Monday Makeover: Mad for Plaid!!!

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their week!! Or at least a reasonably good one!!

Monday Makeover involves making something out of this mess:

We’ve got some thrifted wooden bangles, some plaid ribbon and a cover it yourself button kit.  What could this possibly turn into??

Tah-Dah!! Tartan Plaid Bangle Bracelets!!!! And a random vintage embroidered ribbon bangle!

I have wanted a plaid bangle after spying one at Kohl’s for $22!! I had picked up the wooden bracelets over the summer for 10 cents each. I had some plaid ribbon in my stash. This was SUPER easy!! I put a bit of tacky glue on the inside and just wound the ribbon around until covered. A bit more glue to hold down the end and it was DONE!!  I’m looking for some more cheapy wooden or plastic bangles because the ribbon aisle at the craft store holds SO many possibilities!!! Custom bangles to match everything!! EASY gifts!!

I also pulled out the DIY button kit I had and made a pair of plaid earrings following the directions on the package. Glued pierced earring posts on back and new Tartan earrings!!  I found the teal painted buttons at Joann’s and just cut off the shanks and glued on posts for earrings. LOADS of earring possibilities now lurk on the button racks!! I may redo one of the Tartan ones to better center the plaid motif.

Today was day 2 of my neutralarama week. I am seriously bored already. A co-worker even commented it was odd to see me without a bright color SOMEWHERE!!! Oh well–this is what challenges are for-to stretch my boundaries!

Everything is thrifted except my shoes.

I did sneak SOME color in!! Both of my winter jackets are a color (red or teal) and it was cold enough today to wear one. I pulled out the cashmere/angora/wool Lord&Taylor car coat I recently thrifted-for $3 or $4 DOLLARS!! I now want leopard gloves, hat and scarf to finish it off!! It was super warm without being heavy or bulky!

Don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow (if you’re in the USA!!)

Have a wonderful evening! I’ll be linking up with Lakota for Tah-Dah Tuesday this week!



  1. Tamera, sheer genius with those plaid earrings and bracelets! Who wouldn’t be tickled pink to find those tucked under the tree or in their Christmas stocking.
    p.s. I’ve been very good this year….

  2. pastcaring said:

    Great idea with the bangles, the possibilities are endless. And those flowers button earrings are beautiful.
    I’m with your co-workers, I can’t get my head round a neutral Tamera, you are way too colourful a personality! The red coat looks lovely. xxxx

  3. I got those same Funky Fun Buttons at JoAnne’s and glued them into the eye sockets of my Dia de los Muertos Skully!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

  4. Vix said:

    Genius makeover on the bangles! The earrings are gorgeous, too.
    I can’t get my head round Tamera in neutrals, I want the week to end quickly so that you can back to your eye-dazzling usual colour. The red coat’s great. xxx

  5. Susan said:

    very inspiring! i would love to try and make myself! thank you for sharing! you look lovely with the outfit and the red coat is gorgeous!

    blog hopping from ta dah tuesday


  6. It is just a neutrals week, right? No color in your accessories allowed? Um, I miss the real Tamera…lol.

    Brilliant idea to make your own plaid bangles. They turned out lovely!

  7. Helga said:

    I love the tartan bangles, darling!!! Plaid, I mean! Plaid ROCKS. I keep meaning to make myself a plaid frock…one of these days!

  8. Incredible bangle idea! They look fantastic. You are a crafting queen. I, for one, am loving the neutrals. You and Sheila inspired me to wear mine today. A bright colored coat does help pop things! And at such a great deal how can you not!

  9. Great job on the bangles. I have a hard time with most since my hands are so large they won’t fit over! Some women got bib boobs I got big hands and feet. Oh well, live with what ‘ya got. Right?

  10. Ashley Kersey said:

    Love your blog!!! Great bangles i can’t wait to try making them!

  11. Paula said:

    Brilliant idea with the ribbon and the jewelry! Sheer genius!

  12. Beryl said:

    Cool new plaid bangles! As good as Tulsa thrift stores are, the bangles are never under $2, even if they are chipped or broken. I might try this with curtain rings. Thanks!

  13. Those bangles are FANTASTIC! I especially love the floral blue ribbon one. You are gorgeous, as ever! Sarah xxx

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