Stupid Christmas Songs

Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone??? I got so engrossed in a project last nite I forgot to post!!!! We have a 6ft pre-lit fake Xmas tree that’s probably 15+ years old (it was one of the first ones) The lights have finally given up the ghost so I’ve been removing them. I am replacing them with multi-color led lights. The pile of greenery in my outfit pix is the tree as I’m de-lighting it!!The hubster is toiling away finishing up the outdoor decor. There will be pictures!!!

I’ve been playing Christmas songs on Accuradio at work this week to try to bring some cheer and joy to the Island of Misfit Toys.  There are a lot of really stupid and weird Christmas songs out there aside from the ones that are supposed to be jokes. Seriously–Domenic the Christmas Donkey complete with braying???? LOLOLOLOL

For a laugh check this song out: Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday Song by Brad Paisley. It’s hilarious and oh so true!!

I got a cute picture of Miss Kae abusing her bear and traumitizing MrBill with her viciousness!!!

Today I’ll be sharing some pictures of our Master bathroom all done up for Christmas:

1. Tree with vintage postcards. I collect salt glaze pottery and thrifted the Santa’s
2. Thrifted salt glaze jug with greenery
3.Thrifted Santa’s and salt-glazed pottery for  toilet decor!!
4. Thrifted wreath with ornaments I  made

I’ve worn the gorgeous scarf Curtise sent me the last two days with my red coat. I love the contrast of the blue against the red!

I have been a rainbow during my Cardigans, Scarves and Brooches Week.  My co-workers are bemused as always-lol. One guy asked if I dressed in the dark. No-but evidently HE does!! Wednesday I was in cool colors-

Sweater-Goodwill, Pants-Evan-Picone via Goodwill, Blouse-DressBarn, Booties-Ancient!!

The stuff:

Scarf-vintage, Brooch-Vintage hairpiece refashioned, Earrings-Vintage, Bracelets-thrifted

Today I wore warm colors. both outfits were inspired by the color scheme in the scarves.

Cardigan-Kohls, Blouse-Foxcroft via Goodwill, Trousers-Goodwill, Shoes-Payless

And of course-more stuff:

Scarf-Thrifted, Brooch-thrifted, Earrings-Vintage, Bracelets-made by me

I’m off to rip some more lights from the tree! I’ll chat with y’all later!



  1. Look at those babies! I love Miss Kae’s sweater with the lil bone on the back! Todays outfit was a knockout! I love those bright colors paired with black and I think those slacks fit you so good! I like your xmas wreath I need to try my hand at making one of those.

  2. Ooh I love hearing about the antics of your mad dogs! You look gorgeous, as always – I particularly LOVE the gorgeous scarves – you are the scarf queen!!! HAPPY HAPPY – I’ve worn my Frida pendant FOUR TIMES this week!!! Sarah xxx

  3. You are really shining in your scarves! Love your pups and xmas decor!

  4. Vix said:

    Your scarves and smile and glorious colours always make me happy! Look at those pooches, too. Miss Kaekae ragging that poor bear whilst Mr Bill looks on in mild bemusement!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  5. Heather said:

    I love the color combos. And I adore that red car coat. I have a similar one–vintage of course.

  6. Wow! Some people’s coworkers! Jeez, I think you look great! I’m totally into green/teal looks right now, so of course I love your colors.

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