Back in Oz: Fall Color Challenge-Teal

Hello Blogland!! Happy Veteran’s Day and a heartfelt thank you to all who have served and are serving!! We owe you a debt we can not repay for Freedom is never free!

I’ve been keeping busy getting some christmas projects done this weekend. It always seems like I have two or three projects in progress. I’m one of those people that thrives on having something to do. Gotta keep my hands busy. I need to create something everyday or I get cranky.

a popular motif in the 20’s and 30’s were red-roofed cottages. I came across a few unfinished paper mache cottages at a yard sale this summer for next to nothing. I decided I wanted to re-do the kitchen christmas tree (yep–I have a tree in the kitchen) with cottages theme. I’ve been working on painting them up so I can glitter and embellish them.  I also want to make some cinnamon gingerbread boys to go with it. Here’s a picture of the progress-getting ready to paint another coat of red on the roofs!

This week is the Fall Color Fashion Challenge.  Monday’s color is Teal. I wore this today as I’m off tomorrow and will be in my highly attractive painting clothes.!!! This outfit was inspired by the buttons I made into earrings last week.

Here’s the inspiration!! I loved the teal, lime, gold and wine color combo!

Here’s my take on  it. Teal was an easy color for me as it’s my favorite color and I have several items in it.

Everything is thrifted except the lime top which was found on the 80% clearance rack at Kohls, and the pendant

It feels GOOD getting back into color!!!  I’ve gotten everything picked out for this challenge week and I’m excited about it!!

The hubster got some sort of computer thingy in the mail that came in a nice big box. Our cats are currently “fighting” over the rights to the new “throne”!!  so here are some cute cat pictures!

Callie our tortie demon cat

Our beautiful silver queen Misty. She rules in our house!

I’m going to be linking up with the fabulous Patti for Visible Monday.  I’m off to catch up on my blog reading and seeing what all you fine folk have been up to this weekend!!

I’ll be back tomorrow for Makeover Monday:bathroom Edition!! Have a great evening!



  1. Looking great in teal! I can see why it’s one of your favorites. I love it with the lime green, too. I can’t wait to see a picture of your kitchen Christmas tree!!

  2. pastcaring said:

    Back to lovely colour, Tamera, and a gorgeous combination you chose too!
    Cats just LOVE a box, don’t they? Callie does look a little demonic, as only a naughty tortie can, and Misty is adorably regal.
    You’ve been busy with your little cottages, they are cute! Bet you go to town with Christmas decorations, not an inch left untrimmed! xxx

  3. Paula said:

    Teal is one of those colors most people look good in. I love the green you paired it with!

    I havent started any of my xmas projects yet–good for you!

  4. I love the teal jacket and the colors you paired it with. Have fun with the challenge!

  5. You *own* the teal, Tamera! And your kitties are completely gorgeous – they both do have the Look of Superiority (I am very familiar with it : >) Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday.

  6. Hooray! Your teal look is fantastic. I love it with lime green (the best way to wear teal imo). I actually had an almost identical outfit picked out, but I tore a hole in the arm of my teal cardigan!! Ugh, putting teal cardi back on the wishlist.

    Hooray for kitties! Both your ladies are lovely. It’s been kitty-palooza both irl and online for me this weekend.

  7. Joni said:

    Callie definitely has the demon thing going on. Grumpy cat!! But pretty nevertheless.

    You look great in teal, no wonder it’s your favorite color. I only own one teal thing and it’s pale so not sure it would be considered teal. Oh, and teal lipstick….just kidding!

  8. Vix said:

    Hooray! I love you in colour and that teal cardi’s a joy! Callie looks like a hard knock, like our Polly Piglet, nobody dare even come near a box she’s discovered or you’ll be treated to an almighty hiss.

  9. I love that you are back in full color, it suits your sparkly insides BEST! Those little gingerbread house are insanely cute and I can’t wait to see your house all done up for Christmas! I think my favorite thing about that holiday is getting the house ready to receive family and friends. Your kitties are too funny, why is it that they all loves boxes:)

    Peetee wants you to give Miss Kae a big kiss just make sure Mr. Bill is not looking:) I love them more now that I know their story!

  10. keely said:

    ooh. teal and chartruese! love!

  11. I think teal looks great on you and that purse in the burgundy color and the lime in the blouse makes the outfit pop.

  12. I love your blue and green color combo.
    I’d love to see your finished kitchen tree. I used to do things like that, but have gotten too lazy to do them now.

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