Fall Fashion Challenge: Wine

Hello Blogland!!! Happy Tuesday to everyone!!  Wow has the weather drastically changed here in Western Maryland. It was 72 degrees yesterday afternoon and after the front went through it’s only 45 today!! Talk about schizo!!! that’s weather in Maryland–if you don’t like it, wait a minute and it will change!

Today is day 2 of the Fall Fashion Challenge. The color is wine and lucky for me I just thrifted a nice wine sweater!!! I love this color, no matter what the fashionista’s call it!  Wine, merlot, oxblood, burgundy, whatever! My skirt started out life as an awesome vintage dress I thrifted. Unfortunately it had some sort of stain on the front color and bodice that would not come out. Probably had been there since the 70’s!!!

Here I am wearing the dress for Sheila’s cyber birthday party. I tried pinning these cool felt roses (more on these later)on the collar to cover the stains. I would’ve had to pin a forest on my chest to cover all of the stains.  It would’ve looked like I was growing some kind of weird burgundy boob barnacles!

So a little snip snip at the waist-which was already elastic-and WAH-LAH!! New skirt!!

Sweater-Basic Editions via Goodwill, Skirt-DIY, Belt-Goodwill, Boots-Burlington Coat Factory


The felt flowers came from the scrapbook embellishments aisle at Joanns. They come 4 to a package for about $3 without a coupon. I just took the sticky tab off the back and pin them on. They come in several colors-I need to get some more!!

I made my necklace from an acrylic tag and a copy of my great-grandmother Annie taken in 1907 when she was 18 years old!! I love her sassy look and big hat!

Here’s the finished red-roofed cottages all snowed-up and glittered and ready for the kitchen tree!! I’m brushing glitter off of everything-including Kae!!

I’m hooking up with Lakota for Tah-Dah Tuesday !!!!! I’m off to spend some quality time with Mark Harmon and work on some crocheting!

Have a great evening!!



  1. Great way of revamping the dress! I’ve done that myself a few times, I’ve been thinking about doing it to my orange dress, but have yet to actually do it. Your DIY’d necklace is so cool. I can’t wait to wear the one you made me.

    Congrats on your christmas houses! They’re adorable.

  2. pastcaring said:

    Another great colour on you, Tamera, you never need go neutral again with so many gorgeous colours out there that suit you so well! Good save with the dress-that-became-a-skirt.
    Great idea with the felt flowers (boob barnacles sound nasty though…!) and your little cottages look so cute!

  3. Vix said:

    Thank goodness you’re back in colour! I adore that vintage frock on you and that pendant with Great-Grandma Annie is just brilliant. Maybe I should make some of my scary ancestors into jewellery!
    Those felt roses are the perfect addition and you know how much I love that bag! xxx

  4. That dress is beyond fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I am glad to see you in dresses, my gorgeous.

  5. ladyperry12 said:

    Love it all! Genius idea to make a skirt from a dress – it looks so nice on you – especially since it kept you from having “burgundy boob barnacles!” Your little houses are just darling and I can’t wait to see them in your Christmas decor.

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