The big (sorta) reveal!

Hello Blogland!! It’s Thanksgiving week and as usual I have come down with a nasty bronchial infection!! UGH-seriously it’s EVERY freakin’ year around this time. There will be no outfit post today as my ensembles have been leaving a bit to be desired!!

As promised I’m going to reveal what all the glueing and glittering and such have produced. Actually-being sick has helped get stuff done because there was a lot of hand-sewing that needed to be done and is easily accomplished whilst I am  sitting in the recliner.

Enough chattering–drumrolls please! Dadadaddaaddadadadadadadaad………

Santa on a cow jumping the moon

Here are some close-ups to show the details. The freakin shirt has seed bead buttons as does the jacket. The boots are laced. The bottle brush tree and toys in the pack are vintage.

Here’s project #2:

Santa on a Canada Goose

Here are some close-ups to show the details:

These Santa’s were made from stuff in my “stash”.  Recycled wool, scrap fabrics, vintage “stuff”, scraps of wood.  I used some patterns I had brought a doll making conference maybe 15 year’s ago.

For many years I used to design and make “art dolls” and Santa’s. I sold tons and won prizes in contests. Then, being the magpie I am, I got bored and wandered off into other artistic endeavors. I’ve been getting the “bug” back these past few months. It’s such a rush to see what I picture in my head come to life. Plus it makes SOME use out of my degree in art. I majored in multi-media sculpture-LOLOLOLOL

Many dollmakers make some extra cash from selling their patterns. Some are wonderful and some are a disaster. These-at least pattern/instruction-wise, were a disaster. Very vague, poorly drafted and scaled patterns, WEIRD construction methods. I would’ve not been able to make these if I weren’t experienced in doll-making construction/design and for that matter reasonably experienced in clothing construction.  I wound up pretty much redesigning them. I definitely didn’t follow the materials list but chose my own and adapted to fit what I envisioned.  Plus they wound up being “free”!!!!

I have one more to reveal-but I need to pick up some fake fur for trimming the robe. I decided I wanted that “look” and surprisingly I have no fake fur suitable in my stash. It will be coming!!

Stop by tomorrow to see what this collection of stuff will become!!


I’m linking up with Lakota for Tah-Dah Tuesday!!!

I’m off to take some happy meds and a nap! I’ll be stopping by and visiting your blogs when I’m awake-LOL



  1. I love them both, but the Santa with the cow is amazing. Better than amazing, but I can’t come up with the right word. You are one talented lady. Oh how I would love to have one like that. Wonderful art!

    • Oh, I got so excited about Santa that I forgot to say that I hope you are feeling better soon. When I was a kid, I was ALWAYS sick on the holidays.

  2. pastcaring said:

    Who needs reindeer and a sleigh when you have a ow or a Canada goose?! Far more interesting modes of transport for Santa! Brilliant ideas, Tamera!
    I didn’t know about your background in art/sculpture and doll design. Should have guessed about the art degree really, having seen your handiwork, especially the cards and your jewellery designs. You are a woman of MANY talents. Hope you feel much better soon. xxxxx

  3. Vix said:

    You are so creative, those Santa figures are so bizarre – quirky and clever, I bet they’re a right old talking point!
    Get better soon, look after yourself. Much love & big hugs! xxx

  4. Helga said:

    Crikey! You’re sick as a goat and you come up with art!
    Careful with that glue, it’ll send you over the edge!
    Looking forward to the next artistic endeavour, you clever sausage!XXX

  5. Sheila said:

    Tamera, I used to work in a year-round Christmas store and we used to sell very high-end pieces like this – yours are much nicer than any we ever sold! You are hugely talented!

    Thank you again for the amazing necklace. I love it! I am truly touched and thankful for this wonderful piece of art you sent me.

  6. I’m so sorry you are sick, and hoping you are on the mend. Tamera, that Santa doll is exquisite. You’re a very talented crafter and dollmaker.

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