Fall Fashion Challenge: Pumpkin and Puppies!

Hello Blogland and Happy Hump Day!!! I’m wrapped up in the most BORING project at work this week so time has been DRAGGING!!  It involves coding CLINS(contract line items) into a specialized estimating template. I got elected for this festivity because I’m the only one outside the supervisor who knows how to create a custom filter set. Enough with nerd talk!! I’m glad it’s my Friday off week cause I need some thrift shopping therapy!

If someone had told me last fall I would be sporting a pumpkin colored sweater skirt AND a belt I would’ve told them they were nuts. I can’t believe how boring I was then. My “uniform” was jeans-sometimes colored- and a long-sleeve or short sleeve tshirt.  Losing the 30+ pounds and discovering all of you awesome folks out there style blogging has changed my life. The fact that I, who was notoriously camera shy, willingly take my picture almost daily and post it for the world to see is a miracle in itself!! This peacock is strutting with her tailfeathers on display!!

Anyway-here’s what I wore today. The awesome necklace is Indian and a gift from the fabulous Vix.  It went perfectly with the pumpkin skirt-which I scored a couple of weeks ago during the dollar days at the Salvation Army. I may have mentioned I work with mostly male engineers-who are known for their fabulous fashion savvy (see plastic pocket protectors!!)LOL.  One of my co-workers commented that my eyes are almost the same color as my sweater. He wanted to know if I was wearing colored contacts. (Sure-WITH my glasses no less) My eyes are really a teal blue/green.  My Dad’s mom had the same unusual eyecolor-it’s known in his family that occasionally that color would pop up. I’m the only one in my generation that has this color eyes. Guess that’s why I love Teal so much!!

Sweater Skirt-David Hollis via Salvation Army. Sweater-SAgHarbor via Goodwill, Purse via Goodwill, Boots via Kmart, Necklace via Vix, Belt via Goodwill

Here’s a close-up of the bling!! I made the post earrings.

Now to the PUPPIES (ok, they are my puppies)!!! Miss Kae is evidently PMSing tonite or something. MrBill was futzing around on their blanky. She decided she wanted him off the blanky so she stomped on him. He didn’t comply with her command to move. He usually gives in to her as he is very meek and sweet. She is somewhat bossy and pushy. Oh, let’s just tell it like it is. She can be an 8lb blonde cute furry BITCH when she wants to be. This time he snapped at her. Oh the drama!! She was INSULTED!! HOW DARE HE!!! She stomped off into the bathroom and sat next to the toilet and pouted. MrBill came on in the Craft Palace with me while she stomps in every once in a while to grumble and pout. I told her the world does not revolve around her. If looks could kill……

MrBill playing on the blanky. That’s Bear in the background.

See how dainty Kae sits!!!!

Kae abusing Bear. She stands on it and chews its ears.

My sweet boy.




  1. I love your teal and pumpkin together, and I’m so glad you sharing pics and posts.

    I’m glad MrBill stood his ground. Our Corgi pushes our Cairn Terrier around and he takes it because you’re not supposed to hit girls, but every once in a while he snaps at her just to remind her she’s not the boss of him…lol.

  2. Look at you with those teal eyes and all. I really like the orange skirt with the teal it’s a killer colorful combo. The necklace from Vix looks really good on you too! She has the best taste and knows us all so well! I had no idea you lost 30 lbs GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I’m happy you are now in front of the camera showing off! What do you do for work? Are you a code monkey :)? I bet you are the sunshine in your office for sure!

    I love your doggies so much. I told Vix their tale today when we Skyped, their story is so precious. Peetee has a bear toy but I call it his hump toy :0 He loves mounting that thing whenever I have guests over, you know showing em’ who’s boss and all. I had a chuckle to hear that you dogs have also enjoyed the kitty roccas…turds…I hate when Peetee does that, why???? WHY????

  3. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Love the doggie drama. Too funny! Rockefeller has certainly been getting his energy and voice back lately. I can hardly sit for a minute before he is barking at me for attention or to get his toy or whatever!

    I really, really like that teal and pumpkin together. It’s smashing!! (LOL!)

  4. Kiki said:

    Pumpkin and teal. What a fabulous combination!

  5. Go Mr. Bill! I wish our Sammycat would stand up to Spike. Spike (the big orange furball) bullies Sammy because he tries to play with the kittens and Spike thinks the kittens were his! Despite both our male cats being neutered.

    Teal and pumpkin look incredible together!! I think I totally need to try my bulky sweater over my orange dress.

  6. pastcaring said:

    Work stuff, dramatic doggie dynamics, it’s all going on!
    I was the same about not liking to have my photo taken, before being taken over by the crazy fabulousness of blogging! Isn’t it great?!
    That is a wonderful colour combination, teal and pumpkin, delicious. Both colours suit you so well, and Vix’s necklace sets it off a treat! xxxxx

  7. Vix said:

    Oh the drama! Krista told me the sad background to Kae and Bill last night, the poor little lambs. I’ve been laughing out loud about yesterday’s antics, they’re like our cats only in reverse, in our house the bloke’s the trouble maker!
    I adore the pumpkin and teal together and the belt adds style and sass! xxx

  8. Joni said:

    You look fantastic!! I see you’ve even added the festive decor too. I know what you mean about our boring selves pre-blogging. I was never creative much until this thing. To think that I’d be showing my knee socks? Never would imagine!

    Let me know if you do ever grow a penis. We could make a killing with some cool Holiday fabrics!!

  9. Look at you wearing COLOURS!!! You look gorgeous, Tamera! Love your Vix necklace.

    Years ago when I had chickens, I had a little blog just for them called Days Of Our Chooks, documenting their daily dramas… I suspect your little darlings could have something similar!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Doggies…how can you not love them?!
    That is one gorgeous necklace! I’m glad to see you in colors!

  11. Sheila said:

    You look stunning in this teal shade, Tamera! I love that your are discovering how much fun it is to dress up! Watching your transformation has been a real treat. I love your doggy stories. 🙂

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