Glitter and fur and glue……..

Hello Blogland!!! It’s a wonderful weekend!!! Entirely too short, however!! I’ve been busy sewing and glittering and glueing my little fingers off. I’ve got several projects in process for christmas that I’ll be unveiling in the next couple of days.

This week I’ll be putting away the bins of fall decor and getting the house ready to decorate for Christmas. We like to have everything done by December 1st because well–we’re NUTS!!! But we don’t decorate before Thanksgiving and it’s all down by the first weekend after New Years.

I thifted the skirt I’m wearing a couple of weeks ago during the dollar sale. I was holding it up with my tops trying to decide what to wear with it when BOOM I came across the tweed sweater. The tweed colors are the same as the dots in the skirt. I received a lot of compliments on the outfit at church-people wanted to know if they came from the same “collection”. Heck–they didn’t even come from the same thrift store!!

Sweater=WhiteStag via Goodwill, Skirt via Salvation Army, Boots via Kohls

Here’s a closer look at the tweed & dots. I made the pins and earrings.

Here’s a picture of our demon cat Callie in the guest bedroom doorway waiting for some unsuspecting chihuahua to venture down the hall!

I’m off to work on some boots for some Santa’s!! I’ll be linking up with Patti for Visible Monday!!!

I’ll be back Tuesday with a reveal of what I’ve been toiling on!!



  1. What a match made in heaven! Love the tweedy sweater and the matching dots. I love matchy matching.

    Also hee! Miss Callie sounds like our Mr. Spike – though he chases one of the other cats.

  2. Oh wow, you matched like genius, Tamera. Great look! And I love the pins you made too. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulosity with Visible Monday.

  3. Helga said:

    Hahaha, Callie! Does she terrorise the poor wee pookies?!
    We MUST see what you’ve been up to, you crazy ass crafty wench,you!!
    I’m anticipating GENIUS!

  4. Marci said:

    Ooh! ‘Love the outfit! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. I don’t know when you find the time to do your projects! Can’t wait to see what you’re working on.
    You look great! Nice colors!

  6. julee said:

    Great thrifty luck! I especially love the skirt. (And your handmade jewelry is awesome!)

  7. Following your example I will get some deco out for Christmas. The building up to it is the best part, ins´t it??
    Love you in that skirt.

  8. Don’t you love it when two pieces of clothing combine to make the perfect outfit? Can’t wait to see what spectacular projects you’ve been working on.

  9. Vix said:

    Those pins are incredible and I’m loving that gorgeous maxi! Loving evil Callie (or should it be Kali, the dark & vengeful Hindi goddess) on sentry duty and dying to read about what you’ve been up. xxx

  10. WendyB said:

    Impressive matching skills!

  11. Great maxi and textures. I’m with you, too. I don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving. X

  12. Melanie said:

    I’m glad you got a closeup – this is a fantastic combination, but your smile is the best thing of all!! Your pin made me laugh “I’m a real artist.”

  13. You are such a multi-talented woman. You make beautiful jewelry and art work. You write so well too! The sweater does indeed look like it was made for the skirt!

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