Rude is as Rude does…..

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Hello Blogland!!! Happy Sunday!!! Has everyone been having a wonderful weekend??? I’ve gotten loads of sewing/alterations done and some “art”!!!

I’ve been asked to make a fancy basket for birthday cards so I decided to stop by the Goodwill after church to see if I could Find a basket. I plan on painting it aqua and glueing roses around the edge.

Couldn’t find a basket so I thought…since I’m already here…..I might as well look at clothes. I’ve not been thrifting in several weeks so I’ve got withdrawal!!

Anyhow, I was coming down an aisle of sweater when I encountered this lady with her cart blocking the aisle. There’s plenty of room for two carts to pass if you keep yours to the side. I waited a bit and then politely (my mama raised me right-LOL) said “Excuse me…could I pass by?”

The lady turned and looked at me and said ” You don’t need to come down this aisle. There’s nothing here that would fit you.” She then turned her head and ignored me.

WHOA!!!!! I just shook my head and said as sweetly as possible “I’m sorry for disturbing you, M’am. Have a blessed day” and walked back down the aisle.  I caught the eye of an older lady an aisle over who had evidently heard the whole repartee. She just shook her head in disbelief.

I’m old enough, hopefully mature enough, and secure enough to let her hateful words slide off my back. I may be “fluffy” but she’s RUDE and I can fix the fluffy!!  A hateful rude person is far uglier than a fat one–because their ugly comes from within!!

But what impact could it have made on some young teenage girl with body image issues?? It could’ve cut someone to the core with the slip of the tongue. You never know…and kindness matter’s. Sometimes the nice words you say, the compliment you give to the checker at the Walmart, may be the only kind words they’ll hear that day.  Challenge yourself to spread a bit of kindness to strangers this week.  We’d all be better off if people were more considerate of others.

The trip wasn’t a total wash. I spent a bit over $12 and came home with some awesome goodies!

J.Jill mushroom coloredmesh maxi skirt. It has an interesting appliqued ribbon detailing on the bottom. It's too big but easily altered.

J.Jill mushroom colored mesh maxi skirt. It has an interesting appliqued ribbon detailing on the bottom. It’s too big but easily altered.

CJBanks gypsy maxi skirt and Old Navy Sweater.

CJBanks gypsy maxi skirt and Old Navy Sweater.

And the piece de la resistance!!! Another caftan for my caftan collection (ok so it’s now only two!!) This is a vintage Saks Fifth Avenue label  made in USA by union workers (how long has it been since we’ve seen that label)caftan!! The fabric is a puckery polyester.  I am in LOVE!!!

Rainbow Caftan Divineness!!

Rainbow Caftan Divineness!!

I broke out some leopard today. This skirt originally was a strapless sundress. A bit of snipping and some elastic and now it’s a skirt!!

Sweater & Skirt-thrifted. Awesome pendant necklace=gift from groovy Vix!!

Sweater & Skirt-thrifted. Awesome pendant necklace=gift from groovy Vix!!

Gotta go get ready to watch some football!!! The AFC championship is tonite and our local team is playing. GO RAVENS!!! I’ll be linking up with the rest of the fab ladies for Visible Monday!

Chat with y’all Tuesday!!



  1. really it was none of her business _why_ you wanted to be on that aisle. i often buy things for other people. i have to admit, i’d have taken my basket and somehow managed to move past her rude self. you are much more accommodating than i am.

  2. I’m feeling faint at the glimpse of the caftan!!! I LOVE caftans for warm weather, and plan on wearing them all this summer. I can’t wait to see you in it.

    Concerning that lady? Wow, that’s breathtaking in a whole ‘nother way. When I encounter someone like that, I guess I figure, I don’t know what is happening in their life, or has happened, to make them so emotionally ugly. Maybe they’ve been abused so they strike back, and strangers are “safer” targets than their abusers. Who knows? I agree, a comment like that could be devastating to someone insecure about themselves. Fortunately, there are enough people around with kind hearts like yours, that hopefully the occasional “uglies” are few and far between. Here’s to radical kindness!!!

  3. I so admire your soft answer to the rude woman, Tamera — you have such a kind spirit, and that’s worth everything. And you were even rewarded with that fabulous mesh skirt and floral caftan!! (Life goes around like that, I think : >) Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xoxoxo

  4. Crystal said:

    Love your kindness matters spirit Tamera! Happy that you are able to handle such sudden disturbances in the force! Have a wonderful week!

  5. pastcaring said:

    Well, I admire your grace and politeness in the face of such mean-spirited rudeness, Tamera. You are a Lady, my dear! And a Lady should always have a beautiful floral kaftan for drifting around in, being glamorous and adored!
    Love you in red and leopard/jungle print, you look sassy! xxxx

  6. Cheryl said:

    Gorgeous caftan—love, love, love the colors!

  7. Helga said:

    Despite having been brought up with impeccable manners, I WOULD HAVE PUNCHED THE BEAST IN THE HEAD!!! How appalling. You are a marvel, I’m very impressed by your reaction to her vile beahaviour. I am inspired. (See how long it lasts!)
    Love the “new” leopard skirt and I am SQUEEING over your rainbow Caftan of Divoonity!!! It’s to DIE for!!! Good things come to those who are lovely!

  8. I love your response the the rude woman. I gasp at what some people are capable of uttering to another human being. It’s imcomprehensible. I feel downright sad for someone that has whatever in their life that causes them to be that way. I’m so glad you understand that it’s not you…it’s HER. You are beautiful inside and out.
    I have failed to tell you for far too long…that you look like a million bucks, Tamera! You put together your outfits so well. Love the rich colors in today’s.

  9. Sheila said:

    I’m rooting for the Ravens too!

    What a hugely rude comment! I can’t believe she said that – you were certainly more gracious than I would have been. I always try to be as nice as I can to people who work in the service industry – I worked in retail for 17 years and certainly got treated like crap enough times!

    I adore your caftan – that is just amazing. You look wonderful in that leopard skirt, Tamera! Good thing you don’t live near me or I’d be bringing all my clothes to you for alterations!

  10. Wow, I am just shocked at how bitter and angry that person is inside. Her comment is about HER and not about YOU…she has some real issues and if she does not work them out her bitterness will eat her up! Other than running into a cactus, you had a great shopping trip! I often find wonderful baskets at Goodwill….you had a successful trip. Also, I am so proud of you for handling this situation with grace….I do not know if I would have been as nice and polite, but you did it right.

  11. Ew! Rude people are the worst. Thrifting is already a daunting task to many, but jeez the people can ruin the treasure hunt. I’m glad you came out with some new goodies!

  12. You were very kind to that ugly lady. Not sure how I would have reacted to that…prob not as nice as you. Anywho, how awesome is that skirt you made from a dress? Wish I had your sewing skill.

  13. pao said:

    Kudos to you for taking her rudeness with a grain of salt. Knowing you have the power and getting beautiful items regardless of other people’s bad vibrations. Your refashioned leopard skirt is lovely. Way to go Tamera!

  14. Desiree said:

    I’m so glad you showed us the beautiful kaftan, because I needed something lovely to look at after hearing those UGLY words. I really think you handled that so beautifully and gracefully, my lovely friend! I’m strangely rattled by the whole episode. Thank goodness for beautiful souls like you. xoxo

  15. joni said:

    I’m sorry, but rude?? What a Bitch!! I would have slammed that little snot with my cart, but that’s just me. 😉 Really though, my mom did teach me an important lesson when someone once hurt my feelings by giving me a dirty look for no reason. She told me that whenever someone treats me badly just show them kindness cause it’s the best way to make them feel like crap. ha! But I have more fun giving them a dose of their own medicine.
    Can’t wait to see you style up that J Jill skirt. I just love their colors!

  16. You know how much I love seeing you in gorgeous skirts, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. Grace said:

    Love the Kaftan! Some people just aren’t nice, but good things happen to good people and you acted with grace and dignity, not sure I would have done!

  18. Love the green sweater, the red sweater, and the necklace. Nicely done. Here’s hoping that Rude Witch is punished for her behavior by never finding anything good on the racks again.

  19. If it weren’t for this rainbow magnificence of a caftan I would be beside myself with anger! What a evil wench that gal was! You are right she was so much uglier because her ugly comes from within. You handled it like a lady and with tons of grace, I really admire your composure, I’m kinda with Helga and that gal could have been knocked up side her head.

    Sometimes I think our good can also attract bad and that is when we need to be careful. You must take some pictures of your new caftan, I think I am in love with her!!!!!

    Big hug on your scores and inspirational behavior in the face of nastiness!


  20. No one who is fat is ugly unless their personality is ugly. You are a beautiful woman inside and out! You handled the situation with the grace most of us wish we could handle a similar situation. I am not sure that I would have been as gracious as you were.

    You found some fab things. That caftan is so amazing! The colors are so vibrant and I know it will look wonderful on you.

    By the way, you are looking mighty thin!

  21. dear lady, I’m glad you’ve not wasted any energy with that rude woman!, because you’re pretty enough yet, and everybody can see your smile and great attitude, your colorful style!
    and love your new caftan adiction, so much awesomeness!

  22. jangrahammcmillen said:

    Agggghhhh! First, what a nice reward for having to put up with such a creature. You look very pretty in your choices! I’ve had a cretin-rich weekend as well … my theory is that somebody kicked in the door of the Bozo Box, and they are all running loose, being annoying, and looking for me! You too, it seems. Have a much better week!

  23. The scientific term for that witch of a woman is called “douche bag.” What a fucking douche! Sorry, but there is NO excuse for that kind of shitty-ness and I am glad it wasn’t aimed at someone weaker. Because there is no beauty in a mouth that is that toxic.

    But there’s plenty of beauty in you and your Goodwill finds! I love that floral skirt and green sweater- I’ve been buying blue and green pullovers too! And that kaftan looks pure Sarah Misfit! Now I want my own kaftan and join the awesome club!

  24. Isn’t is funny how we are rewarded for doing the right thing. I had something similar happen to me at the GW in Seattle. Now you know I’m still hobbling around on a cane and I saw this incredible reversible fur vest. Try as I did I couldn’t find the price tag. There was a worker right next to me putting items on the racks and I politely smiled and said excuse me could you tell me the price on this? The look she gave me was positively evil! I actually stepped back and sure I outwardly cringed. I then smiled again and said oh that’s ok I’m sorry to have bothered you. She immediately changed from facial expression to stance and came right over to help me. I just don’t get it. There was no way I could have looked threatening to her in anyway. But one more thing. I do like what Helga said. I think we all think things like that and just know we are to do the right thing.
    You and your caftans are going to need their own blog soon! Simply beautiful and a new Diva now lives in your house…………Maybe now to be referred to as the House of Diva’s”

  25. Clare said:

    Well done you for being so calm and polite to such a horrible person! You’re a super star! And you were rewarded with the.kaftan of amazingness! That’s truely a beautiful. kaftan, bet Sarah’s jealous! You look great as ever, really like the red! Xxxx

  26. What a bitch!!! Ughhh Way to keep your head up, though 🙂 LOVING the caftan sooo much. 2 is totes an official collection lolzzz You look great in the maxi, boots, and that extra long necklace!

  27. palelady said:

    You were much, much nicer with your response to that woman than I would have been, so kuddos to you. Secondly, I love that caftan–it’s very pretty and looks super comfy!

  28. ExcUUUUUUUSE ME???

    Oh she is so lucky I wasn’t there – I would have told her EXACTLY WHAT I THINK OF HER!

    GGGGRRRRRRRR – I’m so mad and you were so calm and fabulous!

    On the up side that caftan is absolutely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. GLORIOUS! EXQUISITE!!! Please model it for us immediately – and then hide it because I am coming over to steal it!

    Big hugs Tamera – you rock!

    Sarah xxx

  29. Oooooh, pretty, pretty caftan. That J. Jill skirt caught my eye big time too 🙂

    Wow, what a mean lady, and what an awful thing to say to you. I’m glad you didn’t get down on her level. Maybe beautiful only comes in once size or color for her.

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