I get some great gardening advice…..

Hello Blogland!!!  It’s the start of another fantastic week!!!! I’m feeling a bit better–thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement. It sucks to be back at work after a week because the stupid has surely piled up!!!!  Am I the Stupid Whisperer that manages to keep it at bay and it runs amuck when I’m not there???? LOLOLOL

I’m still slogging bit by bit with the decorating. The hubster has been busier than Santa’s elve’s putting up the outside lights and stuff. By stuff I mean angels and deer–none of that blow-up decor for me!!! We had to stop by Home Depot tonite on the way home from work for more lights!!! He added a bit more every year. We get a lot of traffic by our house and folks seem to love it. We’ve won 2nd & 3rd place in the local decoration contest and i think he’s gunning for a tastefully done first. I don’t want the house to be scene from space!!

Last year Walmart had this trashtastic inflatable Santa in an outhouse for your lawn decor. Because NOTHING says “Merry Christmas” like Santa taking a dump!!!! I told my sister’s eldest, my snarky nephew Josh (of the Thanksgiving Dinner) that I’d buy one for him if it weren’t $100 just because I KNOW it would piss my sister off. He went to get one for himself (he loves irritating his mom!!)and it was SOLD OUT!!!! In fact, we couldn’t find one ANYWHERE, including this year!! I’ve yet to see one actually on someone’s lawn!!!

“I’m dreaming of a poop Christmas”

I really brightened up when I found a wonderful package from the fabulous Curtise waiting for me!! It had such amazing goodies in it!! There was this hysterical card that had both me and my hubby howling. I  need to try this in my garden next year!!

She sent the most gorgeous scarf that is exactly what I’ve been looking for to wear with my red winter coat!!! The dark red in the scarf matches the coat perfectly!!! I will definitely post a pix later this week when I wear it!!!  AND there was the most amazing
vintage Richard Stump Jersey dress that fit like it was custom-made for me!!! I will be wearing it next week for my Frocks and Skirts Week!!! 

I’m going to sharing a bit of the decorating I’ve gotten done each day. Today I’ll be sharing a bit of the guest/hall bathroom done up for Christmas. Almost all of my decorations are thrifted, gifted or handmade by myself or other local crafters.

Paper Mache churches made by a 60+ year old friend. she taught herself how to sculpt. She also made the 2 green trees out of paper mache. I would make Santas for her and we’d trade every year. These are on the towel shelf with some vintage bottlebrush trees.

1. Handmade Santa found at yardsale for $2 with $79 price tag on it!!!
2. Vintage cookie jar missing lid becomes vase with thrifted greenery

Cardigan & pinstripe trousers-Goodwill, Shoes-Capezio via Goodwill, Blouse-Basic Editions via Kmart

Scarf-Goodwill, Pin-Vintage via Yardsale?, Earrings-Vintage and redone as pierced by me, Bracelets-misc bangles via ????, Plaid bangle by me

I’m off to untangle net lights for the hubster and watch The Voice!!! I’ll chat at y’all tomorrow!!





  1. Helga said:

    Woohoo, you’re on fire,baby!
    There’s lots of houses on the outskirts of town that go nuts for lights and stuff, and they get lots of visitors each year.It’s quite hilarious. Just up the road from us a house has a big sleigh and presents on their garage roof…it’s so weird, as there’s no NEED for sleighs at Xmas in NZ!!! But I really need to screw up the nerve tpask them if I can pose on the sleigh…
    Fabularse parcel from Curtise, that card is a WINNER!!!
    Just look at the smile on your face, you are well on the mend! Love that scarf, the colours and sheen are perfect for you! XXX Tally HO!

  2. Krista said:

    Santa in an outhouse now that is the funniest Lawn decor I’ve seen. How cool you guys go all out, I hope we get to see a night time shot! I love Christmas lights and I’m the first one on the block to have them up :). The pressies fom Curtise are really hilarious and gorgeous! That card had me lol and the print on that dress is yum yum! She is a sweetheart and obviously knows you.

    You are looking so pretty in this shade of green and the scarf adds just that perfect touch of your personality!

  3. pastcaring said:

    So glad the parcel arrived safe and that you like the dress. Who doesn’t like a cheeky card?!
    You sound brighter, hope you are feeling a little better. That chartreuse shade really suits you, the cardigan and scarf look lovely together.
    Santa in the outhouse is hilarious! And your lidless Santa cookie jar with an evergreen crown is inspired! xxxx

  4. Vix said:

    That card is hilarious, Curtise finds some killers! Can’t wait to see you in that gorgeous dress, too!
    You look fantastic in that brilliant chartreuse jacket and the jewellery is fab.
    the blow-up Santa’s crazy. We met a Brit a few years ago who brought one to India and took it to the beach with him on Xmas Day!xxx

  5. I cracked up at the card! Woohoo for fun gifts. It’s always awesome to get stuff in the mail from our buddies, especially when they can shop so well for you!

  6. Beryl said:

    The Stupid Whisperer! Sounds like a great job title. Where on earth did Curtise get that card? Not the garden center, I would think. Love your Christmas decor! And you look really good in that outfit. The lime works well with your coloring.

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