Fall Fashion Challenge: Grey and the Diva joins in!!!

Hello Blogland!! Happy Friday!!!!  My thrift-fix was very profitable today!!! I hit the four thrifts in town whilst running some errands. After a long dry spell some wondrous goodies came home with me!!

I’m always on the hunt for vintage xmas stuff. I love to pick up plastic candlerings on the cheap to use in other projects. The Salvation Army had them for 10 cents each today!!! I cleaned them out of all of their plastic tacky glorious candlerings. The sales clerk looked at me like I was nuts! I scored some other goodies at the mission thrifts.

1. Plastic Lamp Decoration-the elf needs a new hat!
2. Plastic Candlerings
3. Quilt Patterns


1. Satin Ball Tree-topper
2. Teapot Ornament
3.Painted Starfish Santa


Chocolate Brown No Label Rayon & Cotton Knit Sweater for $2.50 from the Rescue Mission



I also found this adorable reversible wool beret to wear with my red winter coat for $2!!


Jacket-CJBanks via Goodwill, Top-Venezia via Goodwill, Jeans-Lee Rider, Clogs-Earth Spirit via Walmart years ago, Purse-Goodwill









  1. Oooh gorgeous seaming on the sweater. Also score on the beret! There is little I love more than reversible things. You know I love your jacket, the designs are so cool.

    Hey Miss cutie KaeKae. She’s rocking her Fall colors.

  2. pastcaring said:

    Oh that beret is amazing, can’t wait to see you rocking that little beauty!
    I think you would look good in the colours Miss Kaekae has on – would it be too ridiculous to have matching jumpers? No, of course not!
    Glad you did well on your thrifting mission, have a gorgeous weekend! xxxx

  3. lovely & comfy outfit!. I always like your shoes and great accessories, that teal bag is fabulous!

  4. Helga said:

    Diva!!! The little darling!!! She’s all snuggly!
    I’m MAD for that beret!!! And there’s my bag again……….!!!

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