Adventures in Retail Shopping……

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Hello Blogland!!!! Everyone having a relatively good start to their week???  The Diva would like to thank all of her fans who made such lovely comments!! She sends out her doggy love to you all!!!

I haven’t been in the mall since I can’t remember. I was given a gift certificate by my mom to Boscov’s because she wanted me to buy something NEW to wear. As opposed to new-to-me!!!  So last week I decided I would put it to good use and pick up some tights and socks. Unfortunately, those items were totally picked over and there was nothing I wanted.  Since I was already in the store I figured might as well peruse the sale racks because I really didn’t want to make a trip back. The mall gives me the jeebies!!

I found the dank corner where they hid the plus sized stuff. WOW was I in for sticker shock. The stuff was EXPENSIVE!!!  And Boscov’s is on par for Macy’s, etc., not Lord & Taylor.  There was a sea of Alfred Dunner stuff (UGH) and other brands and styles I would NEVER consider.  I found the clearance racks hoping MAYBE I’d find something wearable. I was thrilled when I found a black crinkle pleated maxi skirt marked down from $68 (really???) to $13.99 and a cashmere-like pullover sweater marked down from $44 to $11.99.  I only had to put out a couple of dollars cash with my gift certificate. These will be nice basic pieces to mix-in with the rest of my wardrobe.


Today I kind of threw stuff on. Had a miserable headache and the hubster is sick (flu I think). I was going to be on a job-site taking measurements and sketching for a new remodel design so I needed to be comfortable. I managed to drop my sharpie on my boob so I sported a nice black tit-stripe the rest of the day! I’m going to start noting what percentage of outfits are thrifted – doesn’t include undies or socks which I don’t thrift.

Outfit is 75% thrifted

Outfit is 75% thrifted

I’ve really been in a creative mood!!! I’ve started a series involving old advertising, music, etc. with cut-out fashion models. I have this clip-art of styles from 1900-2000. It came with booklets showing each style. I’ve been cutting them out and using them as a focal point layer. I’ll then embellish and alter them.

Beginning the process!

Beginning the process!

Well–must go attend to the invalid. He wants soup. Aren’t some men the biggest babies when they are sick??? I’m one of those crawl in a hole and leave me alone kind of sick people myself!!

Have a great evening and see ya’ll later this week!!



  1. Tit stripe sorry you have me laughing! I get sticker shock every time I’m at the mall and to think some people just pay retail and don’t even think twice about it. What a waste. You will see me in Ross and Marshalls before the mall for sure. You did good with your purchases and I love the color of your new sweater too.

    I can’t wait to see what you are making I love the start of it already. Hope hubby gets to feeling better soon, and yes we are for sure the stronger of the sexes 🙂


  2. Brenda Jones said:

    What brand are your shoes, please….(in the last pic)….Thanks! Love your blog!

  3. pastcaring said:

    Oh I am with you on the sticker shock (I will pinch that phrase) and just cannot imagine paying usual retail prices though most people seem quite happy to… I must be a bit tight! I like your sweater and skirt though, you will get lots of use out of them, I’m sure.
    Poor hubby, sorry he is sick. And sorry you are having to be nurse to a demanding patient!
    Looking forward to seeing your art project when it’s done.
    PS. Tit stripe – pinching that one too! xxxx

  4. Clare said:

    Once you go into a high street shop after thrifting for ages you suddenly think, what the hell, why are they charging this much?! What you got looks great, there are some great bargains, but sometimes if you’re plus size it’s a bit of a struggle. Mind you, we both do pretty well! Your work in progress looks really interesting!! Please show us the finished productxxx

  5. I agree with Clare – I can’t possibly shop at retail these days (except shoes) because thrifting has spoiled me. The pieces you did get are great and I think will be remixed a bunch in your wardrobe.

    Sorry to hear you guys are under the weather. I’m a horrible ‘patient’ – fingers crossed to stay well. I’m already having to heal two tattoos, I don’t need the flu on top of that!

  6. The mall gives me the jeebies too! It’s funny, I told the Man that I didn’t want/need anything for Christmas not even a gift certificate since I rarely buy retail. He bought me a couple of sweaters and a fantastic pair of burnt orange jeans……….all by himself and they all fit! He’s a keeper.
    I wanted to tell you about 12 years ago I weighed 210 lbs. It took a little over a year but I lost 70lbs and have kept 60 off. I still have my moments…………..but for the most part low fat and eat to live not live to eat have kept me going. Good luck! You’ll do fine.

  7. You did well with your gift card. I know, buying new clothes can be such a challenge…lol. I get the same thing from relatives, i.e., “Let me take you shopping for something NEW.”

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