Cabin Fever=Projects!!!

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Hello Blogland!!! Sorry for not posting last night but i got in late and got distracted by Keith Urban on American Idol!!!  It’s still unbelievably COLD here and we’re expecting a bit of snow again tonite. And the it will be close to 60 degrees next week!! NUTS!!

Being cooped up inside in the winter allows me to look around the house and get IDEAS for home improvement projects. The four words that put fear in the hubster’s heart are “I’ve got an idea!” LOL  I’m reasonably handy so most projects involve me doing the work.  About four years ago I undertook the task of painting our boring builder white walls with some color. It took me two years to do (2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, hall, living & dining rooms with cathedral ceilings) but I got it done. I also said “NEVER AGAIN!!!”

The hall bathroom retained the decor from when it had white walls. It’s a somewhat country-ish primitive look.  I’ve been moving past that look the last few years and it’s probably the only pure hold-out in that style. Thankfully I have a dear friend who LOVES that style who’ll gladly take anything I want to pass on!


I got this gorgeous colorful vintage sheet recently that goes PERFECTLY with the apple green on the walls. (the color is more vibrant than the pix show) I draped it over the existing shower curtain and went WOW.  I’ve decided to redo the room in brighter colors and a more eclectic “theme”. Gonna paint all the black stuff white and pack up anything that is too primitive in style. Here’s a sneak peek of the inspiration sheet:


I actually love having projects like this–keeps the creative juices flowing!!!  The cold weather has caused me to dress in multiple layers so i feel like I’m stuffed!! Here’s Wednesday’s outfit. I’m wearing tights, leggings and socks under all this!!


Dress-Covington/Thrifted, Sweater-Pendleton/Thrifted, Boots-Aerosoles/Kohl’s

Here’s a close-up of the bling. I made the Scottie pin from a button.


Here’s Thursdays outfit. I’ve got a heavy long sleeve T and tights on under it all!


Sweater-OldNavy/Thrifted, Trousers-Lizclaiborne/Thrifted, Shoes-Clarks/Thrifted, Scarf-Thrifted

So what are y’alls plans this weekend??? Mine involve undecorating the bathroom and getting started-pix to follow!! Everyone have a great weekend and I’ll be back Sunday!



  1. The new fabric really brightens up the bathroom! Will look great!
    And you look fabulous, too!

  2. Jan F said:

    I just came across this post by accident (from Vix) and I grinned from ear to ear. We had those sheets years ago. I don’t think I have ever loved a pattern so much, they made me happy each time I looked at them and, if I remember rightly, they were incredibly inexpensive! We have been married for almost 42 years now. To think there are still some of those sheets around- oh my!

  3. I’ve been yearning for a doggie pin. What a fantastic idea. I can handle li’l DIY projects, but I’m reluctant to share how long the master bath has gone unpainted after, um, a disastrous DIY project (partly the Lowe’s paint guy’s fault) done by yours truly, of course.

    I love that sheet in your bathroom. I can’t wait to see the finale.

    Some day the perfect shirt dress will come my way, I know it will. You keep me hopin’…lol.

  4. Clare said:

    mmmmm I lurve spring colours, that colourscheme must really lift your mood. You look great, I love that denim dress too and I especially love the scotty dog brooch xxx

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