Leapin Leopards!!!!

Hello Blogland!!!  TGIF!!! This has been one LONG week!! I’m glad I have a 3 day weekend coming up! Got lots of stuff I want to accomplish.

I first want to give a huge {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to all of you!!! The blogging community RULES!! Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and kind words this week when it hit the fan.  You guys are just so awesome!

Interestingly one of the work kill-joys gotten taken down by one of the quietest people at work.  It was a thing of beauty as his assiness was exposed for all to see.  Come to find out he didn’t even VOTE!!! That pretty much shut the tension and bullying down.

I have to admit I am GLAD my neutrals week challenge is over. This gal just ain’t cut out for wearing neutrals only. No colors makes Tamera a dull gal!! A co-worker even asked if I was sick as I wasn’t as bright and cheerful as I usually am.

I pulled out of my leopard items for this challenge. Leopard is perfect-neutral in color yet it’s a print and somewhat of a texture. It helped alleviate the boredom!!

Boots-Route 66 via Kmart, Cardigan-Goodwill, Skirt-Jessica London via Goodwill, Top-Goodwill, Necklace-Vix, Buttonflower-MeganMae

I couldn’t wait until next week to wear my new boots!!! I thought they worked well with the tones in the leopard top. The amber necklace (gifted by the fabulous Vix!) picked up the lighter tones in the top. The tweedy buttonflower by Megan Mae helped break up some of the black. I would totally wear this again except with a bright jacket or cardigan-like my kiwi green jacket.

I went with my “jungle” theme again today!! Male Co-worker asked if I liked leopard stuff….LOLOLOL.  This time my solid neutral was brown. Again–I’d repeat this but with a brighter jacket or cardigan.

Everything but my shoes (Payless) is from the Goodwill

I took the opportunity of neutral week to evaluate and purge some stuff. Most of my pants outside of jeans are neutral. I’m not much of a colored pants person, I guess. I’m still searching for more “menswear” patterned trousers like herringbone and glen plaids. This gives me the opportunity to add some “texture” to my “ensembles”.  Skirt-wise I still lean-to neutrals but I’ve been hunting for more patterned ones to add. I also want a chocolate-brown or brown tweed skirt and a dark khaki or camel one.

I’m not big on neutrals jacket & cardigan—I’d like to find an interesting black jacket, maybe a denim or velvet, and a brown tweedy one. I’d also like to find a charcoal cardigan. On my wish list!!!

I have little in the way of neutral tops (leopard 3 times this week-LOL) because I usually wear something bright!!! I have 2 white blouses and decided to just keep the more interesting pin-tucked one and re-thrift the plain white one. I’d also thrifted an apt.9 black stretch poplin button down blouse that I’m going to re-thrift. I just can’t see wearing it so poof it’s gone!! I’ve put some tops in snow leopard, python and zebra on my wish list!!

Next week I’m participating in Fashion Challenge:Fall Colors!!!  The colors are ones Pantone says are on -trend for Fall 2012.  Monday is Teal, Tuesday is Wine, Wednesday is Pumpkin, Thursday is Mustard and Friday is Grey. This will be easy as these are colors I love and wear anyway, trendy or not!

I’m off to finish stuffing some xmas projects so I can get the painting done this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend and chat with y’all Sunday!!

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  1. Serene said:

    Tamera, I think you look great in your neutrals! Very elegant! But I’m really LOVING your lip stick! The color is reddish, but deeper! It’s fabulous and looks soooo great on you! Btw, I just read your last post and, unfortunately, this has been an ugly election on all sides. I’m not on Facebook, but my kids are and they said it was over run with nastiness. So sorry you had to deal with any of that! Hugs my sweet friend! Serene

  2. I LOOOOVE leopard – you look GORGEOUS. Like you, I feel kinda flat and bleh without colour. Life’s too short! Sarah xxx

  3. You are lovely.
    have a brilliant weekend, dear Tamera.

  4. Both leopard looks are totally fun! Cannot wait to see you break back out the color for next week.

    I don’t even really go on facebook these days. It’s way too full of negativity and drama. I just feel icky after being on there.

  5. Helga said:

    Leoooopaaaaaaaaaaaaard!!! Yowza! You’re my goto gal fro how to rock up some leopard!! I have bugger all leopard; I truly need to step it up! A belt and some tights just don’t cover my needs!

  6. I’m with you on animal prints! You leopard, me snake! Haha

  7. Vix said:

    I love an animal print, especially leopard and you look gorgeous in yours! Looking forward to see the return of fabulous colour next week, the Tamera we know and love! xxx

  8. Peggy said:

    loving the animal prints! I about spit my coffee on my screen when I saw your blog title!! Hilarious, love it!

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