Makeover Monday: Bathroom Edition

Hello Blogland!! I’ve been busy as a bee painting two moons, a cow, a goose, three santas and an assortment of cottages for Christmas decor.

Today’s makeover is our hall/guest bathroom. I picked up the stray wooden or metal item at yard sales and thrifts and used black spray paint to bring it all together. The walls in the bath are actually more of an apple or kiwi green and MUCH brighter. I love the combo of lime and black together. The bathroom is tricked out in its autumn decor.  We call this “house” room because it seems there is a theme of houses going on.

1. Shower curtain is homespun fabric gotten for $1 yard. I painted a pink shower curtain rod black.
2. Thrifted “house” plates

1. Wooden corner drawer that originally was blue
2. Metal soap/lotion container and towel holder were chrome before painting. I made the labels for the soap/lotion containers

1. house picture from old calendar in black painted frame
2. Thrifted wooden shelf. I collect these little figurines and have enough that I swap them out seasonally. I made the owl towel. The candles are in an old bread tin

1. Thrifted handmade trashcan made to hold plastic grocery bags painted black
2. Thrifted handmade magazine holder painted black

1. Thrifted picture & star painted black. Mirror was thrifted and frame painted black. The light fixture was chrome colored before I painted it black.
2. Thrifted plantstand painted black

1. Thrifted Warren Kimball House print. This was a PMP moment–I got it for $5 and these go for $125!!!
2. Thrifted shelf/rack painted black with thrifted “stuff”

And there you have the grand tour of our hall/guest bathroom!!! A bit of thrifting and some spray paint can make a room just as nice as something in a catalog–and certainly for far less money!!

Everyone have a great day-I’m off to do some antiquing and I’ll be back tomorrow with the next edition of Fall Color Challenge!!




  1. Vix said:

    I’d just be in heaven is I came to your house, there’s something fabulous to look at in every corner! I love your embroidered owl family, that black spray painted star and that carrier bag bin! x

  2. pastcaring said:

    First Vix’s post about her Stone love, now you go and Paint It Black!
    You just have so much creativity, Tamera, how great to be able to look around your home, and see it full of things you have thrifted or made or upcycled. xxx

  3. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Nicely done!

  4. That owl towel is fabulous! Any chance of a close up pic? Sarah xxx

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