When can you have too much leopard???

bella pledge

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to 2013!!!  I am looking forward to the new year!  I’ve decided to have a “furlough” from thrift shopping clothes for the month of January and shop my closet a bit more. Plus I am taking Bella at The Citizen Rosebud’s  shop Second-Hand First Pledge for 2013!!

First up is my back-to-work outfit!!! I’ve been looking for an ivory “fisherman’s” sweater and was able to score one last week for $1!!! The skirt is a re-fashion. It originally was a maxi sundress with one of those puckery elastic bodices and a string halter. There is too much boobage here to even consider it. BUT– I looked it over and decided I could cut the top off and make an elastic waist and WAH-LAH-maxi skirt!!! For $1!!!! I found another sundress similar in style for $2 and re-fashioned it into a skirt. THIS has opened up some possibilities!!!

Sweater & Skirt-thrifted, Necklace-Vix, Boots-Kohls @90% off

Sweater & Leopard Skirt-thrifted, Necklace-Vix, Boots-Kohls @90% off

I decided to try posing a little more “fun” in the morning. Although don’t expect much at 5:30am!!! Somedays all I can do is set the timer and shuffle over and smile maniacally!!  This was after drinking a nice fresh glass of Kale & apple juice!!!

I thought about doing a retrospective of my 2012 outfits but frankly the thought bored ME!!!  I decided to recap some of the changes I made this past year of blogging.

When I started the blog last December I had been lurking on several style blogs for months!! I had lost 25+ at that point (and 35.3 to date) and was looking for inspiration as I would have to start buying new clothes. I couldn’t really alter what I had anymore. At the time my “uniform” was colored jeans with a short or long sleeve printed t- shirt. Because of my job I can dress pretty casual if I choose too. I owned one black skirt, a pair of black dress pants and a couple of “dressy” tops (think DressBarn stuff).

I had really taken in some of those stupid “fat girl” rules, plus the “over 50 gal” rules so I was BORING to say the least. Like a peacock or colorful mawcaw in a grey sparrow suit. Reading all of your blogs and seeing ladies of my age and size taking chances and looking FABULOUS-I decided I can’t hide it (my body) so I might as well DECORATE it!!! So here’s a little list of what I’ve learned/embraced in no particular order!

1. Less make-up and “natural hair”!!! I used to wear loads of make-up. Mascara, eyeliner, 3 shades shadow, foundation, blush, lipstick, etc.  I believe I was trying to draw attention away from my body to my face. As I’ve gotten more comfortable with my body–the less make-up I wore. Today I wear BB Cream(LOVE), Eyebrow Pencil, Burt’s Bee’s lip balm in Peony and occasionally charcoal eyeliner. I’ve been told I look YOUNGER!!  I’ve been coloring my hair since age 16 (I started going grey then). This year I broke a fat girl doesn’t wear a pixie cut rule AND I’m letting it go silver!! I’m going for the Jamie Lee Curtis Look.

2. Belts–I owned none and now I have 6!!! Including leopard and python!!! I  never wore them before because supposedly they are to define your waist and I don’t have one. Now I wear them because I like them with the outfit!!

3. Dresses- I owned none and now I have 8 and planning on sewing some more maxi dresses for summer. I LOVE maxi dresses!! I have 3 vintage dresses queued away until I can fit in them later this year!!  Which brings me to:

4. Skirts-I now have quite the collection of skirts in prints and solids-at least a dozen. They are just as easy to wear as pants.

5. BOOTS-from none to 3 pair!! Love them with skirts in the winter.

6. Trousers-I used to wear colored jeans or regular jeans  almost all the time-now I wear trousers instead. AND I’m wearing patterned trousers-pinstripes, glen plaids, brocades, windowpane plaids.

7. Speaking of patterns–I used to be seriously matchy-matchy but now I mix patterns and colors with glee!! I have embraced COLOR!! My co-workers comment sometimes I look like a bag of Skittles puked on me!!

8. I was somewhat accessory-free. I was pretty much no jewelry EXCEPT dangly earrings (draw attention to my face and away from my body) Today I have vintage brooches, bracelets, pendants of all kinds, SCARVES and hats, and funny to say–as my hair got shorter I have gravitated to post earrings (re-doing vintage clip-ons) and find my longer ones too fussy!

9. Discovered that I’m not much of a jacket gal. I had noticed so many bloggers wearing jackets to finish off an outfit. I was able to thrift some awesome ones. However, it seemed I had to force myself to wear them. I am much more “comfortable” in a cardigan. I kept my blue denim blazer and forest-green denim blazer and re-thrifted the rest. I look at it as “renting” the items on a trial basis.

10. Leopard–I’ve become addicted!!! Is there a self-help group?? I would’ve NEVER worn it in 2011 but now I have: 3 leopard tops, 2 leopard skirts, 1 leopard cardigan, 1 leopard purse, 1 leopard belt, and 2 leopard hats. I am on the hunt for stuff in snow leopard now!!!

I would like to share my number one “What The Heck Was I THINKING???” outfit of the year. Sad to say I also paid retail (on sale) for it. I was DESPERATE for a Mother of the Bride dress that I could wear again. I should’ve listened to my gut and made the fabulous pantsuit I wanted to which was ok with the bride. But I caved to other pressure and brought a dress. Which I wound up loathing. The beading on the neckline kept pulling it down in the front (thankfully I had on a camisole or SHOWTIME for the ta-tas) The length was less than flattering-allowing WAY to much of my lily-white legs to show. It looks FAR worse in the wedding photo’s taken outside. My legs glowed whiter than the bride’s dress!! The dress is gone but the cardigan was a keeper and was worn quite often last summer!


The Diva has informed me that she believes her adoring fans world-wide DESERVE a retrospective of HER in 2012. I think she thinks that I’m the Menopausel part of the blog and SHE’S the Supermodel!!! So watch here on Friday for the “Ode to the Diva 2012” post!!

I’m off to suck down some excederin and maybe catch up on my blog-reading and posting. I’m quitting caffeine and my head feels like I’ve been on a Mad Dog 20/20 weekend bender. (For those of you not in the US-Mad Dog 20/20 is a very cheap wine. Usually it’s drunk from a paper bag covered bottle under a bridge)

Chat with y’all Friday!!



  1. Beryl said:

    Would have commented 5 minutes ago, but I was laughing so hard at the co-worker who thought you looked like a bag of Skittles puked on you, that I had to wait a bit. If you’re trying to quit Caffeine, you should try plain Tylenol, since Excedrin might have Caffeine in it – which would defeat the purpose. (I have walked more people through giving up Caffeine than I can count. – That stuff is everywhere!)
    Since moving to Tulsa, I have also embraced the Skirt and Dress, since they are just as easy to wear as Pants and much cooler in the Summer heat. I’ll be sewing some for Summer, too. I’ll be waiting anxiously for the Diva retrospective!

  2. I seriously can’t believe that was the old you, I really can’t imagine a Tamera without all her accessories or color. For the record I’m just impressed you smile like that at 5:30AM 🙂 Congrats on losing all that weight and living a healthier life. The kale and apple juice scares and impresses the crap outta me. I have a vitamix and I need to get juicing again. Can’t wait to see the Ode to your Diva, Peetee is waiting impatiently too:) Here’s to more and more leopard and shopping second hand first, ok maybe your own closet and then second hand. Happy New Year sweetie!!!
    Lots of love~

  3. I’m so glad to see your transformation. There’s something about blogging that gives you confidence to make changes and get happier with yourself.

    And I’ll admit – I actually really like your MotB look. I love the color and print. (also pssst that could have made a great skirt minus the top beading area.)

    I’m sorry about the caffeine quitting! We’ve been doing a soda detox, but I caved and bought some caffeine free coke. I get grumpy and cranky without caffeine. The DH is the one who has to stop drinking it anyway.

  4. Sheila said:

    Oh, Tamera, you are so funny – I love your recap of all the challenged you’ve overcome this year! You really seem so much more “you”!

    Can’t wait to see Miss Thang’s retrospective! ha!

  5. Helga said:

    Quitting caffeine?! My head just palpitated slightly in anguish at the idea!!! G wouldn’t be able to hold down a job without caffeine….
    YAY, blogging sure does increase one’s confidence.It’s like a validation, I suppose. Nice to know you’re not the only one busting (!) every one of those STUPID rules!!! You’re frigging amazing, and know you KNOW it! Huzzah!
    No, there is no self help group for leopard addiction. Just go with it, lovey!
    Bring on more fabulousness with 2013, I say. And a Diva retrospective?! YES PLEASE!!!

  6. pastcaring said:

    I know what you mean about blogging and encouraging experimentation and change, and the wondeful things it does for your confidence.mit’s fascinating to hear about all the changes in how you dress, Tamera.
    I must say I agree with Megan above – I like the mother of the bride outfit! I like the colour, the print, and that length shows off your amazingly shapely legs, I don’t think I have seen them out before! Speaking as someone whose skin NEVER tans, you look bronzed and beautiful to me! Funny isn’t it, how we all see looks/outfits differently.
    As Helga says, just submit to the Leopard Love, the is no cure. And of course La Diva needs her own retrospective. Just leave poor Mr. Bill out of it!
    Happy new year to my lovely friend. xxxxx

  7. Clare said:

    I agree with the other two! I really like that outfit! The first thing I always notice with you is your smile though!
    I love all your resolutions…. ignore those stupid rules, do what makes you feel fabulous. Fashion rules only makes us feel more inferior! But at the same time we don’t want to look awful, sounds like you’ve found your own style more than ever this last year.
    Can’t wait to see The Diva recap!

  8. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww love you in skirts and dresses, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
    HAPPY 2013!!!

  9. No, you can’t have too much leopard!
    Congrats! I’ve noticed the changes over the last year. Hooray!
    Now, as for that green dress & cardigan – I LOVE it on you! It’s not too short! I think you look FAB!

    Happy & Healthy New Year!

  10. ladyperry12 said:

    The first thing I thought was that I really like your MofB outfit! I was hurrying to get to the comments and see that I am not the only one. Your legs are great looking. You should show them off more often. Can’t wait to see what you show us in 2013!

  11. I laughed so much. You are so funny. I envy that! I liked your MotB dress. It looks very good on you, but I do understand how if something isn’t comfortable it shouldn’t be worn.
    Sorry the jackets haven’t worked out for you. It’s funny because I am more comfortable in a jacket than a cardigan and I have a load of both!
    You are a really sweet, kind person and I so enjoy reading your blog posts. Happy New Year!

  12. Tamera, as usual you are a riot! Maybe it has something to do with the name! Personally I like the dress. You have very nice legs, much nicer than mine for sure. Maybe this summer you could use a self tanner to make YOURSELF feel more confident.. As far as leopard goes I hear of a support group I think the number is 800-MEOW. Let me know if that works for you!
    Have a great new year!

  13. pao said:

    So you are sewing up some stuff for yourself and it looks good too! I love your list of changes made in the past year. I know my way of dressing and thinking about myself has steadily changed (and improved in my opinion) the longer I’ve been blogging and reading others’ bogs. Everyone’s so inspirational once you find your community. I’d love to see you in your all leopard all the time ensemble. Go girl.

  14. vintagefrenchchic said:

    I am a cardi vs. jacket girl too! Or at least more of an unstructured jacket/blazer. I feel way more comfortable. And leopard can be very addicting…very.

    You have very pretty calves and ankles, btw–you should show them off more often!

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