The SnotMaster 2000

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Hello Blogland!!! TGIF!!!! What a long weird week it’s been!!! I’m glad I’ve got a 3 day weekend ahead!!!  I’ve got some crafting, creating and sewing to do!! What are y’all planning on doing??

I’m sure you are all on the edge of your seat wondering what a SnotMaster 2000 is. It’s my name for the hubster’s latest gadget!!

Lauren has sinus issues (2 surgeries so far). He still has a stuffy nose not caused by allergies (I’m thinking FOOD might be some of the problems) He was using a Neti pot to try to keep it clear. (click the link to find out all you never wanted to know about one!)

Lauren, being a guy and a geek, LOVES gadgets-especially if they are POWER gadgets!! He decided to upgrade to what is evidently a POWER snot cleaner.

Behold the SnotMaster 2000:

PicMonkey Collage

It’s the grossest thing EVER!!!! He hacks and horks and spits and it just turns my stomach! Seriously–I can’t be in the bedroom when he’s in the Master Bath using it. And he pulsatingly washes his nasal cavities TWICe a day. It’s really fabulous at 5:30am!!!

Now that we’ve discussed the hubsters personal hygiene habits- on to outfits!!!

90% thrifted!! The pants kept falling down which is a GOOD thing!!

Wednesday : 90% thrifted!! The pants kept falling down which is a GOOD thing!!

Thursday: 90% ThriftedI realized I now have more skirts than pants.

Thursday: 90% Thrifted
I realized I now have more skirts than pants.

Friday: 50% thriftedI'm wearing the gorgeous scarf Curtise sent!!

Friday: 50% thrifted
I’m wearing the gorgeous scarf Curtise sent!!

I’m off to fix some quinoa wraps for dinner!!! Everyone have a stupendous weekend and I’ll be back to chat on Sunday!!!



  1. reva said:

    you inspire the heck out of me!

  2. Sooooo I’m sitting here with my own sinus-plagued hubby (believe me I know all about da neti), and when I describe the SnotMaster 2000 to him, he says “Oh yeah, like a Water Pick except for your nose.” Uh-huh. I’m not sure I can eat dinner now…lol.

    Tamera, are you melting away? As long as it’s for good reasons, yay! Also, you get to go thrifting for smaller clothes, which I rather took to too enthusiastically 😮

  3. Beryl said:

    You look great in that orange top, your quinoa wraps sounds delicious, and we will say no more about that other business – except that my friend had a Water Pik modified to do the same thing before they started selling the other. If your husband uses distilled water, it will feel much better, according to her.

  4. Clare said:

    arrrghh, I think that’s it’s described as pulsating makes it much worse. ewwwww. It’s probably great for sinuses but so gross. I love your cosy warm outfits too. Great colours in the middle one and fab classic white jumper and jeans too

  5. Heehee! Snotmaster! Neti pots make me shudder. I can’t use them. Love the mustard blouse with the plummy cardigan. It looks very rich together.

  6. pastcaring said:

    Poor man, does he know you are discussing his sinus hygiene routine with us?!
    You look cosy and cute, love the leopard with red, the mustard and purple, and the cuddly jumper with jeans. And your delightfully warm smile! xxxxx

  7. I have terrible sinus problems and I have also had surgery. I have a deviated septum and the darn doctor did not fix it when he did my surgery. AGH! I use the Neilmed version of the Neti. I may have to check out this version. I know it is gross to others, heck it is gross to me, but having sinus problems is miserable.

    All your outfits are great, but especially the one with the mustard shirt.

  8. Helga said:

    I suspect I could do with a Snotmaster 2000! Sounds scary though!!!

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