Don’t you want me baby???

Hello Blogland!! How is everyone this evening?? I’m still working on the last tree. Hubster got tied up with outdoor lights last nite so he didn’t put it up until tonite. Now I’ll need to fluff it and start putting the ornaments on. I wasn’t kidding when I said 400!!! They are all antique or vintage glass. That doesn’t include the 3 boxes of solid color vintage glass balls earmarked for a wreath. I’ve been given most of them and brought some maybe 25 years ago for next to nothing at yard sales. Now they are “hip” and can go for $5-$10 EACH!!!

I put her Diva-ness in one of her Christmas sweater today. I tried to get her to sit under the tree for a picture but she was in a snit. Doggie DRAMA!!! They had new chewies and she wanted MrBill’s-which is EXACTLY like hers!! 016

I went out and took pictures of the hubsters hard work on the outdoor lights. I’ll have to get pictures of the garlands and such in the daylight later this week!


Here’s a close-up of the front door area:


I think one of those light up peacocks would look mighty spectacular in his display!!! He doesn’t agree at this point but I have my ways <evil grin>!!!!!!! I put up with his light-up deer display!!!


I designated this week as Frock-n-skirt week. I have more skirts then frocks at this point, however!

Sweater-Goodwill, Skirt-Salvation Army, Boots-Kohls

Sweater-Goodwill, Skirt-Salvation Army, Boots-Kohls

Here’s the stuff:

Bracelets-DIY, Necklace-DIY from old photo, Earrings-??

Bracelets-DIY, Necklace-DIY from old photo, Earrings-??

Here’s a glimpse of the dining room Santa tree with it;s most stunning ornament underneath it!


Well-that tree isn’t gonna fluff itself!!! I’ll chat with y’all later this week!!



  1. Krista said:

    Wow hubby did a great job I love the blue icicle lights they are my favorite, but a peacock is totally missing and you must have it! You must! I love kitty under the tree and your gorgeous skirt!

    Hi Miss Kae and Mr.Bill -Peetee sends a super big lick!

  2. Beryl said:

    Your house looks lovely – so Christmasy! How can you resist the Diva in that Christmas sweater? I have more skirts than dresses because I am always remaking dresses into skirts.

  3. Wow! (New follower, from NZ)
    Hi! I am so impressed with your husband’s lighting efforts. We have a few rooms in our house that are still waiting for a new lightbulb, so THIS is amazing!! LOL Yes a peacock on the lawn would look splendid!

  4. Vix said:

    Hubster’s done a grand job on the house, it looks spectacular – all it needs is a golden peacock and it would be perfect! Loving that maxi skirt on you and that gorgeous made-by-Tamera pendant and Kae and Mr Bill are utter darlings! xxx

  5. Clare said:

    I love her diva-ness, I’ve got one of those at home too. I also miss the wild eyed cat under the christmas tree which was a standard tradition for years. I’m a big fan of your jewellery having seen various blog buddies model it! xxx

  6. pastcaring said:

    Oh my goodness, your house looks amazing, Tamera! All that’s missing is that peacock…
    What a pretty skirt, and I love your pendant. Oh a gorgeous kitty under the tree is definitely the best Christmas decoration ever!
    I appreciate the nod to British music of the 80s in your title – have you ever worked as a waitress in a cocktail bar? I feel there are many interesting things in your past we have yet to discover! xxxx

  7. Kitties and trees!!! My mom had to only put up a 18inch tree this year because of five kitties. Your house looks fab! As anti-tree as I am, I love looking at house lights.

  8. Helga said:

    I have such a weakness for fairy lights, the house is looking stunning!
    O,Diva darling, she’s such a minx! My Peepers gets total poo face if Humpy has something she wants, mostly my lap!

  9. Desiree said:

    You have a tree devoted to Santa’s? Oh lordy I’m feeling faint, it’s so, so beautiful, especially with the graceful guard sitting underneath:). I’ll have to show this post to my daughter, she’ll have a fit! Hubby has done an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job of the outdoor lights – you have a beautiful home 🙂 . So your doggy sulks? Oh that’s just too precious and adorable … I had #3 Son and The Stylist having a scrap over swimming goggles yesterday – they were the SAME too!!!!! I nearly dropped my laptop at the sight of your beautiful necklace and YES to the light-up peacock! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, I love reading your kind words 🙂 🙂 . xoxoxoox

  10. RockyCat said:

    Oh man, I was all ready to RUN to my local Home Depot and buy one of those peacocks (they have five! in stock!) until I started reading the on-line reviews. Sadly, it seems that Mr. Peacock is poorly constructed and doesn’t work all that well. *sigh* … Maybe after Christmas, when they’re 90% off …

  11. Helga said:

    Babes, Curtise is the one to see regarding the next recipient of the yellow skirt!! No idea where it’s going from her!
    Hurrah! XXX

  12. Jeannee said:

    I love all your Christmas decorations (and your OOTD w/ my color in it, purple, from the post where u revealed you have 417 ornaments!) AND THAT SANTA TREE! love it!

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