It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Hello Blogland!!! We are making progress here at supermodel Central getting the Xmas stuff up!!! I “decorated” our offices today. That just involves me hanging some Dollar Store stuff on doors and putting up my two little trees. I’m not expending too much effort on all the scrooges around here!!

While we were at Home Depot last nite picking up more lights I spied the most AMAZING light up lawn decoration. It’s like $90 but it is oh so COOL!!!

How FABULOUS is this peacock???

The Hubster commented that it wasn’t exactly “Christmas-y” and wouldn’t really go with his overall outdoor lighting plan. WHO CARES???? I totally want this-I’ve hinted it would make an AWESOME Xmas gift!!!!

Here’s more some pix of the guest/hall bathroom all decorated. The bright lime green color is the actual color in the bathroom. The flash washes it out:

1. Christmas tree-i made almost all of the ornaments and a friend made the paper mache ones
2. Hanging Santa I made
3. Thrifted Santa & Sled and Thrifted Believe towels

1. Thrifted hutch with my Christmas Charming Tails figurines
2. Stockings and towels on the towel shelf
3. More of my Christmas Charming Tails Figurines. The hubster gifts me with them.

Today was the second day of my Cardigans, Scarves & Brooches Week.  I was sort of Christmas colored!!

Trousers-Goodwill, Red T-Goodwill, Cardigan-Kohls, Shoes-Payless

Close up of the stuff:

Scarf-Vintage Thrifted, Pin-thrifted, Earrings-???

I took o pix of me in my waterproof winter coat this morning. Instead of snow we got a lovely 34 degree rain storm!!!! UGH

Coat-Dressbarn, Hat & Scarf-made by me, Gloves-Walmart

Well- y’all know it’s Tuesday and it’s time for me to ogle that hunka hunka burnin’ love Mark Harmon on NCIS!!!



  1. Uh-oh, I think Home Depot is going to get $90 from me. I’m insane for that peacock, plus it will drive my neighbors bonkers. Win-win, dontcha know…lol.

    You do know how much I adore a good cardi and brooch combo. As I am behind on my blog reading, I am looking forward to Monday’s lovely ensemble as well 🙂

  2. You do beautiful Christmas decorating.
    Your outfit is very pretty and is does have a Christmas vibe.
    Love the peacock, I’d want it too.
    I am currently watching Gibbs, my fave too!

  3. You do Christmas right. I do hope hubby gets you that gorgeous peacock, best lawn light ever!!! I have never seen decorations like that before. You look all cute warm and snugly. 34 degree and rain sounds well miserable, so I’m sending you a big warm hug!

  4. Wowywowow! That peacock is incredibly cool! Totally up your alley. Fingers crossed for you.

    You’re definitely all decked out for Christmas.

  5. Wow! You go all out! Nice decorations!
    Now, could you come over and do my house? 🙂
    You look very festive in your Christmas colors! Great scarf!

  6. You look very nice in your holiday colors! I love your coat- I keep wanting to take coat shots but I barely get up in time for outfit shots. 🙂 I LOVE THAT PEACOCK! I wish I had a lawn. I need it.

  7. pastcaring said:

    Oh you MUST get that peacock!
    I can’t believe you decorate everywhere in your house, even the bathroom – you are a dedicated Christmas lover, Tamera! Will you show us pics of the outside lights when they are done, please?
    Your snuggly teal coat is perfect on you, love the cosy hat, and the red/green combo looks very festive! xxxx

  8. You look Christmasy indeed, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    We will wait until the 11th of December to get going.

  9. Vix said:

    That peacock is gorgeous, I love it!
    You look wonderfully snug and colourful. Loving the Dr Who-like scarf! xxx

  10. Helga said:

    The peacock is a MUST!!! It’s fabularse!
    I’m loving that pin and you look so snuggly I want to give you a squeeze! XXX

  11. Joni said:

    Ooooh, show us a picture of the outside of your house too. I love that peacock!! The more blue and purple with Christmas the better. Although, I don’t do a bit of Christmas decorating anymore. The hubby and the last kid out the door don’t mind so I’m retired!
    But I love being around the decorations though.

    Gorgeous yarn by the way!!

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