Battered but not broken……

Hello Blogland!! How is everyone this evening?? This has been a totally craptastic day. Work was hell and it’s cold and damp and raw out so I’m hurting like crazy.

I’ve pretty much kept this blog religion and politics free. This is a place to chat about style and thrifting and such fun stuff. This isn’t my soapbox–ok maybe today it is!!  You may have gleaned from some of my posts that I go to church regularly. But for all you know I could be attending the Church of the Celestial Turnip.  My spirituals beliefs aren’t the topic. I’m also very low-key at work about my religious and political leanings.

“Judge not lest ye are judged” is my motto. I’m fairly neutral on Facebook, too.  But wow have I gotten beat up today both at work and on FB!

I had a couple of co-workers berate me and make snotty remarks about the election and it’s outcome. Got called stupid, ignorant and a couple of other nice names. Seriously. One co-worker who I actually would talk politics with and who is the opposite leaning from me was very cordial. We chatted a bit about everything in an adult manner because we’ve long since agreed to disagree and not let it stand in the way of our working relationship or friendship. The couple of big-mouths are ones I NEVER really talk too  much with as they are super judgemental and think they know it all.  Luckily I generally don’t have to deal with them too often. I just hid in my office today.

Facebook has been a cesspool, though. I’ve spent a good deal of time today un -friending people–most who I’ve known since high school.  I got some really horrible messages and some of the postings these folks did were beyond the pale. So…poof you is gone!! The comments and messages were entirely unprovoked by me because the only election related thing I posted was that I was in line to vote at 6:50am and don’t forget to go out and vote.

Anyway–thank heaven’s for the peace and community of all of you bloggers. A wondrous haven from the crazies!! I was so bummed out my hubby brought me a pair of boots!! I’ve been looking for COMFORTABLE  flat brown knee-high boots that were under $50 new. I’d have preferred to thrift them but shoes can be hard to find in my size. I’d seen these at Kmart before and while we were there tonite picking up some stuff I saw they were on sale!! And the last pair was in my size-9 wide!! KARMA!! Plus I had a coupon for $10 off so they were only $14.99! They are the Route 66 brand. I’ll be sporting these next week!!

These boots are made for walkin’!!

Bella at Citizen Rosebud is challenging style bloggers to take the Shop Secondhand First Pledge for 2013. Click on her name to find out more information and join in!! I’ll be taking the pledge!!

Next week Megan of MeganMaeDaily and Keely of Casualchickiki are hosting a week-long Fashion Challenge: Fall Color Trends.  Each day will be a different color. I can’t WAIT after this so exciting neutrals week for me. I love all the colors in the challenge.  Click here for more info and to join in the fun: FC-Fall Colors

And on a more exciting note, two more days down in the neutrals week challenge. I have to say I liked both of these outfits in theory.  I will swap out or add a bright color the next time.

Jacket-Evan-Picone via Goodwill, Top-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Jeans-Lee rider via Walmart, Purse via Goodwill, Shoes via Payless

Here’s a close-up of the pendant I wore. I made it using an old photo decoupaged onto an acrylic tag.

I really liked today’s outfit. Next time I’m going to add a bright jacket to punch it up!

Top-StJohnsBay via Goodwill, Skirt-LaneBryant (new) via Goodwill, Boots via Kohls, Scarf-Goodwill, Belt-Kmart clearance

I’m off to play channel surfer between Xfactor and The Voice while stuffing a santa & cow.  Thanks for letting me vent a bit!

Everyone have a great evening!!




  1. Linda said:

    I LOVE your pendant and am going to try to make one, what a great way to have a loved one near you or just to show of a cute old photo!
    The boots are cool. I have bigger and wider feet too so I don’t wear boots on a regular basis. Besides I am too lazy to bend over and put them on…just being honest.
    Oh, I agree about facebook. I think I posted on political thing. It’s great to have an opinion and prefer one candidate over the other……..but name calling? NO way Jose! My friend posted on facebook that whether we like Obama or not it is time to move on and pray for the country, after all God is in control. Another gal replied that he is not her president nor does she have to respect him. Well, if she lives in the US he is her president and she should, at least respect the office. I, sometimes, get on my soapbox too! Hope tomorrow is a better one for you!

  2. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Sorry you have had so much negativity thrown your way…not nice and not fair. You look lovely, nonetheless. : ) I think I will be taking that pledge too. Had some great scores today at Goodwill!

  3. Krista said:

    This makes me so mad Tamera! I can’t imagine anyone being that nasty to you, it makes me wanna give them a beat down! No matter who won I am still not happy, I really wanted Ron Paul to run so you know I was a bit disappointed. Politics and religion to each his or her own, we need to respect each other when it comes to that and not belittle others because we see things differently, what happened to live and let live. I spoke to a lot of my clients who were really bummed out about the results and I felt bad for them, they have their reasons I have nothing but respect for them and their feelings. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, you seem to be pretty accepting of others even if they are different than you, these people could learn a lot from. Feel free to vent here always, we judge not!
    All that aside the new boots rock and could not have come at a better time. You deserve them! I love your B&W outfit best so cute just needs a lil pink:p I hope tomorrow is better.

    Peetee sends his love to Miss Kae and also to you my dear!

  4. Judy said:

    I’m not a political person, nor an obviously religious one. But I do firmly believe that each person deserves my respect no matter what they believe.

  5. Sorry you’ve been dealing with this. It IS upsetting. There is so much hatred, on both sides. I struggle with this, too, because I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to abolish anger from the equation. There have been plenty of political outcomes that have made me angry, and I think anger can be appropriate. Arguing has its place, especially when we feel the need to speak up against a point of view that, to us, seems more like a statement of bigotry or intolerance than a valid opinion. But we will differ as to when we feel that line has been crossed, even.

    I think we can all agree that a) disrespectful name-calling is not OK, and b) cute, comfortable boots ROCK! Can we build a new society based on that? It’s a start, right? Hang in there.

  6. Oh, I like these two latest outfits very much. Using at least one garment with a bold pattern really adds much more pizzazz.

    So sorry about the election fallout. I haven’t been on Facebook in weeks for that very reason, and other than blogging about voting, that was it. We agree to disagree at work, although most of us voted for the same presidential contender, but no one was in the least disrespectful of anyone else’s views, and I always feel like I learn something when we discuss politics.

  7. Sheila said:

    People can be so intolerant of others’ beliefs, it can be frustrating. My husband worked in politics (Canadian) for 16+ years – it’s not pretty, whatever country you live in.

    I love your neutral palette in these outfits (gosh, never thought I’d ever say that about neutrals, ha!). The pendant is amazing! What a fantastic idea!

    I see what you mean about the plaid skirt – we’re twins!

  8. Kayla Contreras said:

    I’ve been looking for the same boots! Stupid kmart website is down!

  9. Vix said:

    How rude! I’m all for a bit of lively political debate but when it transcends into personal insults and hurtfulness then it’s time to shut up. You were right to “unfriend” those unpleasant Facebook friends, what a shame you couldn’t do that with some of your colleagues.
    Krista’s right, our blog gang doesn’t judge, rant away!
    You definitely deserved those rocking new boots, they are fabulous. That pendant is absolutely astounding (you should make one with a rude gesture on the back that you can flip over at people who annoy you) and I love the leopard print tote and Prince of Wales skirt. xxx

  10. ladyperry12 said:

    All of your neutral-inspired outfits have looked so sophisticated and chic! Love your new boots and a great deal is always a plus.

  11. Sherry said:

    You poor thing! I’m glad I didn’t have to get out in the world yesterday. 🙂 I stayed home and enjoyed the cool, windy day working in our yard; cleaning out flowerbeds, planting pansies, picking up pecans, and raking leaves. It was very healing. And I stayed off Facebook!!!

    I’m enjoying your neutral outfits so much! You are so creative with them. When you first mentioned what you were going to do, I thought, I can’t believe Tamera is going to dress in such a boring way. But your outfits have been anything but boring! I do look forward to seeing you in your fresh, glowing colors again though. You’re such an inspiration to this 50-something year old!

    P.S. Cute boots and sweet husband, what more could you ask for? 🙂

  12. pastcaring said:

    So DO you attend the Church of the Celestial Turnip?!
    Oh dear, Tamera, religion and politics can be an area of firey debate, and though I don’t mind argument and disagreement, that’s inevitable, it should never descend into rudeness and personal insults. I’m sorry you’ve been given a horrible time by some people, but this is your place to rant if you want to – we can take it!
    On the positive side – new boots! Yay! They look great, and will work with so many outfits. Back to colours next week, yippee, I miss them on you! Oh ad that necklace is fabulous too. xxxx

  13. ann said:

    Sounds like some of them need to have a come to meeting,because they need to meet Jesus! LOL

    I love you necklace and I am going to have to make me one too. 🙂 Cute outfit and I love the boots.
    May today be a better day for you.

  14. Woohoo, boots! I’d say that’s some shoe-fairy karma there.

    I think your neutrals week is shaping up nicely, but I am looking forward to seeing your colorful fall looks. Also you may need to watch out – I’m in love with your scarf!! Seriously cool.

    Also I don’t talk politics with anyone if I can help it. It usually leads to arguments and no good!

  15. This election has put a strain on a lot of people…friends & family, too. It’s really sad that this country has become so divisive. What happend to respect and tolerance?

    On a positive note, you look fab! Can’t wait to see your boots in action! What a buy!

  16. Cheryl said:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong headed people!
    I figured out I could dress in neutrals for about 3 days–but I wouldn’t like it!!

  17. Congrats on your lovely new boots and I ADORE the leopard handbag! People can be such douche-canoes. You want me to come over there and take care of them? BIG HUGS! Sarah xxx

  18. I am behind on reading posts, but I would also like to say I understand your feelings. I live in a state where my vote never really counts although I always vote. Some of the horrible things being said on FB are beyond belief. No matter how much I do not agree with a candidate’s politics, I would never wish them dead or call them really horrible names. I rarely comment on anyone’s biased FB post but this time I did when someone said all Democrats were idiots. I said that was unfair to paint everyone with one brush. They did half way apologize, but not sincerely. I am so glad this election is over with. I just wish all the politicians would work together for all Americans and not just their political parties.
    Keep your head up and know that there are a lot of good people out there!

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