God rest ye merry Gentlemen…..


Hello Blogland!! How is everyone this weekend????? My heart is still heavy but life is moving on. Our children gave their Christmas program this morning at church. It was so sweet to see them perform. We have several budding “hams” in that group!

Lots of outfits to catch up with! I’ve been a bit hunkered down fighting off some sort of crud. Tis the season!! I haven’t got time to be sick!! We are feeding the homeless (our church) this Friday and I have 100 Red Velvet Peppermint cupcakes to make and a big pan of rice for the chili the hubster is making . I know chili and rice sounds a tad odd for a christmas dinner but it was requested. He makes it for the weekly feeding once a month and our “guests” love it. A church next to the parking lot where we set up to feed has allowed us to use their hall and kitchen so we can have a nice Christmas party for these folks.

So hunkered down over the laptop with a cup of eggnog and a piece of fruitcake–away we go!

Everything you can see is thrifted except the coral blouse which was from DressBarn

Wednesday:Everything you can see is thrifted except the coral blouse which was from DressBarn

Thursday: All thrifted except shoes from Payless. I just got the dark floral top.

Thursday: All thrifted except shoes from Payless. I just got the dark floral top.

I got my hair cut Wednesday. Another step closer to natural silver!  My hairdresser says it’ll all out by February and I can be rocking my Jamie Lee Curtis look!!

Friday: Sweater & shoes thrifted. Jreans-Walmart, blouse-???? brought years ago. Tie-Vintage

Friday: Sweater & shoes thrifted. Jreans-Walmart, blouse-???? brought years ago. Tie-Vintage

Friday was our work Christmas party. I work in Engineering for the Department of Public Works for a large military base. We had our party in the roads and grounds shop, surrounded by equipment. Casual was the name of the game!! The shoes were just thrifted this week for $4–they are Timberland maryjanes and SO COMFORTABLE- they had never been worn as the little loop for the button was loose. A bit of glue fixed that up.

My necktie was my Dad’s. It’s a vintage wool from Scotland in his clan tartan-Ferguson. It’s rather short in length and didn’t fit my 6ft+ nephews so I inherited it.

All but boots (Kmart) are thrifted

All but boots (Kmart) are thrifted. Who says leopard velvet isn’t festive

Here’s the blingy–I’ve been pulling out my vintage Christmas pins.PicMonkey CollageI hope everyone has a wonderful week and I’ll be back on Tuesday!!!!  I’ve got to go pick out my Christmas gift from the hubster. He’s decided I need a tablet device so I can surf and read blogs when I’m laid up in the recliner!!

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  1. Helga said:

    Darling, you are better than ANY Chrissy tree with that beaming smile!

  2. Sheila said:

    The leopard velvet is fabulous! Rar! The new thrifted shoes sound divine!

  3. Krista said:

    Oh check you someone’s getting a tablet, cool, you’ll love it! My favorite outfit is the one with the family tie:) spunky like you! I think it’s wonderful you give back to those less fortunate than you in your community. I need to get involved but first I need to make the time.

  4. I love the short tie- even better that its a family treasure. And your Xmas bling! Brilliant!

  5. Me too – I Love that tie of your Dad’s. And I can’t wait to see the silver hair! Thanks for sharing all the fab with Visible Monday : >

  6. I’d die for a glass of eggnog… well, a very upset stomach for a glass. It’s soo good.

    I LOVE the tie outfit. Super cute. I also love your leopard tunic. I think leopard print is pretty festive if you ask me.

    Your new ‘do looks great too. I also got a hair cut this weekend. Very refreshing if you ask me.

  7. Wonderful outfit options Tamera.
    send me some of your lovely eggnog.

  8. I’m thinking a tablet sounds a fine plan for your gift!! Lucky you!

    LOVE that vintage christmas bling there! Amazing!!

    Yes my heart breaks thinking of those little empty beds this christmas. I literally have to block thinking about it too much because I can’t bear it.

    Good on you guys showing some others a whole lot of love this christmas with your chilli and your cupcakes. x

  9. Clare said:

    I love your suit and old school tie look, it’s fabulous. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful week, I’m sure all your guests will just love the chilli and rice and those cupcakes, you’re a superwoman!

  10. Vix said:

    Not only fabulous but with a big heart, too. Love that your church is helping feed the homeless – give me a veggie chilli over a roast dinner any day! That tie looks so good on you and the leopard velvet is so glam! xxx

  11. pao said:

    For having the crud, you look so smiling happy. And have such festive outfits on, complete with jewelry, and you’re cooking up a storm too. What if you felt good?!

  12. pastcaring said:

    Leopard print and velvet are perfectly festive, and a dinner of chilli and rice cooked and given to others with kindness is the perfect Christmas dinner. You are a good woman, Tamera. And Santa must agree, cos he’s bringing you a tablet, hurray!
    Love your seasonal brooches too! xxxx

  13. Tamera, I really enjoyed seeing the wide variety of cool outfits you created, and of course, the bling. I’m a bling girl, and not ashamed to admit it. Gotta get your sizes. I keep seeing stuff that would look great on you.

  14. fashionovafifty said:

    Love the Scottish tie! How nice–
    And kudos to u for growing ur hair out– I have a couple of friends that did it and it looks great. It did take a while too

  15. Melanie said:

    Your smiling face get me every time! I have a weakness for men’s ties and this one is a beaut. And your hair looks great. Wonderful photos, all winners.

  16. Can’t tell you which outfit I like the best. You have a classic color sense … a lot like me! Seriously, you look party-ready and divine. Happy holidays!

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