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Hello Blogland!!! Everyone having a fabulous weekend???? Long time no post!!  I’ve been in technology purgatory the last few days. I got  a new computer and it’s giving me a FIT!! My CAD (engineering program) won’t load and I’m having to re-set everything back up. I’m so aggravated by then end of the day the last thing I want to do is putz with the computer. AND if that wasn’t enough—my camera went nutso and I lost pictures. I had to get a new memory card. My next camera will definitely be wi-fi!!!

I spent my time making stuff and collecting together the fixin’s for my collab project with Clare. Sometimes it’s good to back away from the technology I guess!!

Here’s a picture of the hubster I took while he was sick. He’s much better now!!! Yes, he’s wearing a hoodie inside. His head was cold!!!! Calliekins was his constant companion. She is Daddy’s girl!!!


I may have mentioned that I am easing my way into being vegan.  Took the final step off the cliff this weekend!!! I’m not doing it so much for weight-loss, although that is cool, but to improve my health.  I’m sick and tire of being sick and tired!!!

I have what I refer to as the “Trifecta of Suck”. I’ve been a controlled diabetic for 15 years (no complications thank God!!) About 8 1/2 years ago my health just went down the tubes. Sick constantly. In late 2005 I was diagnosed with Chronic Active Epstein-Barr Virus-which is essentially chronic non-infectious mononucleosis. Plays havoc with my immune system (I now catch EVERYTHING) and leaves me exhausted. PLUS, as a festive parting gift, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia-which I responded to no medicines for.

Honestly speaking–a good day I feel like I’m coming down with the flu. Best description is I feel like a ran a marathon in 100 degree heat with 100% humidity carrying a 100 lb back pack while being beaten with a 2×4. Somedays it hurts to take a shower. It is what it is and I’ve learned to adapt my life. I break everything down into small tasks that I can accomplish and the rest. But it still puts a big ole damper on things.

I’ve been following a blog called The Painting Queen. Crystal is married to a fellow I went to high school with. We met at one of his band gigs a few years ago and hit it off.  She has been through a very similar health crisis the last couple of years. Starting in November 2011, she became vegan and completely turned her life around. She spends a great deal of time researching nutrition and such and started a new blog “The Queen’s Table” where she shares her story and encourages others.  I can highly recommend you check her out!!! (I link because I love)

Reading her blog, and the information she shares, has convinced me that this is the way to go. Farewell pasta and cheese!!!  I actually am not too crazy about meat and love veggies and fruits. The hubster is going to be drug along somewhat. I’ll just fix him some meat.

I have a juicer I’ve been using and I LOVE green smoothies!! I took my morning smoothie with me to work on Friday. A co-worker commented it looked like I was drinking a milkshake made out of the stuff in his fishtank filter! I let the hubster taste some and he said he’ll drink it if he doesn’t have to know what is in it!!  I’ll be sharing some recipes I come up with as I travel down this road.

My outfit today was inspired by a post by the amazing Sacramento introducing us to Seapunk Fashion!!!    According to Sacramento- Seapunk fashion is characterised by heavy use of the color turquoise, nautically themed articles of clothing, mirrored circle sunglasses and anything that glows blue.

I pulled out a newly thrifted skirt that looked rather aquatic and paired it with my teal sweater, black boots, and octopus pendant.

80% thrifted

80% thrifted

I’m going to be linking up with the marvelous ladies at Patti’s for Visible Monday! Check us out–we are far cooler than anything you’ll see in a fashion magazine!! YAY–Downton Abbey is back!!! Gotta go fix the Carrot/Leek/Coconut/Cashew soup recipe I found on Crystal’s blog so I’ll be ready to gawk at all the stunning clothes! TTFNTamera 

  1. Donna said:

    So sorry to hear about all your health issues but also so excited that you are taking control of those issues by changing your diet. My husband and I have been vegetarian/organic for quite a while now and feel ever so much better. We eat fish and a tiny bit of dairy from time to time. I have dubbed my husband the “food police” because he is the label reader. BTW, if you were on PInterest, you could pin all the Diva’s outfits. I have a board devoted to Chihuahuas and follow several other Chi pinners.

  2. I am sorry you’ve been feeling so poorly, T – you are so *not* a complainer, I had no idea. I am wishing you lots of success with your new nutrition plan. I’ve been a vegetarian most of my adult life, and feel great most days. I have not tried the green fishtank shake yet though : > Thanks for sharing all this and your fab outfit, with Visible Monday!

  3. I wish you good wishes toward good health, Tamera. I love vegetables and being vegan for me would be no problem. I also take all my fruits and veggies every day in JUICE PLUS…you might check into it. Taking this supplement has made such a difference or me and my husband…sorry for the commercial. You look lovely…hang in there with the computers!!

  4. Wow, there is something new all the time. It is hard to keep up!
    I used to go crazy when I got a new computer at work. It took a good month to get everything back to working order.
    I wish you good luck on your health. I tried being a vegetarian once, but could not last. I am of a meat and potatoes heritage and I love those foods. I like veggies if someone else fixes them for me. Actually, I like it better when someone cooks for me.

  5. fashionovafifty said:

    Well you look great! and so seapunk! Love that color on you~

  6. Joni said:

    You’re going vegan huh? I’m working on eliminating gluten due to sinus issues. It’s a slow process for sure. Mostly because my old diet was probably 75% bread stuffs. More power to you Tamera, supposedly we’re going to feel better because of the changes we’re going to make. I hope so!

  7. So sorry about the rough days. I’ve been sleeping way too much, blood pressure and chronic pain. I know fixing my diet would help. Wishing the best of luck to you. I could never go vegan – I just can’t keep my iron and all that up without meat/cheese/eggs. Supplements make me ill!

    You should definitely share any specifically tasty recipes. I’m always looking for new ideas, especially when cooking for my veg*n friends.

  8. Krista said:

    I’m sorry to hear that you are in such discomfort and that it is your norm. I really hope something helps you feel better, that is tough honey. I do think the better the fuel we put into our bodies the smoother things run,but I also feel the aches and pains of aging and think dang really? I wish I had the discipline to go vegan but I enjoy meat and love cheese.

    This skirt looks so bright on cheery on you. The picture of your hubby has be laughing. Hope he’s feeling better too. Give the doggies big hugs from Peetee!


  9. pastcaring said:

    Sorry to hear about your health issues, I didn’t realise you had quite so much to contend with on a daily basis, Tamera. That must be hard. BUT if changing your diet would help, then good luck with that. I would really struggle with a vegan diet, you really have to be very committed to manage It well, I think.
    Bugger to the computer woes, and camera craziness – don’t these things always seem to all come at once?
    But your seapunk outfit is lovely, your favourite colours, and the skirt is delightful.
    Hope your man is better now, after the watchful ministrations of darling Callie! xxxxxxx

  10. You look wonderfully Seapunk, my dear friend.I am honoured to have inspired you
    I have been a vegetarian for many years although I eat eggs and a little milk and cheese.
    I am always a whole month away from any connection with the world in august.
    Much love always, dear Tamera.

  11. Beryl said:

    That Epstein-Barr Virus is a doozy. I know two people who actually got the $20,000 shot when they found they had it. My doctor friend got his shot pretty early in the disease, but still spent 5 years feeling poorly – your description is wonderful in its accurate awfulness I like your attitude – it is what it is, and get on with it.
    My cute niece has a great vegan blog – Flora Foodie, that is often gluten-free as well. Fabulous recipes and juice concoctions. I went looking for a Farrow recipe and was reading it for the recipes before I knew it was her. (I have a huge family!)
    You look great in that turquoise color. Wouldn’t mind a closer look at that octopus pendant – you have the most amazing jewelry.

  12. Helga said:

    Crikey, honey! Sounds like anything is worth trying when you’ve got nasty health issues like yours! Being vegan isn’t too bad, as long as you COOK! Not that I am vegan (I have tried it, but I love a little dairy), but I have known many over the years, and cook for one fairly regularly. You’ll have no worries, I’m sure!
    I love you in turquoise!
    Glad the hubster is feeling brighter!

  13. pao said:

    What a lovely picture of the hubster. Hope he’s back to normal by now. Sorry to hear about your health issues and hope going vegan makes a big difference for you. Meanwhile you look lovely in your blues of the sea. Oh and technology, I haven’t the slightest clue about that. I always hope that if I just go away and come back everything will be okay. ahuh.

  14. Clare said:

    Not sure where you’re up to with Downton but brace yourself! I love the sea punk look. You look great in turquoise. I hope you’re feeling better soon. My friend has a vegan diet for her lymes disease, it isn’t a cure but it keeps symptoms in check. Fingers crossed the technology starts behaving itself soon!!

  15. Oooh, pretty mermaid princess. Seapunk fashion, I love it!

    Tamera, you have been through a lot. None of those medical conditions alone are easy to live with, but together is super hard. I know so many peeps that swear by vegan; I’ll be very interested to follow your vegan experiences.

    I bet your hubs loves that you shared that pic of him on de worldwide Internetz…lol. Hope your computer issues resolve soon!

  16. jangrahammcmillen said:

    So pretty in turquoise! Very Little Mermaid, with your pretty hair. My husband can’t nap without a herringbone tabby or two on his belly. Hope he feels much better soon … this flu in any of its incarnations is nothing to mess with.

  17. Melanie said:

    I wish you every success in your fresh vegan pursuits!! It takes courage to make a change. I hope you feel better soon. You always look so vibrant and smiling so it’s hard to believe that you have been suffering.
    I love your take on the seapunk look. You look great.
    I want your husband’s chair!

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