It’s the MrBill Show!!!

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Hello Blogland!! How is everyone’s weekend going?? It’s still ridiculously cold here and now they are calling for freezing rain tonite. Super!!

I’ve cleared out the hall bath of all the stuff so the redecorating is underway!! First coat of white paint is drying on all the wood stuff and mirror frame. I plan on having the big reveal next weekend!

Went into town yesterday and stopped by my favorite thrifts. Clothes were a famine but I did manage to pick up a few goodies. Not a bad haul for $6!!

1. Vintage kitty salt & pepper shakers2. vintage Valentine's candy tin

1. Vintage kitty salt & pepper shakers
2. Vintage Valentine’s candy tin

1. Tortilla warmer-been looking for one!2. Vintage Pyrex Snowflake divided dish

1. Tortilla warmer-been looking for one!
2. Vintage Pyrex Snowflake divided dish

Vintage packages of velvet & velveteen ribbon

Vintage packages of velvet & velveteen ribbon

And now to the star of the post. It has been wretchedly freezing cold here the last week. Poor MrBill would shiver so hard he could barely lift his leg to pee. I finally pulled out his sweater and made him wear it. After a couple of hours he realized he COULD walk in it!!! He has been wearing it almost non-stop since. Mama is gonna have to go shopping for some more!!!!

I kept teling him what  a handsome boy he is in his sweater!!

I kept telling him what a handsome boy he is in his sweater!!

He's probably hunting for frozen poo in the middle one!!

He’s probably hunting for frozen poo in the middle one!!

Somebody wanted to hog the camera and have her picture taken in her new sweater!!kae1

Chewing bones on their poochie pouch and blankey. Notice who is front & center!

Chewing bones on their poochie pouch and blankey. Notice who is front & center! AND has both the new chewies!!!

Enough of the dogs–here’s what I wore today:

013Sweater-Evan-Picone/thrifted, Skirt-CJBanks/thrifted, Boots-BurlingtonCoat Factory

I also found some of these organizer cubes whilst thrifting so now I’ve torn up part of the Craft Palace to utilize them. I’ll show the final result later this week so you can see my OCD tendencies in all their glory!!

I’m linking up for Visible Monday!!! Stop by and check everyone out!!

Off to organize my colored pencils!1 Have a great start to the week ans see y’all Tuesday!



  1. Four Seasons One Wardrobe said:

    OMG that is the cutest dog (and sweaters for dogs) I have seen in a long while! These photos made my day!

  2. Mr. Bill will always make me think of classic Saturday Night Live!! Yours is so cute and I always love to see your smile! have a great week, Tamera!

  3. I love your doggie pics, and their personalities really come through : > You’re a wonderful mom. Love your bright red sweater too, thanks for linking it up to Visible Monday.

  4. Awww your little babies look so cute. It’s been ridiculously cold here, and I know you’ve gotten some nasty cold where you are, too. (I think you live near my parents- they are also in western MD.) Stay cozy! (ALSO- those are adorable salt and pepper shakers)

  5. Poor Mr.Bill! Sweaters are warm making! Especially on old puppy bones. Mom says the heater looks like a mass kitty killer (all five are huddled around the oil heater). The kittens are experiencing their first winter ever, and Annabelle is having her first indoors.

    Love how Miss Diva has a big grin on her face!

    What a great ‘winter floral’ skirt. Can’t wait to see your organizational skillz. I’m still looking for ever better working organizing.

  6. Beryl said:

    The Diva looks great in Aqua! I look forward to seeing how you use the cubes in your craft area. I think I should just buy the power tools and make some custom storage for my craft and sewing stuff. The Pyrex baking dish is totally cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one divided like that before.

  7. Vix said:

    How fabulous all three of you look in your colourful jumpers! Poor old Mr Bill, he looks so dejected and embarrassed unlike our favourite canine diva, Kae kae!
    You scored big time, those snowflake Pyrex dishes are all the rage with the British bloggers and I just love those ridiculous kitty cruets! The ribbons are an ace find, too! xxxxxxxxxx

  8. mr. bill looks so cute wearing that pullover! . And you look gorgeous in red and floral combo, it’s perfect to cheer up any cold day!

  9. Mr. Bill is a total love and of course the Diva had to take over, like any woman would! I really wish Peetee would wear sweaters he might actually walk with me in the cold. You look so good in these long flowing skirts, love the bright sweater with it! Cant wait to see you OCD in action! Have a great week sweetie!

  10. Poor Mr Bill. In that first photo he looks like he is saying “Oh Mom, please no pictures I am humilated enough having to wear this sweater!” He does look happier outdoors. The poor guy, sweaters and having to live with a Diva who obviously rules the roost.

    You look lovely in your outfit and not at all unhappy about having your picture taken.

    I wish my OCD was a clean, neat type, but I think I got the hoarder, messy type. Darn it.

  11. Lovin’ the floral maxi with the bright red sweater. You look warm and chic!

    Frozen poo, The Corginator’s fave delicacy. Ugh.

    I adore Pyrex dishes in any way shape or form 🙂

  12. Clare said:

    I love red on you, it looks fantastic! Mr Bill is such a darling. It’s so funny how they think they can’t walk in jumpers! Ruby’s the same! He looks so sweet! I love the kitties and the tin too and I would love to find all that ribbon too! xxxx

  13. Helga said:

    Hahaha, poor Mr Bill, he looks so downtrodden in that last pic as The Diva is clearly Numero Uno on the foodchain in your household! Yay for warming the little sweetie up! I do hope he wasn’t looking for a poo popsicle, that really would give him the chills!
    A tortilla warmer! I need one too! Love the pyrex and all the ribbon, AND your smile as you look snuggly and divoon in red! XXX

  14. You look GORGEOUS in lovely bright red Tamera! And the dogs looks gorgeous in their lovely new woolies.Give them both lovely tummy tickles for me! Sarah xxx

  15. Cozy puppies …. pretty mama in your reds! There’s not much better in the world than Chihuahua smiles! Thanks for the peeks into your world.

  16. pastcaring said:

    Look at Miss Kae Kae grinning! And she is so in charge, at the front of the photo with her TWO treats! Poor Bill, he has a hard life, truffling around for frozen poo and having to walk while wearing a sweater!
    You are having no such difficulties, Tamera, looking gorgeous in red and that fabulous maxi. And you are clearly having all my luck in the thrifting department, look at those cute kitties and the tin and Pyrex (I have the same blue snowflake dish but not divided like yours).
    Looking forward to seeing how you organise your crafting supplies in the cubes. Is there an opposite of OCD tendencies with regard to being tidy and organised? Cos I think I’ve got that….
    Have a great week, keep warm, love! xxxx

  17. pao said:

    Great sweater pictures on all of you guys. And everyone smiling except MrBill. I guess he has to keep in character. Especially like your find of velvet ribbons! Wish my tendency was toward the tidy end of the scale…

  18. You look radiant in your red sweater and MrBill looks great in his sweater too. Wish I could borrow a few of your OCD tendencies so that I could finish my organizing projects in record setting time.

  19. Sheila said:

    Aw, Mr. Bill is so adorable in his sweater! That little diva is so funny – such a bossy thing (I bet she would put Vizzini in his place).

    Love your red sweater!

  20. Melanie said:

    POW – love that RED!!! And of course your sunshine smile!
    Your doggies are the cutest. Their sweaters are lovely. I laughed when you mentioned how Mr. Bill learned to walk in his sweater…

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