Fall Fashion Challenge: Mustard

Hello Blogland!!! Greetings from the set of  “As the chew-toy turns”.  The diva is now in a snit because I gave them new milkbone snacks and she wants the one MrBill has been chewing and he won’t give it to her. So every five minutes she stomps in to where I am on the computer to grumble and grunt her displeasure.  She’s just a tad high maintenance!!

This will be a short post tonite as we just got in. I won a gift card to a local restaurant, Bonefish Grill, last summer in the base dessert contest (Grand champ 2nd year in a row!!) We decided to go for dinner after work. The food was very nice, the specialize in grilled seafood. We had bacon wrapped scallops as an appetizer. I had Maryland Crabcakes and hubster and Grilled Salmon. It was very tasty but I am STUFFED!!

Today’s color was mustard.  I am so enjoying this challenge as I adore the colors we are doing. I naturally gravitate to autumny colors.

Sweater-CJBanks via Goodwill, Blouse-Dressbarn via Goodwill, Pants-thrifted, Belt-Kmart, Shoes-Payless

Here’s a close-up of the scarf and vintage pin-both thrifted. I love that this scarf has all of the challenge colors in it. I could’ve worn it every day!! I snagged the 60’s enamel pin with the adorable ladybug for 25 cents at a yard sale!!!

Here’s a picture of the REAL drama queen in our house. If there’s banging, clanging, thumping, howling, yowling or hissing guaranteed she is responsible for it somehow. Callie’s other name is “Wild Thing”. She lives to create havoc  and chaos. Her favorite thing is to torment poor sweet wussy MrBill. He is terrified of her and she knows it. She LOVES to freak him out by sitting on the endtable while he’s on my lap and just stare at him. Another way she has fun with him is to lay in the doorway of one of the bedrooms with her paw sticking out into the hallway knowing he will just sit at the end of the hall and cry. Kae has no fear of her at all. But poor Bill….LOLOLOL  She is definitely the hubster’s baby–she adores him and follows him around “talking”. Me- she tolerates.

This is about 10 seconds before she bit the camera lens!!!

I am so glad I’m off tomorrow!! I need a thrifting FIX!!!  Everyone have a great evening and tomorrow will be the last day of the challenge!!!



  1. Krista said:

    Your dinner has me salivating! Crab cakes and scallops are some of my favorite seafood dishes! I’m glad you guys had such a tasty dinner, perfect way to start your 3 day weekend! Your little daisy pin is super sweet the ladybug makes it special, like you with that smile for miles!

    Boy can I relate to the kitty stalking story. Ash will sit at the top of the stairs and Peetee stops mid way afraid to walk by when he finally does she bites his butt or his little chicken legs! Cracks me up every time. Enjoy thrifting tomorrow I hope you score some cool stuff!

  2. Lisa Cobb said:

    Loving this Colorado combo. Mustard and oxblood…you look lovely 🙂

  3. Rebecca said:

    Love this outfit. Definitely one of your best!

  4. Sheila said:

    You look gorgeous in these colours! I love that pin with the ladybug – what a score!

    LOL at the kitty tormenting poor Mr. Bill.

  5. I absolutely need that daisy brooch, Tamera. Love the pop of orange.

  6. Serene said:

    Tamera, that mustard is so flattering on you! I know what you mean about thrifting fix…..it get me excited just thinking about it!!

  7. pastcaring said:

    Oh I could just eat some scallops and crab cakes right now, it’s time for lunch!
    You are looking mighty fine in your autumn shades, and that brooch is so adorable.
    Torties – they are Devil Cats! My old one was very vocal as well, and VERY awkward. Poor Mr Bill, being stared at and tormented by Callie. But look at her, she’s so pretty, that cute little pink nose! I would insist on a cuddle, whether she liked it or not!
    Have a great weekend, Grand Champ! xxxxx

  8. Tamera, thanks for stopping by. I have several of those enamel pins and am constantly looking for ways to style them. Next week I’ll try it on a scarf.
    I too have a cat (from hell). Ozzie has never been “my” cat belonging much more to the boys and the man. Since I have been in recovery mode he sleeps with me all of the time. So, I guess we’ve become friends…… He does get a tad aggitated when I have to get up to pee which seems to be pretty frequently these days.
    I haven’t been able to do much thrifting since my accident. My Mom is coming to town this afternoon and that is the first thing we are doing………..That and buy a turkey for an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.
    Have a great weekend and stay happy Thrifter sister!!!!!

  9. Oh, one day when you have time would you explain to me how to link up my facebook? I had a page for my blog but deleted it since I couldn’t figure the link up process.

  10. Vix said:

    I love you in those autumnal colours and that brooch is just gorgeous! What a find.
    Callie is the best. Torties are the devil incarnate. Polly Piglet adores Jon and tolerates me, she’ll sit on my lap only because it means she can have a better view of the love of her life and as he’s out taking my brother to the airport she’s sitting on the back of the sofa, wailing non stop until he drives back and she can see the truck again. xxx

  11. Autumnal colors look so great on you! I love your scarf.

    As the owner of many asshole cats, I totally get where you’re coming from. I also think Miss Callie is a gorgeous girl. What a sweetie face.

    Your dinner sounds awesome. I’ve got some crab legs in the freezer… I’m sure they won’t be as delicious as fresh, but alas I’m landlocked over here.

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