland!!! How’s everyone’s week going so far??? Work has been a bit cuh-razee!!! Had a big rush project to get outta my hair at the last-minute! WHEW! Glad it’s done!!

It’s going to be busy all around this week. They are having a Game Feast/Man Fest/Meatapalooza Banquet at church Friday nite. (involves all kinds of wild game dishes and such) Women can attend-the hubby asked if I wanted to go but I said I’ll pass on all the meat and the guest speaker who is some kind of expert on hunting or such. Totally not my thang! I’m actually gonna attend the Tech High’s Talent show to support a friend’s daughter.

Anyhow– they asked me to bake some cupcakes to auction off and others for dessert so I have 6 dozen to bake & ice for Friday nite. Love to bake-not so much eat the stuff!

Today’s selection of Weird Valentine’s seems to have a theme. A really STRANGE theme. As I was researching them I noticed many using the same symbol/character on them.


The Hotdogs of LOVE!!!!

The Hotdogs of LOVE!!!!

Nothing says Romance like a fresh weiner!!!

Nothing says Romance like a fresh wiener!!!

A nice plump sausage is always appropriate for Valentine's Day!!

A nice plump sausage is always appropriate for Valentine’s Day!!

Is there some kind of subliminal message I’m missing? There aren’t tons of Valentine’s cards with hamburgers or grilled cheese sandwiches.  Hotdogs seemed to be a running theme for Valentine’s Day years ago!!!

Is this just a slight bit naughty or is my mind in the gutter?? And here’s even more evidence that something was awry in card design land back then.

Like a banana is less phallic than hotdogs!!

Like a banana is less phallic than hotdogs!!

And I couldn’t not share this lovely example of both phallic and violent!


Here’s some more Valentine’s Whack-a-doodleness!!! Let’s scar our kiddies for LIFE!!

Fish--yeah that'll get you some lovin'!

Fish–yeah that’ll get you some lovin’!

Creepy Creepy Creepy

Creepy Creepy Creepy

GUNS!!! Love me or DIE!!!

GUNS!!! Love me or DIE!!!

eggs, false teeth, scrawny livestock, cupids, hearts,  all convey that message of love!

eggs, false teeth, scrawny livestock, cupids, hearts, all convey that message of love!

What exactly is going on here?? Bestiality???

What exactly is going on here?? Bestiality???

It’s week 2 of my February Skirt-a-thon. Here’s what I wore Monday. A coworker said I looked like the Maryland Flag. Whatever!! You be the judge-

Maryland Flag

Maryland Flag


Skirt-thrifted, Vest-thrifted, Blouse-DressBarn/thrifted, Boots-retail, Belt-thrifted, Jewels-Vintage or thrifted.

Here’s a close-up of the vintage pin and earrings. It originally had white centers that were scratched and discolored so I painted them glossy black. BTW–the black-eyed susan is the Maryland State flower!


Today I wore the other skirt I made this weekend. I just fell in love with the print. PEACOCKS!! In my colors!!! Everyone complimented it and some thought it was an expensive designer skirt. LOLOL- designer yes-by me but expensive it was not. Cost about $10 to make!


Sweater-thrifted, Tshirt-Venezia/thrifted, Boots-retail, Skirt-DIY,  Scarf-vintage, Bracelet-Fabulous Sheila!

Here are some close-ups of the print in today’s skirt and the Russian dolls skirt:

PicMonkey Collage

Everybody getting ready For Valentine’s Day?? Hubster and I plan to go out on Saturday nite to celebrate. The Diva is anxious to show off her Valentine’s outfit!!!! See y’all later this week!!

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  1. Wow that last card (with cow) is amazing! A bit of a ?!@# kind of one!
    THanks for that enlightening history of Valentines Cards tutorial… fascinating how themes ran through it.
    Love the peacock skirt. A lot! x

  2. Can I just say that I love and totally get your sense of humor! These cards are all kinds of inappropriate hilarious!!!!! The last one with the gal and the cow….wtf??? You are killing me the mad sewing skills, this peacock skirt is gorgeous on you!!!!

    Have fun at the Talent show that sounds pretty cool, I would love to get invited to one. Did you say 6 dozen cupcakes???? And you don’t eat them???? Wow not only do you have mad skills but self control as well.


  3. I am covetous of your peacock fabric. I sort of have a weakness for birds, including peacocks. You did a fabo job on the skirt – it does look very expensive.

    Heh, I didn’t find any of those cards particularly subliminal. Must go wash my brain out with soap right now!

  4. Thanks for sharing the cards too funny lovely peacock skirt

  5. I LOVE that russian doll fabric!! Where ever did you get that!?!! Your skirts are beautiful!!

    I’ve never been a fan of MD state flag, but I do see some MD inspiration in that outfit. Reminds me of black eyed susans. 🙂

  6. DebW said:

    I am laughing until tears run down my cheeks from the VD card examples! The worst thing is, we’ve probably given similar cards as children! No wonder there are so many warped people in the world. It all started with Valentine’s Day cards! Thank you for the guffaws! The peacock skirt is fab!

  7. KC said:

    Love. The. V.D. Cards. Just love them.

  8. pastcaring said:

    Those old Valentines cards are brilliant! I think you are completely right, there is all sorts of phallic imagery and general naughtiness going on!
    So you’re passing on the meat and hunting fest with the guys then? Don’t blame you, but it’s really good of you to bake all those cupcakes, especially if you aren’t going to eat any of them!
    LOVE that wonderful peacock print, the skirt looks amazing and that outfit has the loveliest colours.
    Looking forward to seeing your Valentines outfit, and The Diva’s – don’t let her outshine you, Tamera! xxxxx

  9. Tamera, you are killing me, ahhhhhhhh I love and WANT your new skirts. The print. PEACOCKS is soooooooooo fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Serene said:

    Oh my gosh! That is sooooo funny! I totally agree, there’s A LOT of messages being sent through those cards….and if that means my mind is in the gutter, then, well, I guess it kind of is! Ha Ha! What can I say? There is just something about off color jokes that just gets me every time! And the last one? Wow! Okay. I don’t even know what to say about that! Anyhoo…..your skirt is absolutely gorgeous. Gotta love a great print!! Hugs girly! Serene

  11. Vix said:

    Those cards just keep getting more and more mental! The scrawny livestock one particurly relevant here with the horse meat scandal we’ve got going on!
    That meat fest doesn’t sound like my kind of thing either, bake the cakes and have fun elsewhere’s a great plan.
    LOVE both outfits but slavering over that peacock print skirt, it’s fabularse! xxx

  12. Helga said:

    OMG. My mind is also totally in the gutter! Weinders?! Really?! How bizarre!
    Personally I give Valentines a miss, as I prefer to be spontaneous, and not just once a year. Maybe I was traumatised in my distant youth by such ghastly themed cards?! Ha!
    The brooch and earrings ROCK and I adore that peacock print skirt!!

  13. pao said:

    Your peacock skirt is divine. Such gorgeous fabric. The valentines speak for themselves all too well, I must say.

  14. Clare said:

    You make me laugh so much!! These valentines are just wonderfully bizzaro! All those weiners remind me of the video playing next to Danny when he sings “Sandy” in Grease! I also love your peacock skirt. It’s fabulous… and another one made by your fair hand! You look great, but not like the flag, because there’s no burgundy! teehee! The revamped brooch and earrings are wonderful, what a find!
    still laughing at the fish and luncheon meat!!

  15. Sheila said:

    Oh my gosh, those are hilarious cards! So inappropriate and yes, my mind is in the gutter!

    Love the peacock skirt and so glad you like the cuff. 🙂 Your earrings and brooch remind me of a Sarah Coventry set I have – is yours stamped “Sarah Cov” on the back? They are likely 70s.

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