Tempted by the fruit of a brand name…..

Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone this lovely evening???

I stopped by the Goodwill yesterday to look for a hideous purse for a birthday gag gift this weekend. Didn’t find anything truly heinous so decided to peruse the other goodies while I was there.

The thrifting angels smiled upon me (pic of some of the haul later in post). There’s been a bit of interesting discussion in Blogland recently about brand names and their influence. The impact really hit home for me on this shopping excursion.

I’ve never really cared too much about brands as a whole. I was raised wearing hand-me-downs and the whatever from the discount store. Even as an adult their allure has eluded me. Especially-why should I pay a ridiculous amount of money to parade someones logo on my person for free advertising for the “brand”. Totally stupid and I try to avoid anything with an obvious logo on it.

I am somewhat oblivious to brands when thrifting. I do look for brands such as JonesNewYork, CJBanks, LandsEnd, White Stag (WAL-MART!) Clarks, among others  only because I know thru past purchases that they are good quality and their sizing/style/cuts will fit me well.  I also know brands to just leave on the rack like Croft&Barrow, FashionBug, Liz&Co, etc. because their sizing/style/cuts  just don’t work for me. I’m always open to try anything if it looks like it might fit irregardless of label or size.

Anyhow, yesterday as I was cruising the racks I came across an emerald-green (supposedly THE color for 2013 and one I love) Vince Camuto knit tunic in my size. I know from reading style blogs that Vince Camuto is a “brand” and a well-known pricey one with some cache.  It was seducing me with its name…..

So I tried it on. It had a scoop neck and short sleeves. It was made in the front of multiple textures of emerald knit in a patchwork pattern. It had a “mullet hemline” or high front, lower back hem line. It FELT pricey and something similar runs around $100 on Nordstrom’s website. REALLY–for what is essentially a t-shirt.  And this one was priced at $5.81.

It looked like CRAPOLA on me. Too big through the shoulders–kinda a bit big overall. AND the two shiniest patches on the front sat on each boob. But the siren song of “it’s a VINCE CAMUTO!!!!” kept playing in my head. I stared at myself in the mirror and thought-“If I had unlimited money would I buy this new off the rack?” And the answer was “HELL NO!!”

I think I learned an excellent guideline for thrifting—-it’s not a “DEAL” if I wouldn’t buy it new. So I spent the money I would’ve wasted for a brand name closet orphan on a gorgeous sweater by White-Stag (why does Wal-Mart not carry this brand anymore–they were great!) that probably cost $15 new off the rack. And I got it for $3.81!!!

I’m going to start just categorizing my outfits when I post with just what is thrifted or not and to hell with the label unless it’s something I think needs to be shared!

This week , as opposed to the last couple of weeks, has no theme except “I can’t go to work nekkid so…”. Here’s Monday’s ensemble:

Thrifted-everything but the undies!!!

Thrifted-everything but the undies!!! We are being photo-bombed by Queen Misty as she heads for her throne under the tree!

Here’s todays outfit. The sweater is the White Stag one I got yesterday!! I had tons of compliments on the pants and the sweater (took the jacket off at work). The shoes are brand new with tag Clarks I thrifted for $4 yesterday. SUPER comfortable!!

Thrifted-everything (except undies!)

Thrifted-everything (except undies!)

I remembered to take a picture of the jewels:

Bracelets & necklace-thrifted, Earrings-DIY from vintage buttons

Bracelets & necklace-thrifted, Earrings-DIY from vintage buttons

Shoe close-up

Shoe close-up

I want to share some more pictures of the Christmas decor. This is  our guest room/office.

1. wreath made from vintage plastic candle rings and a vintage bell2. Vintage candle holder and pixie

1. wreath made from vintage plastic candle rings and a vintage bell
2. Vintage candle holder and pixie

1. My sister & my childhood stockings and a vintage elf2. Some of my vintage Lefton holly stuff

1. My sister & my childhood stockings and a vintage elf
2. Some of my vintage Lefton holly stuff


1. Peppermint Christmas Tag garland from a swap i was in2. More vintage Lefton holly stuff. The "ball" tree is made from a collapsible radio antenna in a wood base with some of my vintage solid balls threaded on it with a vintage topper.

1. Peppermint Christmas Tag garland from a swap I was in
2. More vintage Lefton holly stuff. The “ball” tree is made from a collapsible radio antenna in a wood base with some of my vintage solid balls threaded on it with a vintage topper. The Santa is thrifted.

Plastic Fantastic tree with vintage 50's & 60's plastic ornaments and pinecone elves.

Plastic Fantastic tree with vintage 50’s & 60’s plastic ornaments and pine cone elves. The vintage plastic nativity is from my childhood.

Here’s some Christmas decor in the Craft Palace:

1. Wreath made from hubster's grandmother's vintage xmas corsages.2. Craft Palace tree-full of vintage wooden german ornamments and assorted bits and bobs.

1. Wreath made from hubster’s grandmother’s vintage xmas corsages. The plastic holly wreath backing it is from my childhood.
2. Craft Palace tree-full of vintage wooden german ornaments and assorted bits and bobs.

Well- it’s almost time to hunker down in the recliner with the doggies and some crocheting and spend some qulaity time with Mark Harmon/NCIS!

Tell me–has a brand name ever seduced you into buying something???



  1. I adore the top in your second outfit! I agree with you on a lot of cases. I’ll admit I bought a Miu Miu sweater that was gorgeous! but fit me like crap. I redonated it after I got it home. I bought it on half off day and didn’t try it on. I should ALWAYS try things on. I did also find a Versace star skirt a couple year ago. I wore it until it was coming apart and didn’t quite fit anymore. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Just remember to try things on! I always go by feel and sometimes find some real deals.

  2. Jeannee said:

    Thanks for sharing ur OOTDs & Christmas – love the green holding the cards 🙂 I graduated high school in 1981 – my look was essentially jeans and t-shirt, with my father’s flannel shirt over that, and Pat Benetar heavy makeup, in addition to teased hair & Avon type jewelry … and very heavy perfume – can’t forget that 😉 My mother decided I needed a makeover … and … she was totally seduced by the Annie Hall look – no way! clothes that look four sizes too big, with hats hiding your face?! Oh boy did we fight over Annie Hall … 😉

  3. Krista said:

    Those shoes are too sweet, I really love them! I have been seduced in the past by brands but I learned my lesson. Twice I bought Betsey Johnson at Goodwill and ending up gifting them as they were not really my style. Now I know better:).

  4. pastcaring said:

    I know what you mean, you see the label and think, ooh this would have been really expensive full price! But you are quite right, if you wouldn’t even have picked it up at full price, or you would have assessed it as not right for you, then it’s not a bargain, however cheap it is.
    Love seeing you in the bright colours of the first outfit, and the soft greens/blues in the second. Not going to work nekkid is a good enough theme, Tamera! xxxxx

  5. Wow you do christmas BIGTIME! How the heck do you store all that stuff? I am quite inspired by your bauble tree – threaded onto an antenna – genius!!!!
    Love your second outfit. You look excellent.

    I have never been seduced myself, but have been intrigued by what some people ‘throw’ away. Like – wouldn’t they rather sell a label like that online and make some bucks??
    I look ridiculous in trendy clothing, and it doesn’t seem to matter what year or fashion it is! LOL

  6. Vix said:

    Loving the brightness of your first outfit and the brocade trousers rock! Like you I’ve never cared about labels, there’s nothing more crass than a brand logo emblazoned on the outside of a garment. One of things that attracted me to Jon when we first met was that he’d pulled off the Levi’s tags from his jeans as he despises being a billboard.
    Your Xmas decor is just stupendous (and so are the stories behind each item) and Queen Misty is an absolute darling. xxx

  7. vintagefrenchchic said:

    You always crack me up. Way to stick to your guns on that brand name clothing item. When I recently found that Missoni dress, I thought I might keep it for me because the colors were so pretty. However, once it was on my person, I knew I wouldn’t wear it. You always look lovely no matter what the brand!

  8. Helga said:

    Ha, just recently! I found some L*A*M*B shoes, which is the singer Gweb Stefani’s brand, and I was quite excited about them, and they were only $10….they RAE really gorgeous, but a little smallish, but once I stretch them out a bit, they’ll be FABULOUS! I would never NEVER pay retail, as I am a tight bitch, for something like this.So I couldn’t REALLY say I was seduced. I was INFLUENCED for sure!They would have been in the hundreds, I suspect.No idea. But I buy nothing except undies new! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. Clare said:

    your decorations are spectacular. I tend to ignore brands but there are some cheapy ones I won’t buy secondhand unless they’re exceptional. But I must admit to being tempted by Clarks. Your Clarks are wonderful and you look fab, best of all, you’ve always got that wonderful smile!

  10. As a huge fan of clarks shoes myself, I’m admiring your new pair of ballerinas, they seem fabulously soft!. And love that jean jacket and pretty sweater ensemble, your smile is your best accessory!

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