Photo shoot gone awry….

Hello Blogland!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far. I finally succumbed to the crud today and stayed home from work. Slept until 2pm but the fever is gone and I’m starting to feel human again.

Sunday I dressed the Diva up in a Christmas dress and MrBill in his matching tie for a photo-shoot. I have to put them in the chair to contain the Diva as she like to hop around when getting her picture taken. As usual–she’s all over the place posing and MrBill looks like he wants to be invisible. Here’s the best shot:


And here are some of the out-takes!

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2

Yesterday’s outfit started out as blah but it wound up getting compliments. I intended to wear a brown & raspberry paisley T shirt but the hem was out so at 5am I just pulled the first thing I saw that matched the pants I had on already.

Outfit is all thrifted but shoes-Payless

Outfit is all thrifted but shoes-Payless

I want to share some our outside decoration in the daylight. I beef up fake greenery with real stuff.

017 (2)

xmassI’m off to catch up on what y’all been doing!! Be back later this week!!



  1. They are so adorable and I bet hard to get to pose together. The card you sent was perfect so I know they cooperated finally! I am still amazed at that smile at that unspeakable hour 🙂 The outside of your home looks just as warm and inviting as the inside. You are a total nut for Christmas and I love it!

  2. Gorgeous in pink. love, love your Christmasy house and lovely dogs, dear Tamera.

  3. Haha, nothing better than smartening up your pets! Cute! You look beautiful posed next to your tree and I love how you’ve dressed the outside of your house. I’m still laughing about ‘Jhaeyneh’ – that has to be the winner!

  4. Poor Mr. Bill looks so pitiful. Even his little ears say “Mom I don’t like this”

    Hope you feel better soon. This season has been rife with sickness. I’m still a bit under the weather. Not contagious, but enough that I woke up with a migraine.

  5. pastcaring said:

    Good to know you are feeling a little better, Tamera, you’ll be raring to go by Christmas Day!
    HOW could you do that to poor Mr Bill?! He couldn’t look more downhearted, could he? Look at his sad little droopy ears! Miss Diva, on the other hand, is clearly loving her photo shoot!
    I cannot believe how much trouble you go to decorating for Christmas, you work so hard, and it all looks amazing.
    Love that pinky-wine colour on you, you look gorgeous! xxxx

  6. Thought bubble over Diva’s head, “Vogue! VOGUE! What is wrong with you? The camera LOVES us!” Your front yard is so beautiful. And you look great in that cranberry cardi and long pendent.

  7. Haha! How adorable are your fur-kids!
    Raspberry looks good on you and your home looks so inviting!!!

  8. Helga said:

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! The DARLINGS!!!! My eyes are WATERY with the cuteness! I’ll be sniffing in a sec!
    O, I love raspberry, it’s a great colour on you!
    The exterior of your house is SO inviting!!! It doesn’t look cold, really! You would never know it’s Xmas in our part of the world! It’s quite hot, and any traditional ornamentaion just looks silly to me. I think we should do it in Winter, the proper season for it! THEN maybe I would get into it! I just wanna throw a few prawns on the barbie and chill…….XXX

  9. Vix said:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, Tamera, ready to knock ’em dead with your baking and creating.
    Those babies are adorable, poor Mr Bill, I can just hear him muttering under his breath, “Please Mummy, no…” Miss Kae Kae’s loving every minute, the little diva!
    Love the colour of that cardi and your mega kilowatt smile. The house looks amazing, I bet people admire your creativity from miles around. xxxx

  10. Joni said:

    So very festive here! Love your sweet little mailbox too. Your pups are hilarious!! And cute I must add.
    Happy Holidays Tamera!

    • Happy holidays to you and yours Joni!!

      Tamera The Menopausel Supermodel

  11. ODYSSEY said:

    Very festive! And your canines are adorable.

  12. Beautiful and festive cardigan! And your decorating skills are truly amazing.

  13. Clare said:

    your outside decorations are fab! I love them. Obviously I’m already a big fan of The Diva and MrBill, MrBill looks very sad, but they do all have that face don’t they? The Diva looks ready for trouble. xxx

  14. pao said:

    Christmas doggies gone wild, a well appointed house for the holidays, and the dazzling Tamera in a cranberry cardi. Now that’s my idea of season’s greetings!

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