Over the river and through the woods……

….to our nephew’s house we’ll go!!!! Hello Blogland!!!! How is everyone this lovely Thanksgiving Eve???? I am starting to feel almost human again. All hail than power of good medicine!!!

How many of you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade???  Random fun fact about me: I’ve participated in the Macy’s Parade. My high school marching band performed in the parade in 1975!!! It was COLD!!! Do you know the parade pretty much ends right around the corner from the Macy’s store where all the performances happen?? And those balloons are freakin’ HUGE!!!

We spend Thanksgiving with my sister’s eldest son, Josh.  Josh has his own darling little house now-and it happens to be right around the corner from our new son-in-law’s parents so it’s super convenient. Josh has been cooking Thanksgiving (and Christmas and other holiday get-together’s) dinner on his own since he was 11 years old. My sister can’t cook at all so I think he learned in self-defense!! This boy makes rolls and pie crust from SCRATCH!!!  I made some chocolate Kahluha cupcakes for dessert to take.

As promised, I’m going to reveal what I made from this bunch of stuff. I’ve been trying to find more of the cheese ball thingys but for some reason everyone now wants a ridiculous amount of money for them. My top price is $1 WITH the glass dome.  I painted the wooden base with Heritage white Spray paint and antiqued it.

Here’s the stuff:

Cheese Dome, little houses, tiny bottlebrush trees-all thrifted
Glitter, modeling paste, mirror paper-my stash

Here’s the final product:

Without the dome:

This will be going to our daughter–I certainly do not need more Christmas decor and she has a new house to fill. I made one last year for my sister that she absolutely loves. It can stay out all winter.

I also spiffed up this deer for our daughter. I got it a couple of years ago at Michael’s after Christmas for like $1. It’s paper mache and was a gaudy gold metallic. I used my favorite Heirloom White spray paint and antiqued it and then glittered it a bit with mica glitter. The ribbon and doo-dads are from my stash-the doodads are from a plastic candle ring. I used the aqua ribbon because that’s one of the colors she’s decorated with throughout her house.

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a wonderful and blessed day!! I’ll be back Friday to chat with y’all. I DO NOT go shopping on black Friday–I start DECORATING!!!




  1. pastcaring said:

    What a clever idea! And I love your spiffed up reindeer!
    I like the sound of Thanksgiving round at Josh’s house, lots of fabulous home cooking, mmmm! Have a great time, Tamera! xxx

  2. Vix said:

    Loving that reindeer, he’d be a fabulous jewellery holder!!
    Josh sounds such a cool kid, he’s the one who loves crazy Xmas decorations, isn’t he?
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! xxx

  3. Krista said:

    I love all the different crafty things you make, you are diverse in your skills! Turkey came out good over going on day three of yummy leftovers. I hope you are feeling better sweetie. The decorations can wait.

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