The Leopard Caftan of Awesomeness!!!

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Hello Blogland!!! Everyone having a great start to the week????  I’m still in technology hell at work. They delivered another new computer yesterday which the IT tech will set up later this week.

BUT, I came home to a bright spot in my mailbox! A package from the amazing and stupendous Misfit Sarah!!! Was I spoiled!!!  A gorgeous bright navy straw purse perfect for this summer, a stunning emerald-green scarf with dangly sequins, and a dark chocolate bar with sea salt the hubster claimed. He believes anyone who sends chocolate that it’s for HIM!!! LOLOL

There was this most fabulous postcard featuring some of Sarah’s digital art and starring none other than the fantastic Helga!!!!


There was also something of such amazingness!! The Leopard Caftan of Awesomeness!!  I was just thinking I needed something to wear around the house lounging when it gets warmer that wasn’t sweatpants that would be decent enough to take the dogs out in. THIS is perfect!!! I LOVE it!! Sarah has converted me to a caftan lover–I’m going to be on the hunt for more!! After all, I AM walking The Diva, an International Style Icon, so I need to look respectable!!!

The Leopard Caftan of Awesomeness!!!

The Leopard Caftan of Awesomeness!!!

Yesterday’s outfit was pretty basic. It was one of those mornings where what I put out didn’t work like I planned. I was going to wear another skirt-but the elastic in the waist needs tightening (not a bad thing!) Skirt was thrifted last year–it’s LaneBryant and still had the $59 tags on it!!

90% thrifted!

90% thrifted!

It’s Tuesday night and that means date night with my TV Boyfriend Mark Harmon!!!  PLUS American Idol starts back tomorrow night!! I’ve been a huge fan since the first season. I am totally looking forward to the eye-candy that is Keith Urban!!  Talented musician, gorgeous and that Aussie accent!! SWOON!!!!

Have a great evening!! Be back Friday with a new post!! I’m linking up with Lakota for Tah-Dah Tuesday!!


Tamera and her Leopard Caftan of Awesomeness!

  1. I LOVE THE CAFTAN!!!! OMG! You look so bashful in those shots and you look amazing! She knows her caftans well and must love you to pass something so amazing on. WOW!

  2. 50 and counting said:

    Nice kaftan. Now, let’s get serious. Mark aka the Silver Fox is my tv boyfriend. I’d be willing to share DiNozzo but NOOOOO

  3. Helga said:

    SQUEE! The Leopard Caftan of Awesomeness to a Wench of Splendidness!
    It’s fabularse, and you look sooooo sweet in it! I have a couple of lovely caftans from Sarah, and they are the BEST for relaxing glamourously!
    Treats for the sweet, o yes!

  4. Yay! So glad you love the caftan, dearest Tamera – you look GORGEOUS in it! Does The Diva approve?? And tell mister to SHARE that chocolate (it’s my fave!). Big hugs! Sarah xxx

  5. Your outfit is fabulous, and that scarf pops colours into the whole ensemble.
    I love Sarah´s fabulous parcel, ahhhhhhhhhhhh That animal print kaftan can only be worn by a goddess like you, dear Tamera.

  6. Joni said:

    You must feel like a goddess in that caftan of slippery smoooooothness. Roar!!!
    Your comment about the “whacked out” song cracked me up. 😉

  7. pastcaring said:

    Omg, what a goddess you are in that kaftan! Sarah is the Queen of Kaftans but I think you could challenge her for the throne! That one is a beauty! Leopard print and chocolate – I think that is a great combination! And your work outfit is super smart and cosy. How’s the art coming along? xxxxx

  8. Clare said:

    I love that kaftan!!! Wow! You lucky thing. Sarah is fab isn’t she? Does the Diva approve? Send mw yer measurements/cos I may have a pretty polka dot number that would suit you. Love the skirt you’re modeling. Sorry. Super modeling! Xx

  9. pao said:

    Ooo la la leopard!

  10. Blogger prezzies are the best. No one in my family assumes I’m giving my gift chocolate to them 😛 That caftan rocks. But doesn’t The Diva need a matching one now?

  11. Sheila said:

    I am completely in love with that caftan! So much fabulousness.

    I’m a junkie for American Idol – I can’t help it! And I agree, Keith Urban = yummy!

  12. Christy said:

    I love your style. I’m trying to slowly get there myself. Trying to find my style while losing weight and bettering myself. My 30’s were depressing so I’m trying to find a way to love myself in my 40’s (coming up in just a little over a year). God bless you for encouraging women to embrace their style.

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