Mexican jumping beans in my tummy!

bella pledge

Hello Blogland!! Everyone ready for the weekend??? I’ve got lot’s of creating planned!!  The hubster and I had our weekly dinner out at a local fabulous Mexican restaurant. Let’s just say right now the enchilada’s are doing the hat dance in my tummy!!!

The retrospective of The Diva will be posted on Sunday as she wants to participate in Visible Monday!!! I’ve designed a new outfit for her and won’t have it done until tomorrow. I’m making couture for a DOG (ssshhhhhh don’t tell her she’s a dog……) I have officially LOST MY MIND!!!!

I’m really excited about doing an art collaboration with the darling Clare of Miss Simmonds Says!!! We have discovered we both collect vintage cards and photos and are Art Majors!!! We  have chosen a theme and will complete 25% -50% of the piece (It will be on an 8×10 canvas and must use one piece of vintage ephemera) We will then send our to the other to complete! I will definitely be posting the results later this spring!

It is flippin’ FREEZING here now-barely gets to 30 degrees each day. And if this hot-flashin’ menopausel chick is COLD it’s really cold out!! Yesterday I wore thick tights AND leggings under my skirt!! I have to say I really am loving this sweater skirt–so comfy and warm!

Thrifted or gifted except the boots

Thrifted or gifted except the boots

Here’s a closer look at my pendant. It was a gift from a certain Vixon who’s probably sporting a bikini on a beach in Goa as I write!!


Today I decided to be REALLY casual and wear jeans. I had intended on wearing my awesome olive brocade jeans but, much to my dismay at 5:00am this morning–there is a black greasy smear on the leg!!! Hopefully it will come out or they will become capris!! The necklace is the stunning one Krista  made for me. i had a lady come up to me in the craft store and compliment it!!

Sweater-thrifted, Jeans-old, Shoes-Comfortview via Roamans.

Sweater-thrifted, Jeans-old, Shoes-Comfortview via Roamans.

Here’s another pix of my photo-assistant looking cute. Trust me, looks are deceiving.  She is crazy!! She swatted me when I tried to remove the camera!!!


Well–the hat dance in my stomach is turning into break-dancing!!! I’ll be back on Sunday with loads of Diva cuteness!!!  Have a great weekend!



  1. Krista said:

    I love me some Mexican food, it’s my fav! I’m officially not composing about the cold, that is really cold you look warm and cozy though in that skirt! I also love that you and Clare are collaborating – cant wait to see that! The necklace from Vix is gorgeous and I love the one I made you hung so perfectly on your neck! You look so pretty and always so happy!

    Have a great weekend sweetie! Can’t wait to see the diva looking divalicious!

  2. pastcaring said:

    Ooh, I do love Mexican food, but the tummy-dancing doesn’t sound so good…
    What does sound excellent is the shared art project with Clare. Can’t wait to see the results of your collaboration!
    Love both necklaces from gorgeous gals Vix and Krista.
    Keep warm, stay happy, and don’t let Callie get her claws into you! Oh, and I hope the Diva doen’t throw a tantrum and refuse to wear your design, you know how these supermodels can be…xxxxx

  3. Your smile is so captivating that I’m lost!! I think you mentioned Vix/Goa and that Krista is in there somewhere? I just know you are radiant!!! Hope your New Year has been splendid so far.

  4. Keep those gorgeous skirts coming, dear Tamera.
    I am looking forward to see your colaboration with Clare.
    Much love and happy 2013.

  5. pao said:

    Great title on your post! Not so hot of a feeling though. It’ll pass. ha! Fabulous jewels you’ve received too. Similar weather conditions here, we must be on the same latitude. Nevertheless, show some leg once in awhile, you’ve got some great looking gams, girl. Have fun on your art collaboration.

  6. Mmmm Mexican is one of my faves too – I LOOOVE enchiladas! And refried beans! And guacamole!

    You look so gorgeous and happy in both outfits. Both gifted necklaces are so fabularse and I can’t wait to see the Diva’s new couture!!!

    Sarah xxx

  7. Helga said:

    Hahaha, I’m rather familiar with the dancing beans…….!!!
    Love the pendant from Vix, and isn’t Krista just THE most clever thang?!
    I don’t know,all you fabularse arty chicks! It’s gotta rub off on me somehow!
    Meow! XXX

  8. Clare said:

    I have the same problem with Mexican food, but doesn’t stop me eating it! And Indian food too. I really love the necklace Vix sent you and the jeans/jumper combo, turquoise and teal are fabulous on you. Bought my canvas board yesterday in London, so really want to get started on our project!!

  9. First off- I am so excited about your upcoming collab with Miss Clair! I bet the art project will be fun and they will look incredible! Speaking of I love you in the spicy red sweater and maxi skirt- a blogger delight and warm to boot. And look at your amazing baubles from amazing people! Can your life get any better than this? Happy Monday, lovely Tamera!

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