Love and Joy come to you….

KaeKae & MrBill wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!! Mostly MrBill mostly wishes he wasn't wearing the Christmas tie of shame!

KaeKae & MrBill wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!! MrBill mostly wishes he wasn’t wearing the Christmas tie of shame!

Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone this wonderful weekend before Christmas??? Everyone have their shopping done and their gifts wrapped???

I’m enjoying the bliss of having NOTHING TO DO this weekend!! I took time to organize the closet and drawers and do some purging. I hadn’t planned on it but a local family lost their home in a fire Saturday morning and they are doing a clothing drive. So happens the lady of the family wears the same size as I do (except shoes) so I took the opportunity to really clear stuff out to give to her.  I get a neater closet and she’ll have some clothes to wear. (it’s harder to get donations of plus size clothes so I’m told)

The diva is feeling much better and thanks all of her admirers for their good wishes and love. Her tummy is still a bit upset so I’m going to fix up some ground turkey and rice for her. I just have to pretend I’m spooning it from the yellow Pedigree dogfood can or her highness will turn her nose up at it!!

Friday nite after the homeless feeding the hubster had to go to church to work as an usher for that nights Christmas program. He never had a chance to eat so he stopped for fast food on the way home. His girls wanted his attention AND his burger!!

The silver cat is Misty, the tortie is Calliekins.

The silver cat is Misty, the tortie is Calliekins.

I wore the gorgeous vest that Crystal my swap partner sent to church. I got so many compliments on it and felt very festive!!! Since we are empty nester Lauren and I go out to dinner on christmas Eve and ride around looking at lights so I’ll be sporting it agin tomorrow!

Tshirt & skirt-Thrifted, boots-Kohls, Vest-gift

Tshirt & skirt-Thrifted, boots-Kohls, Vest-gift

Here’s a closer look at the bling. The scarf is vintage Echo and the earrings came from a Woolworth’s (oh how I miss them!) maybe 30 years ago so I guess they are vintage now!


Here’s some picture of our kitchen decorated for Christmas:kitchen1kitchen2

Here's the kitchen tree with the little houses I was working on.

Here’s the kitchen tree with the little houses I was working on.


May everyone have a Merry Christmas!! I’ll be back on Wednesday!!



  1. Aww rotten cats! Haha love them, but kitties are such mooches. Your new vest is Christmas perfection! Hope you’re enjoying the Holidays, Tamera.

  2. Clare said:

    I just love all your decorations, the little houses are adorable. Your husband is hilarious with his arm in the air and his unbroken gaze at the tv. You look fantastically festive, I love the candy cane scarf!! Xx merry Christmas!!

  3. 50 and counting said:

    Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time off. I have to work and am so looking forward to the morning of the 29th when I’ll be reasonably free. My sons are cooking Christmas lunch which we’ll be having around 4 when I get home.

  4. Rachel said:

    I love your blog so much. Yours is one I look forward to reading daily. You seem like such a spirited person! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Merry Christmas 🙂

  5. pastcaring said:

    I think that poinsettia waistcoat is going to be a Christmas tradition from now on, it will make an appearance every year as soon as the decorations come out!
    Look at those girls, displaying a bit of cupboard love, and poor Mr Bill, looking as embarrassed as a dog can look in his festive tie! Good to know La Diva is recovering well.
    How kind of you to have a sort out and donate some clothes to that poor woman who lost her home. That’s the real spirit of Christmas.
    Much love to you and your family, Tamera, have a lovely Christmas. xxx

  6. Vix said:

    Bless those doggies! That photo is adorable! Lauren and the cats is hilarious, it’s just like Jon lounging on the settee trying to eat pizza and being hassled by our fur balls. Times like that makes you appreciate us women being second best to daddy.
    Love the waistcoat and your fabulous smile and, of course, the Xmas decor! Have a fab Xmas and see you later! xxxxxxxx

  7. The christmas tie of shame made me laugh out loud! Your kitchen looks amazing – I have never seen so many xmas decorations!! Sarah xxx

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