Lest you think I wear a halo……

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Hello Blogland from FREEZING Western Maryland!!!! It didn’t get above 15 degrees here today. Unbelievable when a week ago it was close to 70!!!!!

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and encouragement on Sunday’s rude people post.  I do, however, want to be sure no one gets the impression I’m some self-righteous halo wearing prig. FAR from it!!

I have a very snarky, sarcastic sense of humor and am quick with a comeback. My big mouth has gotten me in trouble more than once in my younger days. I always say if people could read my thoughts I’d be in DEEP doo-doo!! I THINK it but keep my mouth SHUT!!!

I really try to abide by some wisdom my great-grandmother Annie (click on her name to read more about her) gave me. Her life motto was the Serenity prayer.  “God grant me the serenity to accept those things I can not change, The courage to change those I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I jokingly like to add ” and enough time to dispose of the bodies”. It’s simple but oh so true.  She also loved an old poem called “I shall never pass this way again.”  She always said we have but one moment to make an impression , to make a difference, to change someone’s life and we need to never let it pass us by. Remarkable lady and she lived her creed. She used to tell me to treat others as I would like to be treated.  She’s been gone 19 years almost and I miss her every day. I often think in a situation..what would Annie do?? She was the epitome of someone who followed Jesus and his teachings–it was her actions not her words that showed it.

Enough philosophy and such!!! This was my worktable in The Craft Palace–cleaned up a bit—this weekend! Got LOADS of creativity accomplished!!

Frida-fying the world!!!

Frida-fying the world!!!

I dressed warmly since it was colder than a witches tit out today. I’m wearing the stunning scarf the always fabulous Helga sent me. I find I wear this combo of raspberry and brown a lot. The plaid of the pants has a thin wine colored stripe in it so wines/reds/dark pinks look good with them.

All of it is thrifted or gifted!

All of it is thrifted or gifted!








  1. Sheila said:

    I love the burgundy and brow together with the pop of lime – so nice!

    I am also very friendly and nice, but I have a very dry sense of humour – I like to tease people to get a rise out of them, once I know them well.

  2. Ahaha! That line really cracked me up. I need to share that with my mom! We’re both big hold-your-tongue people. Both sides of my family are extremely ‘passive aggressive’ people. I’ll admit I probably have a bigger mouth now than I ever did as a teen. I’ve just learned to use it more effectively!!

    I’ve also learned that being overly polite to rude people means they often get embarrassed at themselves! At least here in the South. People are rude as hell, but there’s still enough ‘manners’ ingrained in people who grew up ’round here to shame bad behavior.

    Love the pop of lime green with burgundy! That’s a color combo I need to try.

  3. pastcaring said:

    Don’t disillusion me, Tamera, I truly thought you had a halo going on – a self-crafted one with rhinestones and beads and pictures of Frida Kahlo hanging off it, of course!
    Your great-grandma sounds like a wonderful lady, full of wisdom. Anyone can talk the talk. It it is so much harder to actually live by your beliefs, especially in the face of bad behaviour.
    You’ve obviously got your craft mojo working well, and you are keeping cosy and snug in your warm layers and colours. We’ve got witch’s tit weather over here too, gotta keep wrapped up! xxxxx

  4. Helga said:

    Now, I KNOW you wear a halo!!! It might often be around your neck, but it’s there!
    YAY, the scarf looks gorgeous, you have such a great eye for colour co-ordination!
    Your Grandmother sounds awesome. I never knew either of mine, dammit.

  5. Darn it Tamera!! Why can’t I have a friend who makes me laugh like you do around my neck of the woods? I guess I’ll have to settle for cyberspace neighborhood. As excellent as that is of course! Your comments about your sister on my blog post had me laughing so hard, cracked me up! Funny too, I use to steal my stepdad’s pipe and load it with weed HE gave me!! I was sad when my mom booted him out of the house. LOL
    I loved what you said here about remember the things your Aunt would tell you. My little brother is gone but often I weigh in my head how he would think of things, I suppose it’s a good way to keep them close until we get to see them again!

  6. Desiree said:

    Aaaaaah yes, disposing of the bodies – always SUCH a tricky past time for me – luckily we live next to an overgrown vacant block of land;). Your great-grandma sounds like a hoot and I try and instil the same ethos in my children – be polite and say hello, there’s plenty of room for some cheek and a ribbing, but rudeness not needed. Oooooh I love the Helga scarf and the pants, I bought a similar pair last winter – hope it’ll be cold enough to wear them this year:) xo

  7. Clare said:

    oooh thanks for the sneaky peek at your craft table! I really loved the post about Annie, she must’ve been such a right character and a lovely lady. I wasn’t sure you wore a halo – look at that cheeky grin! But you definitely have some self control when dealing with horrible people! Lovely scarf, looks great with the burgundy… every colour I’ve seen you wear so far really suits you! xxxxx

  8. Vix said:

    Annie sounds such a fabulous lady, how cool to have had such a character in the family.
    Loving Helga’s scarf, lime green totally rocks and suits you a treat.
    I was horrified by that creature’s comments in the store, what a scum bag. I’ve got a sharp tongue but rarely think of a witty reply until an hour after the occasion. You have style and grace and of course, you’re an absolute saint! xxx

  9. You are absolutely gorgeous, Tamera – the scarf is DIVINE and you can’t fool me – I see your halo!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Oh, wow, love the beautiful green scarf against the darker colors.

    Someone was mean to you? (Remember some of us read post backwards in our RSS feeds.) You want me to beat ’em up or ruin their credit or, or something? 😛

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